Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 691/1963 26.04.1963


01 Hamburg. Dr. Berthold Martin on tour through several film companies. See UFA - sth. and. Cut. Dr. M. unterhaltend-in the Studio Hamburg to relay standing and with Mr guided tour of the Geyer works, cutting machine in operation in the snippet, great. Dr. K. enters with Mr Purzer weekly news building, close. Revolving on a cutting table roll, great. Meeting in gr. Projection room. Dr. M. speaks, hint. Standing microphone, large (original sound - see anonymous. - first of all other text as in UFA). Jürgens hint. Camera, side. big spinning tape spools (vertical), great. Camera opening, frontal, big, m. s. verschiebd. Lens. -02 Braunschweig. Gala performance of recently. Lion Tamer of Europe. -(Circus Busch). -Woman far knocking back sash v. outside, close. Backward swing of the upper part of the monument v. Heinrich d. lion on crowd behind fence enclosure that is completed yet. Several old people on round base of tree sitting close before timber-framed façade in the background. Oblique view of enclosure surrounded by seated audience half the Lions, total. The 19-year old Monica b. d. work with the Lions, hind by fence. seen A few settings. Lion's head, great lion jumps including through fire Frost, lion paws, big, on wooden base, M., stroking the head of a lion and cuddles. -03 Moscow. Russian State circus + artists school. -Dressage Act lion ride on horses, short. Rope artist with artist on head, short. Rope artists slip across diagonally tempered wire, short. Whooshing in Bassin in the arena down water, Tigers rests beside Badenixe on floating disc rotating in the water, close. Several artists exercise on the round horizontal bar, soloseat. total and when viewed from above. Appl. Viewers, close. Artist school: Supervision at the Hall with many gymnasts b.. reading. Exercises. Girl is held by instructor in balancing over low stretched rope on the hands and sitting on the wall girl series behind watching. -3 between dangling performers float up the circus Dome, seen from below, close. 2 artists rotate the frontal, standing at an endpoint of a using, vertical axis, close tracking of the one, with hint. It durchfließd vertical. blurred room sections. -04 The good tip - see UFA 352.

05. Paris. Women's artistic gymnastics European Championships. -The Swede Eva Rydell on balance beam (3rd place), floor routine of the Turkey Mirjana Bilic (the overall winner), the German Ursula Schepan on uneven bars (8th place).

06. Dortmund. Int. Professional drivers road race "Rund um Dortmund". -Start totally, div. once. Passing through roads and forest people trellis with umbrellas in the rain, before sparse people trellis m. shades shadow the riders whiz past. Seen riders, from cave out. Participants Rudi Altig and Wolfshohl, depending on local. Pavilion d. pedals a bike and pedal, close. Crossing the finish line of the winner Vannitsen, Belgium, and his pursuers, MASC. applauding. Viewers, halbseitl, close, under the grandstand roof. Vannitsen goes with wreath around neck through the ranks, frontal, big.

07. Pau / France. Auto Grand Prix. -Start of racing cars, various settings. Of the race. Among the participants the top driver Jim Clark and Trevor Taylor in their Lotus car. Crossing the finish line of the winner Jim Clark. Clark m. flowers in the arm with wife circle küßchen exchanges, big.

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Altig, Rudi ; Bilic, Mirjana ; Jürgens, Curd ; Monica ; Purzer, Manfred ; Stoll, Erich ; Clark, Jim ; Rydell, Eva ; Schepan, Ursel ; Taylor, Trevor ; Vannitsen ; Wolfshohl, Rolf


Hamburg ; Pau/France ; Braunschweig ; Moskau ; Dortmund ; Pau/Holland. ; Paris


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; motor sports ; Cycling ; Schools, training ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Gymnastics ; Youth ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; People ; Science ; Circus ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 691/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Dr. Martin visited film companies and speaking camera to the film help: Rieck, Seib, Jürgens Brunswick: youngest Lion Tamer of Germany's circus Busch camera: Rau Moskau: Russian circus - Assembly origin: Sovkino performances training artist school accident story (part 1) did and rush origin cause accidents: Jupiter movie sports Paris: woman gymnastics - balance beam, floor exercise, uneven bars origin: Eclair Dortmund: cycling - professional road race (Altig, Wolfshohl, Junkermann) camera: Seib, strong, fireThat reason France: Car Grand Prix race in Pau winner: Jim Clark origin: Pathé journal end mark 3, 1 m

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