Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 594/1961 16.06.1961


01 Zurich. Memory of Thomas Mann. First-prints and manuscripts of the great German author under scientific scrutiny. -The poet working room, library (Goethe volumes, large) and archives, librarian and a librarian at work, exhibition space, short. -Letter from the high school student time by Thomas Mann, first edition and some Manuskripsseiten of "Buddenbrooks", recording the order in the table for "Lotte in Weimar", template to the depiction of a Parisian hotel terrace for "Felix Krull", inspiration for the shape of the slight girl of Zaza, names of Felix Krull and Marquis de Venosta, Mrs Katja Mann, big, before the image of her husband.

02. Switzerland. A typewriter, you can dictate the. -Several settings speaks machine parts which show the font of the words dictated by parts of the dictation typewriter device engineer Jeanpreyfuß-Graf in the machine, big.

03. England. Aircraft rescue exercise of the RAF in the Hall. -(Disused) hangar, members of the British air force during parachute jumping exercises, the pilot landed on the surface of the"sea" is taken from a "training search boat" in reception, (good skydiving pictures).

04. France. Demolition of the Alpine village of SAVINES. -Views of the Alpine village with Lake in the foreground and the mountains in the background, Church, totally, buildings of the new modern town on the slope, triggering the demolition man, large explosive cloud, Pastor with the Iron Cross of the Church as a remnant of the vanished village.

05. UNITED STATES. An Atlas rocket after ignition underground explosion. -Start an Atlas rocket, rocket breaks after the start in on itself, large clouds of smoke.

06. city of joy. Humor in the tax office. Serene climate for taxpayers in Freudenstadt. -Street scene, couple in the Kingdom of Württemberg Tracht enters financial Office, dressed in old-fashioned official behind the desk at work with Quill and scatter sand tank, invites incoming couple to visit the Steuermuseeums, illustrative material from the history of taxation since 5000 years, coins, tax booklet, hymns, to a visitor of humorous represented tax collection 50 years ago by a uniformed officers with drawn Sabres.

07. Le Mans. Ferrari triumph at the 24-hour race. -Start of 55 riders, Halford (England) on Cooper comes on 39th asphalt in the spin cycle and overturns before the referee stands (not critically injured), Graf Berghe, give up trips (Germany) and Richie Ginther (United States) due to lack of fuel, brothers Rodriguez(Spanien) losing exhaust pipe and must be eliminated.
Winner: the Belgian-American team Gen de bien/Hill. Good audience type, audience, whose Gesichter tracking the race go from right to left, viewers with umbrellas, Dunlop advertisement, policemen, to avoid the rush of the crowd with difficulty.

08th Siena. To the 552 times - the traditional ride on the marketplace. -Crowds on the streets, flag wavers, big crowd before the Town Hall, launch and start of riding bareback horses to the three-time tour of the marketplace, jubilant enthusiasm for the winner.

09th Hamburg small Flottbek. Olympic champion Raymondo d' Inzeo wins the 33-German show jumping Derby. 2 horse legs, great among the participants including Fritz Thiedemann "Meteory", Helga Köhler, winner ("Blaues-band"): Raymondo d ' Inzeo on "Posillipo" 2. ("Silver loop"): Nelson "Orfeu Negro", Pessoa (Brazil) on 3 Lutz Mercel on "Fidelitas". Viewers with umbrellas.

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Dreyfuß-Graf, Jean ; Mann, Katja ; Mann, Thomas ; Gendebien, Olivier ; Ginther, Richie ; Halford ; Hill, Phill ; Inzeo d', Raimondo ; Köhler, Helga ; Merkel, Lutz ; Pessoa, Nelson ; Rodriguez, Luis Valencia ; Thiedemann, Fritz ; Berghe von Trips


France ; SAVINES ; Zurich ; Freudenstadt ; Le Bourget ; England ; Switzerland ; United States ; Le Mans ; Siena ; Hamburg-Flottbek ; Hamburg


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 594/1961

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Thomas Mann archive in Zurich origin: Cine journal Diktiermaschine origin: Cine journal Flugzeugrettg. d. RAF, England origin: Pathé News German. a French Alpine village origin: Pathé journal Explos. an Atlas-Rak. After starting on unterird. Ramp origin: Metro humor in the Finanzamt Freudenstadt camera: strong 24 hour car race Le Mans origin: Pathé journal, Gaumont polio in Siena origin: SEDI German jumping Derby, Hamburg camera: o Connor, Rieck end brand 3.1 m

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