Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 693/1963 10.05.1963


01 Baden württ, Germany. Metalworkers strike - Erhard mediated. -See also UFA 354 parts of ruhd. Bildf, machines, part of a deserted. Factory Hall. Look through gate on stehd front factory. Men's groups, half-close. Look through blurry bars on m. Bosch labeled. Look 2 is persistent among workers on street, close to the side wall, at grid beschrift Benz. Wall. Young man keeps inmitt on road. Men standing to strike newspapers filing, handed one out short. People rush before & strike local. Typesetter tap planter (head not visible). close. Strike newspaper on presses, close, Mr considered in item No. Assembly line m. newspapers an issue in s. hand, close. Bonn. Erhard enters m. cigar boardroom, front. located near, one of several. stehd. Gentlemen, it's close. Mr a session participants lay down a sheet and pencil on a conference table, close. Erhard's speech see UFA (o-ton - see anonymous.)

02. Moscow. May Day celebrations in red square. See also UFA of 354 ETW. and. Cut. And. Once. v. mass relocation, including gr. (Khrushchev portrait. herankommd in front.) Close to train. Mass formations, short. Khrushchev + nebeneinand Castro. waving down from stands, close, Chruschtsch. waving, front., close. Supervision on the train.

03. Soestdijk / Holland. Birthday of Queen Julianes. -Chimney sweep with lamb in the arm rises levels and puts it in on d. stehd staircase. königl. Family down, daughter looks on down, close, j. strokes it, lateral ones. close. Wife sets far. Strauß on blumenbesäumte stairs, close, population salute and waving passes, Juliane neb. Bernhard, nods and waves, side. Nah, decorated. Horses carriages m. costume makers, Prince. Beatrice, neb. Sister waving, smiling down, halbseitl., close. Juliane m. sunglasses, waving, frontal, big.

04. Berlin. Inauguration of Kath. Memorial Church "Maria Regina Martyrum". -Part of the tower. m. cross extends m. mass d diagonally into heaven, close, Church environment. Inauguration guests, total, indentation of the high clergy, acolytes m. cross ahead, half-close + close. See a. neb guests Willi Brandt. Archbishop Kard. Döpfner, who says something to him, lateral ones. close. Acolytes m. cross carrier close, Döpfner, accompanied by priests, the site inaugurates m. holy water, close, various details sculptures on wall, wall inscription (above): "The victims of Hitler's dictatorship of the years 1933-45", close.

05. Haifa / Israel. Parade for 15-year anniversary of independence. -Art Squadron forms in the sky, close the number 15. Various settings. Parade on coast Street actor m. views of sea i. Htrgr, flag bearers, marching. and female. Militia, 2 small seated boy, frontal close. Tanks & and. MIL vehicles, the short, jet fighter, short.

06. New York. Fire disaster. -Brennd aerial. District b. night, various settings. brennd. Houses, close. Youths beating m. blades and. Devices on burning undergrowth in the forest. Back view jg. Black pants, slowly hazy Street neb. Forest way, colored man entry on it, includes them easily, moved to repentance, close. Div one, smoldering fire, burned out car neb. smoldering rubble. 2 women m. schmerzerfüllt. Faces hug each other close, elderly man explained eagerly, frontal large bystanders. Swivel on burned-out sites and debris. -7 tip of the week: for motorists - beware of d. stupidity d. other. See UFA 354.

08 Austria. Motocross.

a. "Gr. price of Ö.":-start and persecution in the Pan, falls, viewers, close.

b. 1st World Championship run. -Start band remains still hanging around the neck of a racing driver, various settings, d. race, d. Swede Bill Nilsson first on d. appld tip. Viewers from widely sichtb. Viewer box, side. close. Winner Sten Lundin beckons smiling, big.

09 Niedermending. 1 German helicopter Championships. -Pan by starting flag on Starter, which rips them up prior to helicopters, close. Div. helicopter. -Starts. Pilot watch in s. Pulpit sitting on watch, side. close. Rotating hub screw in detail, engaging pilot d. pulpit window ges., side. close. Start total. Flugaufn. Series helicopter. in air. Pilot of a red cross helicopter (m. Mickey Mouse - drawing on door) look while d. flight from Seitfenster, close. Helicopter lands, man on the field brandishing a flag, close. T. d. emporguckd binoculars. Man Traditio. JG. Lady in the audience, close. Pilot can be fliegd. Helicopter. Sandbag on the rope down sandbag falls in d. Middle of a liegd. Tyre, close. -2 pilots in transparent pulpit, close, control test: helicopter pulls a hanging on the rope rolls over a square at low altitude. Marker along. Helicopter. Squadron at low altitude. Winkendes square, flying Red Cross helicopter.

10 Hamburg. Football Ländersp. Dtld.: Brazil 1:2 - see UFA - sth. and. Cutting - and. Plans. -without cinema - Pele and Uwe Seeler individually mincing, close.

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Beatrice von Holland ; Bernhard von Holland ; Brandt, Willy ; Castro, Fidel ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Döpfner, Julius ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Juliana von Holland ; Lundin, Sten ; Nilsson, Bill ; Pele ; Seeler, Uwe


Baden-Württemberg ; Berlin ; Haifa ; New York ; Niedermending ; Moskau ; Soestdijk ; Haifa/Israel ; Austria ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Disasters ; Children ; Flags ; Fire ; fire protection ; Fire Brigade ; Fireworks ; Football ; motor sports ; News, communications ; natural disasters ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Advertising ; Religious events ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Strike, strike ; Debris ; Youth ; Buildings ; People ; Military events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Fire brigade ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 693/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Bonn: Strike - deserted factory - Erhard mediates between social partners camera: Basic, Luppa, strong Moscow: May Day celebrations - mammoth demonstration guest of honor Fidel Castro origin: Sovkino Holland: birthday Julianes folk festival and flowers origin: Polygoon Berlin: Church inauguration "Regina Martyrum" in honor of the victims of national socialism Cardinal Julius Döpfner camera: Pahl Jr.

Israel: Independence day - art Fighter Squadron, army, female militia parade camera: deer, Yachim United States: conflagration in New York large-scale operations against wind and fire origin: Metro accident series R. 26 road signs note origin: Jupiter movie sports Austria: Motocross - dramatic chase origin: Austria Nielermending: helicopter Championships camera: Luppa Hamburg: Football: Germany-Brazil 1-2 camera: Rau, Rieck, Seib, end-of-fire mark 3, 1 m

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