Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 552/1960 26.08.1960


01. the long flight of U2 rocket launches. Bomb strikes. Parade of the Soviet army on the red square with rocket vehicles. The Kremlin. The Pentagon. The red phone. Failed American rocket launch. The iron curtain. Barbed wire. Watchtower. Aircraft Lockheed U 2 trick; Start of U 2 in Peshawar - shot down over Sverdlovsk oblast. Aircraft debris. Pilot equipment. Khrushchev in Paris. Khrushchev talks menacingly. Cancellation of the Conference. Khrushchev cheered in East Berlin. The Geneva Conference on Disarmament will be abandoned by Russia. Khrushchev in Austria called the West, big production sound. Flight of a RB of 47. Cabot Lodge, great, explains that the machine when shot down over international waters has been before the Security Council. Displaying prepared coat of arms with the bug as a gift for the American Embassy in Moscow. Process of Francis powers - 10 years in prison.
(105 m) 02 Australia: swimwear demonstration of swimsuits and bikinis.
(11 m) 03. Italy: flings of an air taxis from air taxi jumps woman takes off suit, and bathing in the sea.
(6 m) 04 United States: water ski slide water ski board moves with its own motor.
(6 m) 05. Berlin: boxes in the Germany Hall: Bubi Scholz beats John Mac Cormick / Scotland points impact change. Audience, great. Little more exciting fight. Bubi Scholz is declared the winner.
(20 m) 6 report of the Congo Leopoldville airfield. UN troops with rifles. Lumumba, large, at lectern, requires the withdrawal of UN troops. His adversary Tshombe, great, tried to enforce the independence of the fertile country Katanga. Memorial to fallen Belgian soldiers in Brussels. King Baudouin in funeral ceremony.
(32 m) 7th Olympiad opening ceremony the Olympic athletes village. Training injuries are treated in hospital. The dining room. The Barber. The athletes in the eternal city. Photo shots. Movie poster, size: Hitler and the swastika. Frederico Fellini ' La dolce vita '. Street Café. Souvenirs/Gift shop. Newsstand. Beer tent with Germans. Water organ. Shooting gallery. Figure throwing. Hula dancers. The Olympic flame is carried on the via Appia to the Capitol. In the parking lot, Pope John XXIII. blesses the athletes. Helicopter flies over the stadiums. Opening ceremony. Invasion of the teams. Fritz Thiedemann carries the German flag. Pakistani turban. Americans wear straw hats. Russian athletes with short white dresses. Gian Carlos Peris, the most beautiful athletes of Italy, carrying the Olympic torch into the stadium and lit the fire. The Olympic flag is carried in and hoisted. Pigeons fly up.
(69 m)

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Baudouin I. von Belgien ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Johannes XXIII. ; Lodge, Cabott ; Lumumba ; Murville de, Maurice Couve ; Powers, Francis ; Tschombe ; Zarapkin ; Cormack, Mac ; Peris, Gioncarlos ; Scholz, Gustav ; Thiedemann, Fritz


United States ; Italy ; Moskau ; Australia ; Paris ; Brussels ; Of the Congo ; Berlin ; Rome ; Washington ; Leopoldville


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Justice ; Leisure, recreation ; Olympics ; Cities ; Deaths, funerals ; Military events ; Holiday ; water skiing ; Surfing ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 552/1960

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Part A initial brand 3 m flight of the amerikan. U2 96.1 m archive origin: Metro process agai. U.S. pilot Francis powers origin: Metro, Sovkino swimwear, Australia origin: Cine sound helicopter as Lufztaxi/Italy origin: SEDI water ski sled, United States origin: Metro boxes Scholz/MC Cormick Berlin camera: Pahl sen.

End-mark 2 m part B chaos in Congo origin: Belgavox Beisetzg. Prien Congo soldiers origin: Act. Français Olympia opening and blessing of the Pope's origin: iNcom Torchbearers origin: iNcom entry of Nations into the stadium origin: iNcom Olympic fire origin: iNcom

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