Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 683/1963 01.03.1963


01 Sherlock Holmes 1963 - a). Brundeskriminalamt, Wiesbaden - b) Sûreté Nationale, Paris. -Fahrd by night. Car with bright lights before hunting through road tunnel through cars cower jg. Man on the sidewalk. -Mystery readers: jg. Man shaving, ält. Man in the Chair, depending on size, wife scrolls in the laundry room standing in the "sh. Holmes" frontal close. -Transf. Tour of squared. Cap on issue, that is, scroll by hand with pipe large book lying on, thumb pushes tobacco in a pipe. -Drive up to that by vorgehen old. Lupe enlarged eye of a man, great. Supervision on gr. modern spiral staircase m. growing up man, feet side. large. -Official coat goes through. Filing cabinets throughout, front close. Div on the. v. d. work in the Federal Criminal Police Office: man on the filing cabinet, check of fingerprints unt. Magnifying glass close. Technician before electron device and gr. Microscope m. screen per side. Nah, fiber structure on screen, close. Technician sits beside her Mr looking to hint. Electron. Device, close. Swivel gun arsenal, Mr takes one and demonstrated it in short, close. -Abwärtsschw. arsenal of pistols, one is taken away it, big gun targeting man and close behind glass, frontal, gives 3 shots on disc. Radio station, short, hand on the how big. -Sürete national:-Detective bow desk OVR. Gr. Book directory, hand goes big with pencil on map, seen over shoulder. -Number of police officers in sport dress exercises in creating free by Masch. -Guns. Commissioner Rivière in div. settings b. demonstrating pistol shooting in outdoor. -Body moves on to table in an autopsy room here under scrutiny by officials looking to, hand grips saw tool assortment, close, doctor going on around body. -Officer shoots m. pistol in a basement in a boiler filled with water. Boiler stands screen with some balls, hand picks a ball, close detail settings. Including big man before microscope, ball, the officials at Microsoft explains something, close to bystanders. Refining the ball (micro), great. -COP leading man in cell, close, close door, arms & hands when turning to d. key close, finger slot in the cell door pushes, looking through the slot on the prisoner (Stegemann). -02. The good tip - see UFA 344 (hazards in the household) 03 "the stains millionaire" Paris. Portrait of the painter Georges Mathieu painting in the Atelier, frontal, close, shortly. In the Garden: embarks in certainly. On canvas, distance to boils and sets with long. Brush strokes it. M. climbs out of his car and walks towards the entrance of a book store. Hand picks, close copies of Mathieu's book on the Taschismus stack. Face of Mathieus big scribbles words on the cover page of the book when writing, hand, great. M rises from the desk, goes to gr. Wall portrait (M.-Portrait v.) (Ehsan) to pan across the portrait looks up to him, and bildf. -M. takes mantle from table with Diderot bust. Some settings. Housing inventory. M. paints on canvas on the Living room carpet, close self portrait on the wall. Div once by the emergence of taschist. Image with ink and pointed pen, hand and others close, M signed it, close, signature, close.

04. Bonn. Adenauer is receiving Carnival Prince Klaus II. - Prince Klaus beckons arrival before Palace, head of the sentry, large, b. d. tall, Adenauer welcomes Prince and Princess inside, close, Adenauer neb. the few (Karnev. Board of Directors behind it), front, close, Prince puts Aden. Band around with Carnival greeting, this large. All reception attendees to Adenauer rallied, everything rises the champagne glasses. -05 Cologne. Parade. -Dev. - swivel angled front Cologne Cathedral on the train, V. d. flanked crowd, dancing div. once., including car "Company suggestion box" group of children in uniform d. Prince guard, short, jublnd. Quantity, Royal couple sprinkles of died. Dare candy unt. (d). Quantity cartoons by Adenauer and de Gaulle, sitting close to each other, m. table before, ever close, great "man. can give away only once his heart". Before sickbay lot policeman and young girls are close together and whisper to themselves something close. -6 Stratford / Ontario. Ice hockey: Training the skating babies. -Group small boys ice hockey-dress, immediately and partly sitting. Two place hood at the same time on the head, close. Boys crowd flows through inlet on the ice surface. Once some of the training game of the young man as a referee. -7 New York. Int. Halls Leichtathl. -Championship at Madison Square Garden. -Hall m. audience half totally with on the field of umherstehd. Men's. Run d women over 60 yds. Start and track, half close, SG.: Jutta Hein pole vault: Maurice Houvion shatters the glass fibre Rod while crack, he allows d. to fall (slow motion). Rolando Cruz won with a leap of 4. 87 m. -High jump: Valeri Brumel jumps 2, 23 m indoor world record, side, half-close, slow motion - sitting crowd. -Forts. (7) l mile race of men: Jim Beatty and Tom O' Hara. Winner Beatty on rail, pursued by reporters, close.

08-Italian Alps. Winter maneuvers of Italy. Alpini. -Pan across mountains, close, taken by helicopter helicopter. total typically air, remote. Pilot in pulpit, large, with views of mountains in the background, A few flying shots Alpini on skis, remote. Helicopter. NEB. Mountain massif, aerial A few mountain massif, on standing mountain paragraph Alpini, suspended load in addition to sheer away, an Alpini dump broad wall, TV, arrives at below waiting squad.

09 France. Ice water swimming from Toulouse to bordeaux. -Swivel about stehd on Bank of the Garonne. Viewers of Frogman of Louis Lourmais to his. Face protection a gentleman something aimed big, L. jumps into the water, close, v. back. Div. Once by swimming close + half close, look from the perspective of the float to high bridge with people, applauding crowd on the target Bank, side, half-close. L. Plods exhausted next to an another Frogman through the water to shore up close, frontal.

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Beatty, Jim ; Brumel, Valeri ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Lourmais, Louis ; Mathieu, Georges ; Rivière ; Cruz, Rolando ; Heine, Jutta ; Houvion, Maurice ; O'Hara, Tom


Italian Alps ; Wiesbaden ; Stuttgart ; France ; Bonn ; Cologne ; Stratford, Ontario ; England ; Paris ; London ; New York ; Hiltrup


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 683/1963

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Wiesbaden: Training foreign police detectives in the Federal Criminal Police Office camera: Luppa Paris police school origin: Gaumont accident story (R. 3) disorder in the household origin: Jupiter-film Tachist Georges Mathieu new staining technique stain painters origin: Gaumont Carnival Prince couple at Adenauer camera: Luppa, Jürgens parade Cologne (attacks against television) camera: strong, basic sports ice hockey: training the skating babies in the United States origin: Metro indoor sports: Madison Square Garden Jutta Heine, pole vault, HELLEN record Valeri Brumel, Jim Beatty runs world record origin: Metro winter maneuvers of the Italian Alpini origin: iNcom 300 km swim in the ice cream from Toulouse to Bordeaux origin: Pathé journal end mark 3, 1

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