Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 568/1960 13.12.1960


1st Nobel prizes Stockholm City images of Stockholm: intersection with tunnel, Exchange interface between the narrow streets of the old town and modern high-rise buildings, flower market total, burning fireplace, flower stand, showcase, pan of high-rise buildings on the "concert hall", where the ceremony took place. Nobel Prize: The Royal family, Nobel Laureate bow, the Nobel prizes by King Gustav VI. Adolf of Sweden to Donald A. Glaser (United States, physics), Willard F. Libby (United States, chemistry), Sir Mac Farlanne Burnet (Australia, medicine), Peter B. Medawar (Gr. br., medicine) and Saint-John Perse (France, literature) - applause scenes in between always and finally the big Medal and 5 Nobel Prize winners with their deeds.
(10:00:14 10:01:55) 02. oil production in the Algerian Sahara aerial photographs of the new city "Maison Verte" and the pipeline, rig, workers, tanks, total and several recordings with "Torch down chimneys" and work on the rig, headquarters. (10:01:55 10:02:34) 03 unrest in Algeria burning house, protesters with banners on the moving truck, paratroopers deployed against the protesters, burning barricades and burning furniture, police throw tear gas grenades and run through streets strewn with stones, cameramen, grenades explode, a man and four children stand with your hands on a House wall, are examined by police and taken away, policemen from the back in a street.
(10:02:34 10:03:41) 04. 125 years of German railway paintings of the Englishman William Wilson, the first locomotive driver in Germany, his personnel file, model of the "Eagle", total and the first class, a replica of the "Eagle" drives on the historic railway from Nuremberg to Fürth. the train departs with A lot steam, beckoning viewers, partly beyond modern tracks in transition (almost as "spirit") in historic costumes, an actor than Wilson, real enters a modern train compartment, train in the Rhine Valley, through a tunnel, past the Loreley, return, Wilson looks at the speedometer shows 140 km that Wilson. in a modern signal box, passing trains, Wilson greets a passing next to him tea, blend on him before an engraving of the historic "Eagle".
(10:03:41 10:05:35) 05. Poppäa Hippo the hippopotamus Poppäa on the streets of Nuremberg: misses a showcase at a vegetable stand, watching a boxer, Paul gets to eat something big, a motorist shaking his head, Poppäa munching.
(10:05:35 10:05:59) 6 Cheetah as a pet the Cheetah of a Parisian couple stands appropriately enough on a lion's skin and is caressed by the landlord, at the lunch table he has his own plate and is being fed by the woman, at the end he goes through the apartment.
(10:05:59 10:06:18) 07. Budapest Zoo head of a little boy, another rides a Jackdaws with her boy in a cage on a giant tortoise, is filmed, Jackdaws reaching the boy with her paw through the grille the cameraman, big and with his mother.
(10:06:18 10:06:43) 08 harp builders Löffler of Assembly of different transformer recordings on the heads of individual people. Swivel Head Ernst Loeffler on an in-process harp, a woodcarver works on the pillar, Löffler is worn in different settings when reassembling the harp, concludes with the gilding of the pillar, the finished harp in front of the camera, the harpist Heinz Günther plays the harp.
(10:06:43 10:07:58) 09 Berlin choir singing Christmas carols in a modern Church of Berlin, the Berlin choir sing Christmas carols from Germany, Italy and England. Intermediate cuts by details in the Church altar, Marie sculpture, chandeliers and a cross.
(10:07:58 10:09:44)

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Burnet, Mac Farlane ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Glaser, Donald A. ; Günther, Heinz ; Gustav Adolf VI. von Schweden ; Libby, Willard F. ; Löffler, Ernst ; Medawar, Peter Brian ; Perse, Saint John


Stockholm ; Wiesbaden ; Nuremberg ; Budapest ; Rhine ; Sahara ; Algeria ; Berlin ; Basel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; civil wars ; Railways ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Musical events ; Oil ; Cities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Unrest ; Buildings ; Cultural events ; Landscapes ; transport questions ; Christmas ; Jobs ; aerial photographs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Viewers and audience ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 568/1960

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand 7 m Nobel prize ceremony in Stockholm camera: Jackson oil extraction in d. alger. Sahara origin: Pathé journal unrest in Algeria origin: Eclair 125 years of German railway camera: strong, Vlasdeck, Hafner Hippo Poppäa camera: Oakley Cheetah as a pet origin: Pathé journal Budapest Zoo origin: Hungaro harp builders Löffler, Wiesbaden camera: strong of Berlin choir with Christmas carols camera: Pahl, summer end mark 2,2 m

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