Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 534/1960 22.04.1960


01 Zurich: he school paralyzed bus of the Schulamtes holding city Zurich before school. Children carried off the bus. The children sit on benches and writing awkward in folders and on the Board. The result of the calculation is a stamped with a stamp. Write on an electric typewriter.
(28 m) 02 U.S. submarines from the beginnings until today Rick Henry. The submarine Nautilus on the ride to the North Pole. Man on the lookout and the tax. The submarine in the Arctic ice. U-boats in the war effort. Ship being tracked. Torpedo launch and hit. Submarine shoot missile with nuclear warhead explosion and mushroom cloud.
(28 m) 03. underwater-Untertasse of deep sea Explorer Jaques Costeau 2 drivers in boat for scuba diving to a depth of 250 m. Boat goes through coral reefs, shoals of fish, sea animals.
(18 m) 04. Cologne: mounted police police officers bring the horses to Dolly to the site. Police officers rise up and ride through terrain. Gallop.
(18 m) 05. Kasakhastan: wolf hunting helicopters flying over terrain. Giant Earth of saygaks, a kind of antelope, escapes. Wolf is hunted down and shot by the helicopter. Removal.
(21 m) 06. Lisbon: bloodless bullfighting admission the Toreros. The bull fighter without arms irritate the Bull. Bull fighter comes down, distract him with other men. After the fight, the bull fighters bow.
(33 m) 07. Augusta: American Golf Championships many spectators on the course. Duel between the 4 x champion Ben Hogan and Arnold Palmer. Some spectators sit on folding chairs at the edge of the box. Arnold Palmer won with a point.
(24 m) 08 Boston: U.S. Championship in basketball - final of Boston Celtics - St. Louis Hawks 122: 103 game with many tricks and basket throws. Half close clapping audience. Play back and forth. After the game, the players of their fans are umdrängt and worn on shoulders.
(24 m) 09 soccer - Olympic qualifying amateur - Poland Germany 3-1 game scenes. German player loses the ball in the opposing defense. Goalkeeper keeps. Zientara shoots for Poland 1-0 in the 25th minute. Spectators, half close, clapping enthusiastically. Kremer is fouled in the penalty area. Penalty shot on the crossbar. Poland storms. Palmer shoots that holds 2:0 Polish goalkeeper. Zientara shoots the 3:0. Due to an error of the Torwartes, Rachel shoots that 3:1 for Germany. Spectators cheering.
(48 m)

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Zurich ; Cologne ; United States ; Lisbon ; France ; Boston ; Warsaw


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Basketball ; Golf ; child care, education problems ; Football ; Police ; Armor ; Shipping ; Ships ; Schools, training ; bullfighting ; Technology ; Animals (except dogs) ; Medicine ; Science ; Technology ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 534/1960

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Title brand of 7, 6 school for paralysed children in Zurich origin: Cine Journal of American history U-boats origin: Metro underwater vehicle by Cousteau origin: Pathé journal motorized equestrian season in Cologne camera: basic wolf hunting with helicopter origin: Sovkino bloodless bullfight in Lisbon origin: No. do golf in United States origin: Metro basketball in United States origin: Metro German football amateurs in Olympus.-excretion agai. Poland Warsaw origin: Polkronika end title 3, 1

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