Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 692/1963 03.05.1963


01 Hamburg. I G A 63. See also UFA. -Orchid flower, gr. Mrs Lübke m. bouquet of roses, great couple Lübke. Companions i. Htrgr., Lady and Lord, front, is located near. Hall, inside, half total, close to flower Umbel, + gr. Lübke drinking Ehep from überreichtem by Japanese Cup, Marabous in shallow basin. Lübke b. tour of flower Hall, half-close. Passengers in the terrain, close, Ehep. Lübke unt. front passengers. close. -, Luft - u. close-ups d. of exhibition grounds and pans about garden restaurant gr. Water pool, total. Restaurant. M. guests, close to the tables, short. Handling a sausage Braterin kiosk, close, short arms. Seitschwenk of water fountains on swarm gentlemen, brt with Lübke. Coming down the stairs, half-close. Sitzd rear view of some on terrace at pool with bubbling fountains. Visitors. Cars under police escort go unt. m. people through press vl. stehd people on the side of the road. waving to IGA assistants past, waving them lächlnd 2. devious. close.

02. Hamburg. Meeting of the chief editors of the europ. Newsreels. -Conference table, total, A few men close + big, close to a lady, Lahiri betrit t room, nodding, close, Dr. Wiers comes in behind him, again behind Diola. Mr Purzer of the door a Lord, Lübke, including large, maintains s. m. standing. Men, including m. Dr. Wiers & Mr Purzer. Seitschwenk stehd series. Lübke of applied to editors, half-close. -3rd Karlsruhe. The Federal film awards ceremony and "Bambi" awards - see UFA - almost same interface.

04. accident series: reckless motorists ("Cavaliers at the wheel"). -Neb rear view control son with mother. to b. drive d. lively downtown, driving scenes sidewalk m. pretty girls, driving to roundabout at there stehd. JG. blond. Girl passing it to whistle. Entertainment betw. Mother + son (o-ton - see anonymous.) Leaving cars stop outside a Café, mother - mother actuality. -Once. Car fronts come in the picture. Old woman Get up m. child surrounded by traffic. Tram station, close, bus is with tempo image, d. s., rescues elderly woman as fast as she can by str. m. zebra stripes on the sidewalk, close, car fronts come. fully in the picture, traffic light m. lit "pedestrian", Gr., group of people prior to transfer of sets to m. Zebra str. such walking, girl rips right. Mr back, front. close bottom a vorbeifahrd,. Trucks. woman on busy. Inner city street is going on heranfahrd. Car backwards a few steps back, driver in haltd. Wagon m. arm movement indicates she wants to go side., gr., she is hesitant. Shortly before zebra stripe of hard stop cars, before the a PIC. Man in a hurry happens d. road and threatens it with the stick. -Traffic light switches, Gr., pedestrian group, including PIC. Mrs m. children cart, goes now quietly d. Road (m. Zebra str.), frontal, close.

05. Nurburgring. Int. ADAC-Eifeirennen (half litre-sidecar-kl.). -a. training:-some once, passenger crashes on the track (non-hazardous), stands up Right away again.

b. race at naßkalt. Weather and fog. -Div. settings. Man holds close to the track, pit Board. Total finish. Head restrained audience m. screens in front of building, half-close. Deubel horns b. ceremony, frontal, close.

06. the man-centered - Ludwig Erhard-portrait. Sketch of Erhard's head, on the of ladies hand something else Herum dashed is great. Erhard with cigar, great. Adenauer receives something explained below Mr on group meeting from next to him and gets a annoying amazed. Facial expression, frontal close. Boardroom half total, Luppa on camera, big swings it in the front. Erhard surrounded by men standing, frontal, big. -Archive-on the. Erhard - visit to weekly market. -His house on Lake Tegernsee on Hill, half total, he in the family sits around. Table, total, Mrs E. speaking, front. greatly, Erhard with cigar, Gr., turns and talks to the granddaughter are held up behind him, jg. Man Gr., daughter, talking, (black son?), front, front., great. Bookshelf, open shelves, gr. Erhard listens Klass. Record music, including this great. Photos from the family album, including photo from a car accident. Erhard, writes, frontal, big, most sitting begins, putting cigar on Asher, to speak (influences b. s. career - interview - s. narration). Coded images: more photos from sold. Time i. l. World War, short cuts from WIF archive (parachuted catchment v. soldiers on trucks, pictures by d. unemployment) Erhard & Private Secretary sitting opposite at desk in the living room and flip through typefaces, side. close. Adenauer photo on table, large, herzl. Dedication words v. Adenauer on it, great. -Forts. Interview (interview), photo of him as jg. Man. Div. archive-on the. Erhard honors. Arch. -On the. Erhard address to youth. Auditorium, div. jugendl once, more seriously. Close listeners.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Adorf, Mario ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Feiler, Hertha ; Fritsch, Thomas ; Höcherl, Hermann ; Hudson, Rock ; Koch, Marianne ; Leuwerik, Ruth ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Luppa, Wilhelm ; Nevermann, Paul ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Purzer, Manfred ; Rühmann, Heinz ; Weiser, Grete ; Wiers, Jan ; Deubel ; Hörner ; Lübke, Wilhelmine


Hamburg ; Karlsruhe ; Stuttgart ; Paris ; Nürburgring ; Bonn ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Interviews ; filmmaking ; motor sports ; Plants ; Portraits ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Youth ; Cultural events ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 692/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand of new 7 m by the Hamburg film: IGA - Lübke and woman and opening camera: Jürgens, Rieck, rough Hamburg: Lahiri at the meeting weekly news Chefredakteuere Ina camera: Rau, Seib, Jürgens Karlsruhe: Bambi awards Thomas Fritsch, Luise Ulrich, Lieselotte Pulver, Heinz Rühmann camera: Vlasdeck, Hafner accident story (R 10) people in the traffic flirt at the wheel older origin: Jupiter film Nürburgring racing - page cart rain winner: Deubel/horns camera: Strong, Luppa, Zimpel Erhard portrait visit to the House on Tegernsee talk about career and goals camera: Luppa end brand 3, 1 m

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