Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 650/1962 13.07.1962


1st Algiers. Independence celebration. Various settings. cheering crowds, densely crowded, with flags wedelnd, cheerful Algerians next to Crescent flag laid on the vehicle, keep A few hand out; Group bildf., once A few veiled women, clapping hands. Feed of a FLN unit amid applause of the population: soldiers on Krädern, frontal, close columns, + bildf., including close with flag-bearer to d. peak, A few settings. Population relocation, including children on top, behind flag-bearer, subsequent. Mass; 2 zusehd seriously. Children, close, women in the procession keep Crescent flag across spread out before him, close, Algerian unit parades d. Street, soldiers push back driving record crowd on the side of the road, cheering and clapping mass v. rear seen div. close once. Muslims on spot dancing and hopping (A few with turbans), Muslims in white wearing flag d. Street, close, jublnd. + winkd. Lot of frontal bildf., A few Algerians uphold Crescent flag, one prevents close musket before in the height, pans across faces fröhl. jumping & jub. People, close, A few dance with the flag around, close, backward swing over war Memorial (1914-18 / 39) Algerian lays before flowers ndr., close.

02. Paris. Adenauer's visit (see UFA - and.) Section) a) wreath-laying ceremony. -Round pan to Vali. Flag prior to Arc de Triomphe, close. -b) Mourmelon: parade marches, swinging down from several. Flags on poles (French & Bu. flags) halbseitl i. Htrgrd and spectator front, armored parade. front. -Div. once. Tank. -Adenauer converses on grandstand with between him and de Gaulle stehd. Mr, frontal, close. Tank drive series of flag bouquets at Stangenvorbei. -c) Reims:-swivel from Eastern altar of the Cathedral down to nave when the geistl. Dignitaries and choirboys, a high priest bows before the stehd. Statesmen. -Altar & front benches, hint. seen. -High priest and the wearers. State men to leave the Church. -de Gaulle speaks before portal with a clergyman, while Adenauer and and. Companion also wait, half-close. -Beckoning and applaud. Lot behind streets grid lock that both. State men go in off. Cars standing, OVR. Platz, A. winkd.

03. Philadelphia. Pres.. Kennedy stressed commitment to the partnership with Europe. -Huge lot on Versamml ungsplatz, close A few listeners, including children side. large, Kennedy on podium in front of building with flags (behind him semicircle of men), first hand over page its liegd before him. Concept painting, large, then speaking, close (original sound). -Since 1 attendant on applaudrd. Amount of bildf. -04 Rome. Staatspräs in honour of Pope Johannes XXIII. Segni (together with d. vizepräs. d. Council St. Peter's Basilica, total, with St. Peter's square and street front, frontal - 2 rows of Guardsmen in armor with planted on bayonets in place, halbseitl b.c. hint. seen, close (Church i. Htrgrd.).-Segni u.) the Vizepräs. to pages of the Pope's audience room sitting, be entertaining half close, speaking, halbseitl Pope. Nah, Segni close, in the direction of the camera seeing Pope presented the vizepräs. Nah, the excellent Kiss award, the door stehd. Pope when walking close the hand.

05. Huddersfield. Visit Elizabeth II - Scottish guard of honour on the platform? Half side close, a Gestlichen rear view, by one of Church servant salary. Velvet pillow takes object and passes it to her (neb. their Philipp), guard against guard halbseitl. great rear view crowd that watching a parade in the background (at Castle pass), parade bagpiper before Castle along, close. -Schott seated crowd in the courtyard of the Palace, demonstration. Folk dances on a pedestal before Castle middle section, tanzd. Legs en detail. -The pair of sovereign will. the dancers presented Eliz., her hand giving, smiling close. -Elizab. and Philip the short close to entertainment with some actors. -06 Vienna. Visit King Ibn Saud (z. Recreation). -Archivaufn. City view & structures, backward swing of Church on a busy road in Alleefahrd. Pferdedroschke, short, Saud comes in Begleitg. Gangway down, half close down in the districts of some men's someone begrüßd., side. close, beckoning people, including flight staff, behind a balustrade, half close, swivel Burnus carrier (with chiselled. Sabers hang) down, close to the 2 by plane i. Htrgrd. upcoming approach Burnus carrier, close, Saud, in corner of Diwans sitting, big, at frdl. Entertainment with BU. -Pres.. Sharpening & and. Men's. -07 Bochum. Foundation stone laid for the Ruhr University. -Div. once. stehd. Spectators, including masons, close. -Dr. Franz Meyers does roll into steel cylinders and welding it to. lowers it into stone opening, Maurer holds umbrella over him before him this (i. Htrgrd. A few spectators m. screens), hand picks Hammer Stone block, close, Meyers speaks A few words (without sound) and A few hammer blows on foundations makes it close,. -Stone with engraved. Year "1962", image, swing down a. brick structure, image filling.

08th Haarlem. Frans-neck exhibition - 100 years anniversary d. fr. neck Museum. -Church, total, with street front, A few settings. Plaque with the name of the artist in stone flooring; Museum, half total, with discounts geschmücktem ago before and some arriving. Visitors, A few settings. Ausstellungsbesueher before Bilcern, div. painting, bildf. and in detail, including peasant family, portraits, including a child, lute player. -9 Prague. Art Gymnastics Championships Japan: USSR. -Gymnasts b. training before the Championships: floor exercise, bars, balance beam. -Filled Sports Hall with field Division for supervision. Disciplines with gymnast. -The Russian of Pervushinaals new world champion on the uneven bars. -The winner in the Octathlon, Larissa Latyninaam uneven bars. -The Czech Caslavska in floor exercise. -A Japanese girl on floor exercise. -A (USSR) gymnast on the rings, Ayhara, Nobuyuki, in floor exercise, Endo on the horizontal bar. -Applauding ranks, half side.

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Ayhara, Nobuyuki ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Johannes XXIII. ; Kennedy, John F. ; Meyers, Franz ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Saud, Ibn ; Segni ; Schärf ; Caslavska, Vera ; Endo, Yukido ; Latinia, Larissa ; Pervushina


Bochum ; Harlem ; France ; Paris ; Rome ; Vienna ; Haarlem ; Algiers ; Algeria ; Huddersfield ; Mourmelon ; Edinburgh ; Philadelphia ; Reims ; Prague


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Children ; Flags ; Musical events ; Parades ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Political events ; Advertising ; Religious events ; Armor ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; Dance ; Costumes ; Gymnastics ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Art ; Works of art ; Military ; Military events ; festivals ; Construction ; Exhibitions ; Viewers and audience ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 650/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Initial brand 7 m independence celebrations in Algeria origin: Gaumont Adenauer at de Gaulle Kennedy speech in Philadelphia (to the partnership with Europe) origin: Metro Joh. XXIII and Segni origin: iNcom Queen in Scotland origin: Pathe news Ibn Saud in Vienna origin: Austria Ruhr University Foundation, Bochum camera: o Connor Frans Hals Museum in Haarlem origin: Polygoon gymnastics World Championship in Prague origin: State, Prag end brand 3, 1 m

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