Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 530/1960 25.03.1960


01 Adenauer in America Adenauer and Brentano in conversation with Eisenhower and Herter in the White House. (Topics: questions to the upcoming East-West Summit meeting and the status of Berlin). At the cemetery in Arlington, Adenauer lay down a wreath at the tomb of John Foster Dulles. Highway Traffic in Los Angeles. Awarded the honorary doctorate to Adenauer of the University of California and Princeton University in New Jersey. Ceremony of the 18th and 19th doctor hat.
(42 m) 02 clever and forgetful: well protected construction workers go with protective helmets to the construction site. Clever is a helmet, the vessel belongs. Maria works without a helmet. Clever brings him his helmet and draws attention to dangers. Despite protest, he is forgetful the helmet. Hammer falls dish on the head, which is protected by the helmet.
(27 m) 03. Stuttgart: exhibition of Swiss painter and sculptor Max Bill in the Staatsgalerie modern sculptures with exact mathematical organization of the surfaces.
(18 m) 04. Vienna: Exhibition of works by Picasso, Braque, Kandinsky and others painting the artist from the 20s.
(13 m) 05. London: student of the hectic speed students painting with finger paints and Splodges on canvas with hands and feet, spraying paint on the image.
(17 m) 06. Munich: appearance of the new Broadway express at the Deutsches Theater. Start Tour of Germany - dance the history of jazz and the blues of coloured and partly in Ecstasy.
(50 m) 07. Berlin: boxes: Bubi Scholz, Middleweight, WINS over Mike Holt / South Africa light heavyweight champion after points Gong strike. Heavy shock Exchange. As Helga Scholz, a spectator is great. Get crashes. Scholz helps him get up. Viewers with a shrugging face, laughing, big, with cigar. The boxers hug after the fight.
(29 m) 08 Stuttgart: International Germany - Chile 2-1 in the Neckar Stadium kick-off. Helmut Rahn after kicking the ball from. Shot on goal. Spectators close to half. Game scenes. Viewers with a hat and sunglasses, wholesale. Chile turns in the 24th minute kick by Soto to the 1:0 transparent Viva Chile. Game scenes. Viewer screen with cardboard screens above the eyes. Corner Germany ZL. Goalkeeper keeps. Edge is given in and through the gate. A spectator, large. In the 78th minute shoots the 1:1 ZL, about the goalkeeper over Haller. 4 minutes later shoots Uwe Seeler it 2-1. As a spectator Sepp Herberger. Players go from square. Total viewers.
(76 m)

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Herter, Christian ; Herberger, Sepp ; Holt, Mike ; Scholz, Gustav


Stuttgart ; Vienna ; London ; Munich ; Washington ; San Francisco ; Berlin


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; close-ups, detail ; Jazz ; Football ; Musical events ; Joke ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Accidents ; accident prevention ; Art ; Works of art ; transport questions ; Exhibitions ; Entertainment, festivals ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 530/1960

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand 7.6 Adenauer in United States (doctor hats) clever and forgetful (well protected) camera: Luppa, Brandes sculptor Max Bill camera: strong exhibition of expressionist, Vienna origin: Austria art classes of students in London origin: Pathe news "Broadway Express" Negro Ballet in Munich camera: Vlasdeck boxes Scholz / Mike Holt in Berlin camera: Rieck, Jansen international football match Germany / Chile in Stuttgart camera: base, Seib, strong, fire end of title 3.1

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