Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 590/1961 19.05.1961


01 Gary Cooper farewell to one of the biggest actors in Hollywood. -Gary Cooper and wife come into the picture, Cooper is received by Queen Elisabeth, C. is the "Oscar" awarded, dial shows 12: 00 big. Excerpts from the film: "12 noon".

02. New York. Exciting shots of the space flight of the U.S. astronauts Shepard. -Rising missiles, Shepard in a flight suit, tall, speaks in the Kapsel(O-ton).

03. Minister Erhard signed commercial agreement with Spain. Painting, Erhard at the table signed contract, Erhard in conversation with Franco, both great.

04. Hamburg. "Golden camera" for Chief cameraman Erich Stoll to the 50th anniversary of the profession. -The "Golden camera", Dr. Wiers presented the "Golden camera" Stoll, congratulates Mr Purzer, Ms. Pohl presented flowers, Stoll says thank you, embraces you, camera, various settings that show behind the camera while working for filming with burning cigar Stoll.

05. Holland. Launch of 0, 01-t tanker in the miniature city of Madurodam. -Visitors in the Park, man on a panel at the speech, miniature ship runs from the stack, slides into the water basin (miniature Harbour), cheering spectators waving man with Hat, the floating miniature ship.

06. Bremerhaven Blexen. 25,000 tons of floating dock for Egypt ran from the stack. -Views of the outdoor - and indoor - dock, man fills water bottle with (nil-), big, viewers, bottle thrown to the dock wall, workers cut off the Haltetaue, floating dock slides into the water, long shot of the docks.

07. Fürth. Int. Bavarian Forest-wild water regatta on the Ilz at the rain. -Mountain forest landscape with sea, different settings by canoeists at rapid speed into the raging torrent, a canoe self-right.

08. our youth. II. "when she grabs the rhythm". A filmic meditation on teens, twenty-somethings, vinyl records and music. -Young men (radio technician, telecommunications technician, Machinist) in their respective workplaces, a youthful jazz band, Ralph Berwig guitar playing, great young man on drums, young mandolin player, young Cornet brass, each big, überfüllter concert hall with young people, cheers and enthusiastic waving, a clarinet player, big, Freddy Quinn sings (original sound), Heidi Brühl sings: "We want to never go apart" (interview), musicians on drums, saxophone, 2 trombone players, each large, large Jazz Orchestra, various instrumentalists , raging teens. -Record shop, Hans-Joachim Peters interviewed saleswoman and young girl in the shop, as well as disc in a sleeve over the counter reaches young people, a policeman and a boy on the road (original sound), record store, saleswoman youthful buyer. Wolfgang Kretschmar speaks as a representative one of the. largest German record producers, large (original sound), various settings of machines for the production of records, gold record, large hall with working people, women Pack records in the sale covers, rotating disc, big. -Man pushes money through checkout window, young people (also colour) in a concert foyer, Violinsolisten musizierend on stage of a concert hall with Orchestra, the violinist, large, contrasting violin, thanked the conductor, head of audience. -Youthful listeners of a jazz concert in a hectic mood, different settings of a "wild" played big band. -Wind Orchestra musizierend "good" on the street, people in the concert hall, conductor of a Symphony Orchestra dirigierend, various settings of musicians Orchestra musicians, a horn player, great. Music box.

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Berwig, Ralph ; Brühl, Heidi ; Cooper, Gary ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Kretschmar, Wolfgang ; Peters, Hans Joachim ; Pohl, Gudrun ; Purzer, Manfred ; Quinn, Freddy ; Shepard, Alan ; Stoll, Erich ; Wiers, Jan ; Franco, Carmen


Hamburg ; Holland ; Stockholm ; Hollywood ; Conakry ; San Nicolas ; Berlin ; Hong Kong ; Alps ; New York ; Africa ; Japan ; Dortmund ; Madrid ; Fürth ; London ; Düsseldorf ; United States


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Industry ; Interviews ; Jazz ; cameramen, cameramen ; child care, education problems ; Special events ; Education, youth ; filmmaking ; Musical events ; Paddle ; Pacts ; Rockets ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Ships ; Special reports ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Technology ; Deaths, funerals ; Curiosities ; Landscapes ; Technology, industry ; Contracts ; Economy ; Science ; Jobs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Industrial ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 590/1961

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Gary Cooper, review initial brand origin: Metro, credits high noon Alan Shepard's space flight origin: Metro Bu.-min. Erhard b. Franco origin: No. do Erich Stoll: 50th career anniversary + gold. Camera camera: Rieck miniature tanker Stapellf. Madurodam origin: Polygoon floating dock Stapellf.f. Egypt, Bremerhaven camera: fire white water rafting on d. Ilz camera: Vlasdeck our youth + the music II: "if she puts rhythm d." camera: fire, o Connor, Seib origin: Archive end-mark 3.1 m

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