Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 687/1963 29.03.1963


01. the arsenal of the West Fontainebleau. -Testing of new NATO weapons and equipment. -Input mounting sky filled with parachutes, short, 1 combat swimmers, short. -Getarnter writing with leaves. Tanks, frontal, gr. -Tank erupts through ruins, big, + side. run 2 soldiers in gl. Direction, explosion on field, bildf., off. Amphibians truck m. l driver in river drives into, in sloping rear view, close, sails under water front. big up. Soldier suspended m. Jet Propulsion in vertical. Location River looking to soldiers passing close. 4 commanders at the headquarters at table sitting, total, photos of vehicles is close. Practice itself. Level uplifting whiz close + half close, unt. d. level flying continue views some viewers, at low altitude, short. -OVR upward swing. extended midweek. Rocket from mountains in the background, soldier filming m gr. Camera neb. a tree that big. Individual soldiers of radio control equipment and observation screen, verschwomm. Unco. Image is depressed by soldier hands, big explosion starting in the screen, lever an explosive device, one unmanned. Kleinstflugzeugs (m. built. Television camera) close on cant stop rail and tracking, dead, briefly, handset in hand, large, soldier m. handset + aircraft i. background, Flugaufn. of the terrain, short. About far plane open. to parachute, it floats such Earth, half-close. 2 parallel runways be extended from troop transport, halbseitl. close, view from opening on 2 rows front marching on. Soldiers, as well as views from the Center out to the series b. climbing the catwalks, series v. rear b. speed through the Interior, short. -Fuel factory site m. pipelines i. fo., half total, section of a pipeline in the field ditch, close. Military vehicle on tank role is huge. Tyres pair of scales, short, transporter snake with giant tires on snow surface close driving up. -Helicopter squadron over forest, remote, on a helicopter exit hatch. Officers To give character to m. d. close hands, located inside gegenübersitzd. Soldiers of rows of make content upright in their midst. MGs to create short. Several settings helicopter. During driving with out rushing soldiers, soldier in midget cars from Frontöffn. a helicopter. out, halbseitl. close. Some settings. the rapid expansion of a covering divide by machine (are soldiers in the already finished parts. Several helicopter. -Starts, lower one of them big with shooting flak to d. page, A few settings. Uchinoura fire fliegd. Helicopters, close + half close manoeuvre helicopter. -Schwarm from upper and underside, supervision on single & multiple helicopter over woodland, close + remote. -02. The good tip: The guard at work 2 men to d. vertical lathe, one refers to that off. Loose of the other which buttons to, puts them drill underway, drills screws vertically in kl. Workpiece size. -Italian Workers repaired a running machine, is admonished by Mr (original sound), hand on the levers of power, big, continuing repair. -Carpenter saws through wood to saw, used only the hands, close. -Man shovels metal shavings in the loading Bay, the corresponding shaft protection frame stands next to it workers on the lack of with the hands of smoothing on the roller will get close. -Hint Tiger. Frontal large grid. -So it should look like: OVR man stands on the circular saw used to hold Board - protection frame bar. Loading Bay - before the role of lack of is a guard rail. -03. The baby - Postilla. Commented by child's voice!

a. children spring fashions. -KL boy in black suit comes on stage at the Group of girls in white. Dresses to and one of them presented a gift box. Various settings. Group presentation v. Sommerkleidchen &-Hüten (s. narration). CL. girl beckons from group out in the audience front. close bag drops it, it picks up.

b. Geneva. Baby beauty contest. -Women put their toddlers on chairs per front, big, comb their hair, toddler, dess. Mother hint. Chair is, warp face change such wines, front, d. gr. Flash photographer talks about him too (umherstehd. Close to spectators in the Hintrgr.). Woman's hand (judge) record numbers on paper, close. Div on the. Babies, single, front, size.. -Observing scorekeeper, close, zusehd. Mothers, "Miss Baby" fabric elephant is handed over, great. -c. Amsterdam, newborn Baboon baby in the Zoo. -Baboon baby in a box in a tiled. Room, sucking on the fingers, close, guard brings milk bottle, drinking little monkey close + big, sucking on already empty bottle. -d. Rappersville. Elephants born in the children's Zoo. -Guard leads El. -Baby out of his mother's stable, the baby drinks b. d. mother, such as big eyes d. elephant, image filling, baby is mother, passes under it, mother's trunk holds him in Hay. (Most local & detail shots) 04 Nuremberg. European Cup game 1 FC Nuremberg: BK Odense, Denmark 6: = 0 div. long game settings, gate scene in slow motion, 3 goals by Morlock in slow motion, half-close. Excited jg. Spectator, close supervision at the square, where giant flags are waved, bildf., div., on the. jub. Viewers, close, bildf. 4. gate slow motion, players going on jub. Viewers-front box, close, short. Players ball jumps up after the ball, 2 by jed. Party are affiliated undecided, sewing, heads of expectant. actor. Spectators densely 11-m gate by Engler half close to dense, screen, and 6 door in slow motion. Plans.-cheers. - 05. United States. Skydiver as acrobats of the stratosphere. -(The camera flew). Propeller aircraft against the sky, total, half-close. Inside, the sign given available soldiers, jump out of the machine, short indoor & outdoor seen Springer, close, individually and in pairs in the air, u close to. big, in slow motion, seem to float, meet each other in the air and with a stick To give further control with arms and legs, make loops, finally after free fall by 3000 m mountain, umbrellas, open a close, landing a single level, close. -

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Engler, Rolf ; Morlock, Max


United States ; Xenia, Ohio ; Hamburg ; Fontainebleau ; Alps ; Nevada ; Geneva ; Viet Nam ; Nuremberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; skydiving, skydiving ; Football ; Rockets ; Armor ; beauty pageants ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Blasting ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Youth ; Maneuver ; Technology, industry ; Military events ; Science ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; NATO ; aerial photographs ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 687/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m arsenal of the West - testing new weapons by command of origin: Gaumont NATO accident story no. 14 (protection at work) origin: Jupiter-film Vienna: Kindermode origin: Austria Geneva: choice of the most beautiful baby origin: Cine journal Amsterdam: birth of a baboon baby origin: Polygoon Rappersville: birth of a baby of elephant origin: Cine Journal sports: Football: 1 FC Nuremberg-BK Odense Max Morlocks come back camera: base, Seib, Strong, fire skydivers flew the camera origin: Metro end mark 3, 1

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