Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 633/1962 16.03.1962


01 American East Coast. Storm surge. -Div. beat recordings made using Uferbefestisrungen sea spray, aerial of the nearby coast destroyed residential areas, destroying homes in flooded roads, close. div. flight recordings from individual under water houses, pan across flooded deserted around the cars, traffic COP, close, infiltrates car by road, people fight on tarmac with no broad Street with umbrellas, hat hold against Hurricane, man picks up his hat blew away, woman lifts her tilted umbrella against the wind, soloseat. standing, close. -02 England. Nuclear fallout shelter. -Swing out of ground parts of the bunker as close to hatch, etc., mattresses are lowered, look in the opening close, boy sees doing in entry hole, also shoveling men of sand to the outstanding parts of the bunker (including Mushroom shape), close, views from the inside of the bunker boy looking in, close, rising down children, seen from below, A few indoor shots short, (while a man is doing A few handles), closed hatch, seen from the inside at the end of the cylindrical shaft, close.

03. Holland. Old timber-framed house moves. -Windmill close, 2 windmills on the river Zaan (of l in the background), closeups of houses of the Zaan dam, including right and left of fleets, room wall alledei antique equipment and pots of it and on the ground before, Transfokatorfahrt of old timber-frame house, modern House, close to the predominantly young audience & COP standing there, half close, half-timbered House is pulled away by truck, total, swing from window on the wheels rolling under the House, close, newly provided with truck ride over populated bridge, swivel of secluded half-timbered House on the front and surrounded by people.

04. London. Exhibition "The ideal home". -Div. settings facades u. Interior design of modern homes, woman sits in a Chair in the Living room and takes swing on TV magazine at hand, close, angle, total kitchen behind sliding panel is automatically opened with panorama appears great dining service, housewife takes a couple bathing in a small built-in swimming pool (in the background of exhibition visitors) massage on "Bubble bench". -05 spare garage off plastic. Young lady and Lord (he barely visible) get out of car, pull over it with wall-mounted plastic sheath, a different couple covered motorcycle in this way, couple sits comfortably under half-open Hood (from the foreground here water jet sprayed against tiles) Sport 6 Netherlands. The Africans Baba Sy sets new world record in simultaneous checkers. -Div. settings, Sy, looking down, great audience, close to, tracking a game in the Sy strikes the opponent with the last stone.

07. Dortmund. Go-Kart race the 200 cc class at the "little Nurburgring". -Div. settings supervision at the track during the race. Viewers with half head rotation pursuing race car, close, 2 on railway-related mesh jammed car dissolve each other, man changing round scoreboard on the edge of the car (behind Viewer), close, youthful viewers behind barrier, close winner: Adolf Neubert.

08th Davos. Boarding school. Jumping to the "price of the landscape Davos". -Pan across the snow-covered trails with cityscape and mountains in the background. -Hussam tears latte (erh. saddle with Thomas Bagusatim 2nd place). Was the winner Daniel Lamourauf L' Onzain. -Rider lineup at snowdrift, Lamours, nah, nah Bagusat,. -Div audience recordings, on benches, close to the side, in the foreground poodle on mistress lap, an elderly gentleman explaining something his wife with finger-pointing a different time in the foreground.

09 Kiel. Indoor handball match Germany: Sweden 16:19 - div. Scoring shots from various angles, usually in slow motion, referee, next to gate standing, sideways, valid goal confirmed by raising a flag, close.

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Bagusat, Thomas ; Lamour, Daniel ; Neubert, Adolf ; Baba, Sy


England ; London ; Holland ; Netherlands ; Hamburg ; Davos ; America ; Dortmund ; Kiel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Dogs ; Disasters ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; natural disasters ; Police ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sporting events ; Cities ; Debris ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Air raid ; People ; Holiday ; nuclear science ; Exhibitions ; Gastronomy ; Viewers and audience ; Dogs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 633/1962

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m storm surge in the United States origin: Metro fallout shelter, England origin: Pathe news installation in Holland origin: road Ausstellg. "Ideal home", Engld.
Origin: Pathe news garage to fold origin: Pathe news world record in the women's game origin: Polygoon Go-Kart race, Dortmd.
Camera: Luppa, basic int. Horse Show, Davos origin: Cine journal indoor handball Dtld. / Sweden, Kiel camera: Jackson, fire, Zakariah end brand 3.1 m

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