Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 686/1963 22.03.1963


01 Hamburg. School for blind and visually impaired children. -Swivel from Strip to wardrobe with. blindenbihden to the sleeved to öffnd. Door with views in the classroom, children on blind typewriters To write according to the dictates of the teacher (original sound). Div. once of the write, close, large and en detail, reading teacher, g swivel ceiling on and. Classroom at soloseat m. teacher in the foreground and views of children. the front window tables. Boy is busy to insert different-shaped figures into appropriate cavities, close + big, another maps kl. Items by type + size in separated box, kl. Girl Associates beads to fit grooves in a Board. Hands of a child and the Executive hands of the teacher on plastic - map, big + b. Transfok. Tour close. Kids tables & teacher at Blackboard b. geometr. Draw A few settings from working with graver, big girls work their table Board in oblique positions, leads one oblique liegd magnifying lens over the font. Book, great. -Upward swing of blind Chair on child and examiner, A few settings. Eye examination, nah + 2 turtles on table touch big blurred picture, children's hands, close. Brush is dipped into the ink color in paint box, big, Seitschwenk, working in pen and ink drawing, big, swing time work on wall on musical crowd of children (triangle flute, that simple instrument m. sheet keyboard). Various settings. Children b. read the Braille (original sound), including hands, great teacher b. listen to big. -02. The Hague. Lightning visit de Gaulle on square before the Palace continued car and rushing forth to servants, by window from seen, half-close. Series greeting police of escort in addition to their Krädern on the edge of the square, half-close, de Gaulle away A few steps away from the car, half-close, greets oblique supervision on honor guard before Palace, v. back, half-close. -Supervision on couple of de Gaulle, coming up the stairs with some companions behind, frontal, close to half. Old painting v. königl. vorfahren(?) on wall, halbseitl., big, detail d. image with 1 girl, de Gaulle beside Queen Juliane sitting, both seriously, frontal close. Mme. de Gaulle and Prince Bernhard talk sitting together, frontal close (stehd 3 behind them. Ladies). Paäre nebeneinand as above, on chairs. sitting, see entertaining, half close, 4 photographers, close to half the side. -03 Cologne. Photokina 1963 - see also UFA 347 - smiling with Flash fotografierd. JG. Lady, frontal, large oblique supervision on A few halls with operation. Demonstrate various cameras, including one to use with easy push button; Camera, performed by a Japanese woman. -American Camera with Lab: is opened, the final positive is withdrawn, close. Lübke in the middle of the flow of visitors, close to the tour with some companions, talks and shows interested in, looking through camera, soloseat. close. Hall of Arnold & Richter. Mr sits in front of a row of small TVs and used one of them, look over entire exhibition hall, half total. -4th Geneva. Automobile Salon. -Div. once. the issued. dare, including rotating, jg 2. Ladies b tour, half close detail settings of some cars, our two ladies let a Lord the new Mercedes before, A few details of the car interior. Sports car by Ford Chairman a pair of frontal "Mustang". Demonstr. the adjustable ruffles, the foot pedals, the retractable front lamp, large. Daimler Hall, car test: Runs on shifting near the village roles, dial to role, big car. -05. Sandy/Allgau. Federal Air Force tried rescue by air. -Hubscrauber-. Wheels stand out from berggelande, great. Increasing helicopter b.c., down helicopter seen, close and in detail. Uber snowy mountains, half-close + close, in Funksprechgerat side sprechd pilot, big, skis are thrown out, in detail, close. 2 single v. Jump from low high without parachute, close. Abseiling down a Hundefuhrers with dog in some settings, view from below on helicopters and search dog dig in the snow, looking down pilots close, Hundefuhrer pushes him to the side and starts exposing a body, close m. d. hurt is surrounded by several men on a stretcher, is künstl with sauerstoffgerat. ventilated young zuschaunde a national d., close, close air force. The injured person is stored by 4 men in helicopters, the Hineinschiben seen from the inside. Home d helicopter from soffit, large and half total. -06 Brisbane. visit Elizabeth II. - propelled on wide power yacht "Britannia" by VL. kl. ships escorted, total, half-close. 3 Wasserskilaufer motor boat-drawn side by side, television + close to half in the driving past waving. Supervision at the crowd on the shore. E. and behind her Philip about bridge on receiving delegation standing in the foreground come to half- close. beckoning women close. E + Ph. grußen Lord and Lady with a nod, while behind them about more people approach the bar close. -Sea coast with far boats and people on the beach side. -Cameraman stand nth rain cover, large. The Royal couple comes under umbrellas from the background. on bent v. austral. Lifesavers. passing on a bridge moving audiences with fotografierendem Lord and Lady, close to half close. Parade of surfer and life saver on the beach, half-close + close, short, man pushes from below a broom against grandstand roof, that the water splashes down front seen half the side from the rear, close to half (m. view of beach). -individual rowing boats with five teams fight their way through high waves, close to half landing close, grandstands viewers with Elizabeth, half-close. -07 Fürth. Football match Spielvereinigung Fürth: Munich 1860 2: = 1 - div Setup, the 2 first goals in slow motion, various settings. be spirit. Close to spectators, + bildf., and others with arms raised wild jumping man, close. Internationals of Küppers fouls the Fürth Geissler, half-close, the pregnant themselves on the ground. -Jg chewing gum. Lady who swallows it all of a sudden, frontal, big. Slow motion settings from the Munich goalie, as he is disappointed turns to the ball into the goal and then running on him, close. -

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Bernhard von Holland ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Juliana von Holland ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug


Cologne ; Geneva ; Sandy/Allgäu ; Sandy ; Hamburg ; Australia ; The Hague ; Brisbane ; Fürth


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bundeswehr ; close-ups, detail ; Dogs ; Children ; child care, education problems ; Football ; Police ; Rain ; Rowing ; Shipping ; Ships ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; avalanche danger ; Medicine ; Water ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Exhibitions ; mountain climbing, mountaineering ; mountain rescue ; Dogs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 686/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Hamburg: school for the blind camera: Seib current information the Hague: de Gaulle when Queen Juliana origin: Polygoon Cologne: Photokina - Lübke opened exhibition camera: Basic, Luppa Geneva: motor show origin: Cine Journal of sandy: salvage exercise of the German armed forces with helicopters and avalanche dogs camera: Vlasdeck Brisbane: Queen Elisabeth in Australian lifeguards origin: Pathe News Sports: Football: Munich 1860 phcp. Fürth 1:2 camera: strong, Vlasdeck, end-of-fire mark 3.1

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