Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 652/1962 20.07.1962


1st Algeria. Birth woe and infighting (see also UFA 313). -Ben Bella, frontal, gr. Pan over the heads of a group of followers and it conversation patio bench in front of House, close. -2 soldiers on a MG, the front side with the finger on the trigger. close, Ben Bella goodbye, including embrace, some standing around him supporters before garden Archway i. Htrgrd. with the inscription "Bienvenue au frère Ben Bella". -MG cartridge battery is inserted, large, several soldiers to MG, the front crank z set turning. -Checkpoints stop cars on road, soldier checks papers in his hand, soloseat. close. Both weapons in Street and Villeneingang, soldier soldier squads holds gun barrel on door set, side. closely held group captured looters by soldiers in a yard in chess, swing over heads, large, single to be unt. military. Guarding over court conducts. -2 soldiers in the fo. the venue shaking hands is smiling, close. -Ben Bella with Ferhat Abbas and other Lord in conversation on terrace Bank sitzd., half close, Ben Bella and Abbas miteinand. sprecha, nah, goodbye, standing in the front window with handshake, close.

02. Düsseldorf. Tarantulas breeder of Ernst Ahrends. -Shows in be. Apartment A few specimens in cabinets, including one called "Söraya", couple in seating area, it can be high Scrabble spider on liquor bottle, spider, big, bildf.

03. England. Hats by Dior. -Demonstration of some fantastic. Models m. jewelry attachment, including high feathered hat, Eskimo CAP, fur hat.

04. "marriage is matter of luck". Husband in coat and scarf look burned in saucepan and lid will drop, swing over dirty shoe prints on the floor, man-hands depends on Jacket OVR. Chair, close, pulling husband, sitting on a couch, shoes off. Bookshelf & 2 davorhängd. Ties, is gegenübersitzd. Couple b. Suppenlöffein, he at the same time held newspaper staring, she raises his head u short. look the other way about, he is packing books and writings by door, put the Pack in toilet, closes from the inside, stehd on Chair. Husband, about to hit the nail into wall that dabeistehd. Woman turns plötzl. that he skin on fingers and shakes him. -He in an armchair reading newspaper and smoking, ash in Cactus pot was stripping off, with tilting ge fills. Pot, close. -Ehemann lies down to sleep in the single wall bed, snuggles up close, along. -05 Vlaardingen. State of the art cable factory in the world. -NET makers on a ship in the port of Rotterdam, Netzeknüpfer b. d. close to work, rolling spool in the tool basket, large. -Div. indoor rope factory, machines in action, rotating spools, close-ups of rope production. -Thick hemp pressure across bow of a moored ship, swivel on the ship. -6 England. Hovercraft "Hovercraft-movement". -The ship when starting on a beach, 2 pilots in cab, side. close supervision on the fahrd. Ship, interior with passengers and steward, pilot on the control unit side. close to landing ship, various on the. Cruising ship, ship frontal, dead. + gr. standing in the port, 7 England. With the newest record driver Donald Campellwill. Model of the "Blue Bird" attain 800 km/h. -Visit of the model, A few detail settings. of the race car, Campbell in the driver's seat maintains leaning against cars. Gentlemen, it's close. -Campbell. in the car on the track, kissing his wife, holds up his talisman. -In the end of the film cameramen and reporters, close, the car on the track.

08th "between heaven and hell" - a week on German motorways. -Div. once. Traffic on motorways, between each folgd. Subjects each intermediate cuts highway from the driver's view. -Back view walking along Walker, lakefront beach. -Hands on the valance close, family author branch where b. picnic, gas station, gas station attendant b. d. short work (hands not shown.), student on parking. stehd. and d. round looking with a shield. Breast "Student - Bremen", single Mensehen on various machines m. edibles, operation v. money change machines. Accident I: is after collisions, injured in ambulance crash site raised, crowd, abfahrd. Ambulance, close. -Drive-in-Lokal, waitress served on the car, close, eating. Driver, beer glass in hand, close. Disaster II: Young man collects - is painstakingly from seat his severely demolished. Sports car, people are to demolished. Cars. - traffic Highway b. darkness, drive-in movie theater a., looking to jg. Couple behind a car window, close, kisses. Subway from the perspective of a flying car. Accident III: The transporter, frontal (inscription: chocolate) with destroyed. Front, on a grass verge before car combines man leg wounds of his boy. dabeistehd. Woman and other ' boys. Bad life in motorway-bad. -Accident IV: disaster site after collision, severely beschäd. Car on d. page liegd. demolished. Car, injured is set to verges on cloth, abfahrd. Ambulance. -Highway shield. ("' Motorway chapel", close, A few once.) Chapel exterior + Interior, Betender before the altar, upper part of crucifix before window.

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Abbas, Ferhat ; Ahrends, Ernst ; Bella, Ben ; Campbell, Donald


Federal Republic of Germany ; Düsseldorf ; Vlaardingen ; England ; Berlin ; Algeria ; Paris ; Hamburg ; Prague ; London ; Africa


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Trade, finance ; Hobby ; Industry ; cameramen, cameramen ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; Political events ; Armor ; Shipping ; Ships ; Special reports ; Animals (except dogs) ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Unrest ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Kissing, kissing scenes ; Technology, industry ; Medicine ; People ; Military ; Military events ; Holiday ; transport questions ; Fashion ; Jobs ; Gastronomy ; Industrial ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 652/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7 m Algeria, Ben Bella origin: Gaumont, Gaumont bird spinning in the flat camera: basic hats Dior origin: Pathe news "My wife and I" origin: Polkronika hemp Seilerei in Holland origin: Polygoon hovercraft boat, Engld.
Origin: Pathé news, Pathe news Blue Bird m. Campb [...]LL origin: Pathe news cameraman Kurt Rau on German motorways camera: Rau final brand 3.1 m

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