Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 662/1962 05.10.1962


1st Catalonia. The flood disaster. -Residential area, people destroyed m. the remains of their possessions in the outdoor furniture outside apartment in water below save chairs on embankment, people furniture from flooded and destroyed. Destroyed houses, wading adults & children, swing + over. Individual d. plant debris listener. People. Destroyed large textile factories, pan across debris by Web chairs and machines on the floor, destroyed railway embankment and track, because employees and umherstehd. People, employees, large basket with kl. Crucifix and bucket is close, and behind it over plodding worker legs. -Swivel flooded over total. Unco.

02. Pfalz. "Sleeping villages" - agricultural problems interviews obsolete Reaper on field, big, the village of Kusel in sink betw. Fields, dirt track herankommd bus, total, wheels, Dorfstrasse total, about a kitten on stehd. old. Running man, country woman pumping water from village pump in bucket close, water jet pours liegd into bucket, large, in addition to his hut. Shepherd, sicn after chickens i. Htrgrd. looks around, short, kitten from lumber boards and cardboard jumps, chicken on an old Bauernkärren in barren courtyard, wood lumber boards, dismantled car wheels and head in the corner of the yard, swing of laundry on. Leash on digging shaft & feral passage. Houses. Pan about building a pattern of Justice, village street with a group of opinionated men, total. Interviews with individual farmers (o - s SPR. text). It interviewed Peters, Bundestag deputies and journalists visit feral farms. the experts for development aid, Dr. Fritz (o - s SPR. text). Partial view of the village and road in the Vordersgrund.

03. Mexico. The Mazatecan Indians intoxicated with sacred mushrooms (drug). -Indian woman at the mushroom picking, regarded mushrooms in her hand, mushrooms in hand, large, fast absorbing atmospheric recording clouds over evening landscape, Indian woman with child, by a hanging flower picking off. -Pan by brennd. The Sabina deletes a candle candles on face which they held and prayerful Priestess Maria Sabina, head of an Indian Child, seeing in fire, frontal, big, with the hand, Priestess, supporters, and students sit together in dämmerigem room, Priestess distributed mushrooms, div. Indians eating, one big, serious faces, great Priestess faces candle, beats the hands against each other, shaking one arm, hitting with the hand on her head, smiling faces, large, ecstatic, big smiling face of an elderly woman smoking cigarette. -04 forest village/Gary. Falconer school. -Hawks start 2, separately total and half total, Falkner splattered white-tailed eagle with a garden hose, big, bald eagle rips before kl. Turend-Vogel beak far on, is by the Falconer at the snap to prevented, fails with the wings the Eagle on the protected hand of the Falconer, large & totally. -Hängd off at wall. Falkner bags be removed, size 2, standing Hound trained Falconer with eagle on an open field, little flying above ground Golden Eagles, total, big, tall, short. Swing by jg. Hunter, that neb. Falcon stands tall on Horn-blowing Huntsman (original sound), head. -Room with hunting trophies on the wall, small circle of hunters at gemütl. Plausch pipe - and cigar-smoking, nodding approvingly, fireplace corner sitting, depending on size, stretched out on the floor. Hunting dog, half total, looks up, briefly.

05. bad Segeberg. Championship Tournament of the four carriages. Ambling team, frontal, dead., great. Various settings. Carriages on the obstacle course, total, gr. and in detail, including horse legs & upper parts during the run, big, in slow motion, team flag outlines. Franz Lage(Mitgewinner) on carriage, great. 2 viewers with Hunter caps on the field Standing tall. The winner Bernhard Duen. Sash is moved on carriage, nah, he shakes the hand of Ubergebers, great. -06 Paris. Athletics international competition Germany: France. -Shot put of a corpulent sportsman. 110 m hurdles of men's, with Transfok. -Once. Stands winners included: Werner Trzmiel in addition to and. Runners Standing tall. Start and start of the 5000-meter run, various settings, Viewer image filling, participants: Kubicki Ludwig Müller. and the French Michel Bernard and Bogey Bernard alone in the big, long tracking, winner: Bernarad, sits, violently aufblähend the cheeks, on the lawn, large. Applaud. Audience, bildf., frontal. -07 Berlin. Boarding school. Regatta of the outboard speedboats (class A) a. Tegeler Lake. -White-clad man m. Bobble gives go-ahead, great. Various settings. the race, wake, boat as seen from, great. Group sailing boats on Lake Center at dusk, Wolfgang Klein. sitting on the bow of his boat and paddling m. kl. Paddle, seitl., close. The Englishman Rolfe as second and Dieter Schulze as European champion individually remove their helmets, depending on size. -

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Bernard, Michel ; Bogey, Robert ; Pfleumer, Fritz ; Peters, Hans Joachim ; Sabina, Maria ; Duen, Bernhard ; Klein, Wolfgang ; Kubicki ; Lage, Franz ; Müller, Ludwig ; Rolfe ; Schulze, Dieter ; Trzmiel, Werner


Palatine ; Forest village in the Black Forest ; Catalonia ; Kusel/Pfalz ; Mexico ; Persia ; Bad Segeberg ; Paris ; Berlin ; Kusel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; close-ups, detail ; Interviews ; Hunting, Hunter ; Disasters ; Driving ; motor boat race ; natural disasters ; Rain ; Religious events ; Schools, training ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Debris ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Agriculture and forestry ; Landscapes ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Medicine ; People ; Water ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 662/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m flood disaster in Spain origin: No.-do-sleeping villages (agricultural prob. i.d. Pfalz) camera: strong drug mushrooms, Mexico origin: Emasa Falknerhof forest village camera: strong team rider Championship B. Segeberg camera: o Connor, rough Athletics international competition Dtld. Holland. in Paris origin: Pathé journal outdoor Board motorboat racing, Berlin camera: Pahl Jr.

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