Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 570/1960 19.12.1960


Review 1960 cartoons of A. Paul Weber's and with events of the year.

Apocalyptic visions in the age of the masses assembling Fireworks. A. Paul Weber at his drawing table in his house in Schwarzenbek, drawing "Apocalypse" holds up.
Crowd, machinery and technology details (NDW 521, WIB 92, UFA 132) skyscrapers (UFA 34), highways.
Actuality Ludwig Erhard: "... with the increase of wealth we must slay not just happiness only in the increase of material pleasure and consumption, but that we need to be aware also of the mental and spiritual values (further in the on, beach scenes, family in the Living room, showcase (UFA 228), camping exhibition, transport with VW Beetle undercut with pedestrians (UFA 228),) which, when incorporated them in our consumption", us probably more fortunate give as the eternal hunt after more material loss, to search for more consumption and only salvation No more in quantity and quality."
Weber cartoon "dance around the golden calf", rock and roll dancers (NDW 526), pageant, Weber cartoon "Beauty contest of monkeys", the Miss Germany election, election of Mister Germany (NDW 560), art exhibitions of modern sculptures and modern paintings (NDW 511,530,544) Weber cartoon "Visitors to an exhibition" real visitors, exhibitions, stable by Tinguely. (10:00:16 10:03:21)

Reminder of the churches of Eucharistic Congress in Munich: Bell Rings large, fair (NDW 549), mass worship (NDW 550). O-ton Billy Graham in Berlin: (voice over) "... and until we world peace, we must first have peace in the own heart." (UFA 218).
(10:03:21 10:03:53)

Between East and West parades parade in China, Mao Tse Tung (NDW 506), Weber cartoons "Swing game of military forces", US bombers with Kondenzstreifen, American nuclear-powered submarine in the Soviet bloc (NDW 536, UFA 90) runs from the stack, Polaris underwater missiles missiles countdown (UFA 227, NDW 565, 534).
O Adenauer: "I believe - and stick to it - that a task is the noblest task of all, the responsibility, and that is bringing about the controlled disarmament." (NDW 565). Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, Weber cartoon "Rocket on the scaffold", a French Atomic bomb in the Sahara, Eisenhower, shot from a spy plane, start an aircraft, Weber caricature of the "U2"incident, aircraft in the air, Russia issued U2 debris, Cabbot lodge demonstrated before the UN Soviet espionage technology (NDW 552), U.S. pilot Francis powers Court in Moscow, the Eiffel Tower, the arrival of Harold Mc Millan and Eisenhower to the Summit Conference in Paris (UFA 199). Actuality Nikita Chruschtschow, letting the Conference burst.
Walter Ulbricht and Otto Grotewohl clap to the arrival of Khrushchev's in East Berlin, Khrushchev embracing Ulbricht, East German leadership, including Hilde Benjamin, stands smack trellis, Khrushchev, Ulbricht and Grotewohl stand side by side waving in an open car, and drive through East Berlin (UFA 200). Poster shows durchteiltes Germany by a wedge within the borders of 1936 with a big "no". O Adenauer: "I hope, ladies and gentlemen, that all free Nations in the world are to realize that here in the question of Berlin and the German question is treated their own thing." (NDW 537)
Actuality Brandt: "today, and in the time ahead of us immediately it depends, that is separated in the smaller part of the free Germany from the larger part of the free Germany." (NDW 561)
(10:03:53 10:07:10)

America of scene of election campaign in the United States: confetti, balloons, Nixon and Eisenhower waving from an open car (UFA 224), election winner Kennedy with his wife, pan across the UN building, Khrushchev with Fidel Castro (UFA 218), Weber cartoon "Africans plays chess with a colonial masters", African diplomats from Madagascar, Togo, Chad, Dahomey, and Gabunin of the United Nations. (10:07:10 10:08:00)

The dark continent of independence celebrations in Togo (NDW 536), Nigeria (UFA 220) and Ghana (NDW 547), unrest in the Congo, UN forces (NDW 546,547,552, UFA 214), Lumumba as a prisoner.
Riots in Algeria, tanks, grenades explode, street fighting (UFA 229), o-ton de Gaulle (NDW 563).
Actuality MC Millan before the UN, Khrushchev pounding with his fists on his desk (NDW 558), flags in front of the UN building.
(10:08:00 10:10:00)

Olympic Games in Rome Olympic Stadium, Olympic flag, Olympic fire, Weber cartoon "Athletes", 4 x 100 m relay of men: U.S. team is disqualified, Cullmann, Hary, grinding village and Lauer win. Ingrid Krämer / Dresden in the springboard. women's 4 x 100 m: the Federal Republic of Germany with Jutta Heine is behind the United States 2nd Bill down / United States WINS in the shot put. 400 m: Otis Davies before Carl Kaufmann, both with world record. Don Bragg, ZL pole vault. Wilma Rudolph, 200 m in ZL (NDW 554) Armin Hary won the 100 m Sprint, target in ZL. Graduation, night shots of Tokyo (NDW 532).
Weber cartoon "The future is in the cards", Weber packs his drawings, Fireworks.
(10:00:00 10:12:17)

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 570/1960

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