Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 689/1963 12.04.1963


UFA 01 good tip of the week – see 350 02 Israel. "Ostermarsch" - four-day March to Jerusalem. -Div. once. Civil and military. Walking groups, moreover. Israelite looking to m. Beard House, large, someone wrapped his foot with gauze bandage, big man sitting next to jug. Girl and hammering under the gaze of another teenager i. Htrgr. shoe sole around, close. JG. Queen & soldier make frontal close list quotes at table outdoors. T. girl passes his companions one off. Bottle, which he wants to again reject, close. Station wagon rides off. Border barrier to shield on border barracks, "Israel frontier stop!" For inspection", great. Is run by elder To give some papers and it can happen, people group Hill going up town panorama i. Htrgr. - total, by walking into priests over the front, priest post Temple upward swing himself before the altar, dome over the altar. Upward swing over external front with Bell Tower, half total. Jerusalem panorama. 03. France, beginning of the fishing season - great catch in the cap of Bojador (pegs). Expiring logger, half total and in detail, views of waving people at the wharf, ships on the high seas and flying gulls, waves bildf., umbrandeter bug, makes cooking to create in the kitchen of the strongly lurching ship with a saucepan, men To try the table to keep from sliding food, waves surging alongside the ship, Captain by binoculars looking out, close, press signal button, close, men are getting ready to use, (Boot shoe covers, rain Cape) man proposes arms around body on deck in waterproof cloak to warming, hand turns steering wheel, great. Some settings. Get a network storm, is emptied on deck, many over the agitated sea fliegd. Seagulls, A few vertically in the water face down close. Fischer Tau attach the mast at dusk, ship page in the swing over the waves, close, young fishermen with a cigarette in his mouth looks over the water, soloseat. great ship total, half-close. -04 mascot parade. -a) of the Billy Goat "Taffy" of the Royal Welsh Regiment, which is stationed in Berlin:-Brit. Sergeant standing on barrack square, frontal, big, Taffy is attached, big metal jewelry with headdress, s. Horn, soldier pushes along, close glove, Gauntlet, Taffy is on parade ground that takes part in the parade. -b) Wildsäue as a mascot d. Bundeswehr:-2 soldiers come m. bucket in install outdoors, where 2 boars around race, smiling looking to BU. Hint-Wehr-soldiers. Picket fence, soldier pouring feed in pig trough. -c) ass "Fridolin", mask. the marine NCO school in Plön:-will be groomed by marine & brushed, his hooves are painted, large, one holding up a mirror made along donkey on barrack square, donkey goes. 2 Marines on street people trellis and distressing officers over, legs of the donkey and his companions at the same pace, frontal, close, column of the Navy, grüßd. Row in front of barracks in the Htrgr, close to Offiziers-, rear view hind incoming d. d. donkey, close.

05. Hamburg. HSV soccer game: Vfb Oldenburg on HSV space = 1:1.-when the sun shines. Div. Setup gate scene, shot on goal by Stephen in slow motion. Various settings. Viewers who sometimes keep protectively over his eyes their hands, such as applause, close + Gr., applauding hands, close.

06. France. Road cycling race from Paris to Roubaix. -Div. once. Route, 2 men are moving off. Car, close, Rudi Altig eating while driving, soloseat. Nah, Wolfshohl side. close to the fore in Ganga. lateral ones. close to overtaking, driving the field through town, Prien Escorted group of motorcycles, cutting stands in the stadium entrance is leading with champion of Emile Daems, Daems smiling. JG. Girl who kisses him on the cheek, and a driver - colleagues, frontal, close.

07. London. Pancake Derby. -Crowd on street, housewives in row, let swirl pancakes and catch it they m. Pan, front close, Lord with black blindfold gives the main character with the hat, Mrs Coulter whizzes through the road, tracing the winner, frontal close target run, winner Grace Walsh of people surrounded, drinking out of a jug, close. Pancake landing on head of the cameraman. -

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Altig, Rudi ; Walsh, Grace ; Daems, Emile ; Dörfel, Charly Bernd ; Fore ; Wolfshohl, Rolf


Jerusalem ; London ; France ; Israel ; Bonn ; Cairo ; Viet Nam ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Hands ; Fishing ; Football ; Easter ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Cycling ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Ships ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; People ; Military ; Military events ; Jobs ; Entertainment, festivals ; Gastronomy ; German 99.169 weekly show GmbH: ; Fisheries ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 689/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m accident story (R 23) reckless asked on ladders origin: Jupiter film Israel: Easter March to Jerusalem camera: Woskowitz herring fishing - great capture origin: Gaumont mascot parade goat Taffy - wild boar - donkey Friedolin origin: window material Sports Football: HSV-VFB Oldenburg 1:1 camera: Brandes, Jürgens, Rieck, Seib Paris: cycling road race origin: Pathé journal London: pancake Derby of housewives origin: Pathe news end mark 3, 1

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