Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 602/1961 11.08.1961


1st stop! Zone boundary! Germany: The 1 381 km long strip of death across Germany. -Barbed wire, Watchtower, wire mess, roadblock, border patrol, 2 hands open a window, farm, fence sign: zone border, barbed wire barrier across a river, boots of guards, who draw a line in the sand, watchtower in a river over a bridge of border border, through the Struts from below shield seen: helmstedt, platform with a moving train, people look out compartment Windows, border crossing with cars, trucks and buses, several cross-border, Big, flare, three of the fleeing men, alerted border guards take border guard, their weapons, 2-man patrol with border shooting guard, Shepherd, three old men are on a closed stroke tree, tree in "Separately in 1945" is inscribed.

02. fixed of the 500.000. India: pilgrimage in honour of the Hindu god Jagannath to the pilgrimage town of Puri in Calcutta. -Many pilgrims in front of the temple, priests wear a large wooden log, the Sudarshan Chakar, of believers vonergriffenen on the road, musicians, immense masses, large statues of the Hindu God Krishna are attracted young priests through the streets, the believers in religious ecstasy.

03. battle's accidental death.

a. England: cobalt bombs to defeat cancer. -2 settings of medical treatment with cobalt bombs.

b. Hungary: If the heart stopped for several minutes. -Heart in the X-ray, surgery scene, beating heart in the open chest, close, heart-lung machine.

c. Federal Republic of: fatal accidents are often preventable. -Girls get poison bottle from a medicine cabinet, child wants to "fishing" a shoe on a glass roof fallen from a window, large Board falls men at unsecured roofing from above in addition to a frühstückenden worker,. Once workers and workers, "unsecured" working on their machines, other workers with protections, housewife at the window cleaning. -Traffic lights, cyclists going on strong braking car, crashes, railway crossing, destroyed motorcycle, overlooking Highway with much traffic, car if to.

04. friendship with animals.

a. Zurich: rare footage of birds of prey in care. -2 settings of birds of prey, Heidix Abdelrahman when drawing, each large feeding a King holiday, a barn owl, a night owl, great, the artist with their prey, big, betupft wing of a Buzzard with iodine, injured medicine gives him with a teaspoon, big.

b. Gelsenkirchen: cursed cubs were bottle-fed babies. -Young raccoon gets bottle of nurse, the bottle is another a chimpanzee, chimpanzee "Charly" helps the feeding of the black sheep "Blacky" Fawn "Susi, as well as 2 young raccoons get big bottle, each large, woman with Fawn,.

c. Budapest: baby elephant is the favourite of the visitors at the Zoo. -Camel calf arises from lying on the legs, each big camel and camel calf, elephant with baby elephant "Bingo".

5th German Championship.

a. rowing: Hannover (Maschsee Lake): German Championships Berlin aft clocked world best time (5 minutes 45, 93 seconds). -(Peters interviewed the Trainer Karl Adam (interview), narration, see history of the race.
Winner: Berlin – Ruderclub before Ratzeburger Ruderclub.
Interview with the coxswain of Berlin, JürgenÖlke (o).

b. water skiing: Traben-Trabach: upbeat Championship runs on the river Moselle. -Good images of the figures - and hurdles, see narration. Winner: William Niedergail.

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Adam, Karl ; Allenspach, Heidi ; Peters, Hans Joachim ; Niedergall, Waltrud ; Ölke, Jürgen


Federal Republic of Germany ; West Berlin ; Helmstedt ; West Berlin ; Paris ; Bremen ; England ; Hungary ; India ; Hanover ; Traben-Trarbach


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Railways ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; close-ups, detail ; Hands ; Children ; Escape ; Refugees ; Religious events ; Rowing ; Animals (except dogs) ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Medicine ; transport questions ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Jobs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 602/1961

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7,-m zone border camera: Pahl Hindu festival in Puri origin: Pathe news cancer, cobalt bomb origin: Archive heart surgery origin: Hungaro accident report origin: Pathé journal birds of prey origin: Cine journal animal nursery, Gelsenkirchen camera: cause of herds and camel baby origin: Hungaro German Rowing Championships, Hannover (m. interview coach Adam) camera: fire, Rieck German Water Ski Championships camera: Vlasdeck final brand 3.1 m

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