Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 610/1961 29.09.1961


01 Uppsala. Funeral of Dag Hammarskjöld. -Breakf. Settings military Ehrengarden on caskets, flag bearer series, rearm recorded towers of the Cathedral, taken from below, image filling, mourners entering the Cathedral, among the many mourners King Gustavus Adolphus, and the Royal Theater. Family, students carry coffin and make bent, arrival of the dead car (horse), and mourners at the cemetery.

02. Munich. Cardinal Döpfnerz. Archbishop consecrated. -Breakf. Train of ecclesiastical dignitaries through the streets, standard bearer, Cardinal Döpfner, walking tall, and settings through nuns, monks on entering the Church, nave d. Church, total, choir boy (short), the Apostolic Nuncio with Corrado Bafilehinter microphone, close, hand in hand, create the Bischofsmütze close, adulation d. Archbishop, D. keeps sermon before Mikrofon(O-ton) close, A few settings. Close listeners.

03. Dasproblem: Waste - waste Lausanne. Move over rooftops of old. Woman operated high-rises, modern high-rise buildings in 2 part settings (archive), population name Board with many Bell buttons, full-image, garbage disposals, wagon, trash is emptied Schuttabladeplatz, balloon factory half total, garbage truck drives along side of the factory building, part once. inside the factory, backhoe attack in piles of garbage, man operated hand wheel close, Control Panel, rear wheel, burning materials in oven, close. Settings heaps of garbage on scree (furniture, Tin containers, bike tires, baby cart, upsetting a few people in the garbage, old sofa, filler, case, radio frame, large, shoe, on field moving garbage truck.)

04. dogs Primer: poodle. -Woman shows p. is washed, dried, blow-dried and trimmed and combed p. on table with winning trophies, Panel with distinction, big, poodle from all sides, poodle-series chairs, 4 toy poodle in m. carpet the out box, ride on pony, p. fence tied, 2 p. rush up stairs and down, 2 p. begging u. Males making, 2 P., at the same time to the side s turning.

05. sports - portrait Bubi Scholz. -In the boxing ring and b. exercise (Arch) in drugstore, with Sonja Ziemann b. six days kick-off leaving (Arch.), are during boxing interview (interview). Frankfurt: Boxing Bubi Scholz: Paul Roux. Sadeghi WINS n. points.

06. Russia and Switzerland. Skydiving as a sport. -Various jumps, lasting 30 seconds of free fall, and others performed by Felix Neimarkund Sergei Kisiliev (with salting). Franz. Parachute markieren(bei einem Treffen des westschweiz.) (Association) its 3,500 m case with contrails.

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Corrado, Bafile ; Döpfner, Julius ; Gustav Adolf VI. von Schweden ; Hammarskjöld, Dag ; Kisiliev, Sergei ; Neimark, Felix ; Roux, Paul ; Scholz, Gustav


Lausanne ; Munich ; Sweden ; Russia ; Switzerland ; France ; Berlin ; Frankfurt ; Uppsala ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Dogs ; Industry ; Interviews ; Flags ; skydiving, skydiving ; Portraits ; Religious events ; Deaths, funerals ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Buildings ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Jobs ; Health, hygiene ; Dogs ; Industrial ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 610/1961

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m burial Dag of Hammarskjöld, Upsala camera: o Connor, Rau Inthrosisation Cardinal Döpfner, Münch.
Camera: Hafner, Vlasdeck, Jürgens recycling, Lausanne camera: Vlasdeck garbage Markenverwertungsgesellschaft, Lausanne, Hamburg - Stellingen camera: Rieck NDW dog Primer: poodle camera: ice man, Pahl Gustav Scholz interview and fight agai. Paul Roux camera: Jackson, Zakariah, basic French and Soviet. Skydiver origin: Pathé news, Cine journal, Sovkino end brand 3.1 m

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