Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 672/1962 14.12.1962


01-Berlin December - Soviet deployment at Hauser clearance to the wall. -Wall, diagonally in the image, with a view to side. Homestead & watchtower. Arriving at place of work truck, 2 patrouillrd. Soviet post, Soviet soldiers in demining work: shoveling and loading trucks. with wooden beams, more. Once, the 2 Soviet sentry, looking through binoculars, frontal, close, leaving beams loaded truck, detail, great. Halbseitl. Wall with wire wheels, great. All shots at diffuse. Light.

02. West Berlin. "Golden record" for 'our Fair Lady' Karin Hübner and partner Paul Hubschmid - upward swing of altmod. Turntable on table with long Cone, large, 2 awards, big awards on stage in front of the turntable, applauding Mr group, close. K. H. with record, big, both winners, great strobe light photographer, side close.

03. Ätelier mirror: "the ugly duckling" with Liselotte Pulver unt. Directed by Axel von Ambesser. -The powder the hair becomes häßl. Node pinned up, close + big, she makes grimaces, eating a sandwich and drinking from bottle, a lighting technician says to the other "Guck ' times, balancing is the powder again:" illuminator b. d. short, work, Ambesser issues statement on the Szene(O-T.) the powder (clumsy handling of a broom in the kitchen). -04 Berlin. New Bird House at the Zoo. -2 heads of large exotic. Birds of prey with snapping to beaks, depending on size, bird in the tree, many exotic birds with big beaks, Papageien-& eating chicken similar to, among other things, depending on size. Children go through irradiated with Fluorescent ceiling light green area of the Bird House, look closely at showcases, some goes to a tiled basin with flamingos, Flamingo, close.

05. Berlin. Lights greeting after over. -Swing of Christmas decorations (balls) in the showcase on nächtl. Ku-Damm, upward swing over department store facade on Christmas series, various on the. nächtl. Road with traffic and people weihnachtl. Shop Windows, a few candles on pine branches (also back a West) Guards) from watchtower in the background, flickering candles in the fo. front of Brandenburg Gate in the background.

06. Holland. "The farewell" by Wilhelmina (see also UFA) - here with review. -Coffin is carried from the building, königl. Family follows, greets honor guard before waving flag House, hanging from window, close. Various settings. Funeral procession in white, gun salute of Cannon on open field, close to half. Wilhelmina review (archive). Steeple neckline with Vali. Flag. Forts. Put in. Yasaka as UFA.

07. Vosges. Lumberjack. -Several workers trudging slow upward swing with their tools through hilly snow-covered forest, by working up in the tree tops, 2 lumber beginning workers scores in tree, beat alternating with axes axe blows into notch close (multiple settings.), big, div. on the. falling trees, close, with axe blows of smoking (cigarette) workers, big, shifting gap by falling tree, close. Workers cut off Aste from root, on which he stands, tree trunk cutting with Electr. Saw, saw cut with falld. The men chips, great layers tailored to tribes on sleds, old zuguckender and located behind the ear grating workers, soloseat. large, diverse on the. and once. jump to declines, workers and first ride, legs of front man slow ride something big 08 winter sports in the Guest House,: village price Skat evening (with O noises and speeches). -Input Assembly archive take on winter sports, short. -Div. once. Skat playing PIC. Men, picture of the savings club "Busy Bee" on the wall, half-close. Large settings. Hands and heads b. deck, smiling man, great cover face with hands that makes then wegwerfd. Hand movement. Men is the pig Bacon page laid out on table by the price of the winner himself, hands turn a piece, close, a winner gets a piece of wrapped in paper.

09 London. Twist contest. -DIV set by young people on stage twist end pairs with license plates, total and close, smiling jury (m. name signs at their tables), half side close. Rear view on Lady of the jury of going to winner with tails in their hair, large, is complimented by the Lady, short. Winning pair front, talking and smiling, big.

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Persons in the Film

Bernhard von Holland ; Hubschmid, Paul ; Hübner, Karin ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Wilhelmina von Holland


Berlin ; Vosges ; Hamburg ; Munich ; West Berlin ; Holland ; Amsterdam ; London ; Iffezheim


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Hands ; Hobby ; cameramen, cameramen ; filmmaking ; Leisure, recreation ; Reviews ; Armor ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Agriculture and forestry ; Technology, industry ; Military ; Holiday ; transport questions ; Christmas ; winter pictures ; Removal ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 672/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Soviets clean zone bordering a House, East Berlin camera: Pahl Jr.

My fair Lady, Berlin Golden records for Karin Hübner and Paul Hubschmid camera: Pahl sen., Pahl Jr.

Atelier mirror: Kohlhiesels daughters Liselotte Pulver camera: Pahl sen., Pahl Jr.

New Bird House i. Berlin Zoo Christmas at the wall (lights greeting) camera: Pahl Jr.

Burial in white by Queen Mother Wilhelmina (Netherlands) + origin: Polygoon review (original sound) origin: Polygoon last woodcutter in the Vosges mountains origin: Gaumont winter sports types origin: Archive price Skat b. Ohlstedt/Hbg. camera: rough twist in England origin: Pathe news

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