Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 497/1959 07.08.1959


01 Warsaw: Visit of US Vice President Richard Nixon plane lands. Cameramen. Nixon and wife coming down stairs. Welcome address by the Deputy President of the Polish Parliament Lange. Children bring flowers. 15s presents. Stepping off the front of the stand. Nixon welcomed reception Committee. Took of the stand. Drive through the town by a trellis of cheering people.
(24 m) 02 Vienna: VII. Communist World Youth Festival breakdown from UFA 158/3 - here something shorter: onslaught of the teams under the cheers of the audience from Europe, Africa. Russian delegation with Sputnik icon, Arab delegation. Chinese delegation with dragons. Smack viewers in the Prater Stadium.
(22 m) 03 keel: sailing training ship of the German Navy Gorch Fock on great ride the Gorch Fock at the Tirpitz Mole. Last work prior to exit. Lettering is cleaned. Dogs mascot Wisky aboard. Setting the sail. Cadets in the shrouds. Exit Santa Cruz / Tenerife with parboiled sailing.
(25 m) 04. Italy: crossing of the Alps with elephants the British historian Hoyte with elephant on the way. Elephant drunk with walk through town from fountain basin. Gear up to Alpine pass Clapier, by landslide in is passable. Return March with elephant.
(22 m) 05. Spain: training of elite troops - parachuting breakdown from UFA 158/10 - here shorter: from JU 52 skydivers jump and land in water. Company Commander ends up in the tree and must be freed by firefighters with ladder.
(17 m) 06 Krefeld: International Summer Academy of dance dance training. Pas de deux with Helga Held and Egon Pinnau. Jose Udaeta Andalusian Gypsy dance dancing flamenco. Dore Hoyer / Hamburg dance improvisation. Walter Nicks / United States with jazz improvisation.
(74 m) 07 Neustadt / Weinstraße: German Swimming Championships diving: various jumper and two jumpers. Herbert Barendt and Ingeborg Busch win. 200 m breaststroke women: Starter. Start. Swimming. It wins Wiltrud Ursel man in 2 minutes 55.2 seconds 200 m butterfly men: start, swimming. Hermann's WINS Lotter in 2 minutes 32.3 seconds. 100 m backstroke women: start and swimming. Helga Schmidt WINS superior in 1 minute 14.1 seconds. 100 m crawl gentlemen: start, swimming. Horst Bleeker / Bremen WINS just by official decision ahead of Jacobsen / Darmstadt. Close-up of Bleeker and Jacobsen.
(62 m) 08 France: Kayak World Championships kayak on the Vézère in Treignac whitewater. Capsize. Very severe course. In the women's kayak, Rosemarie Biesinger WINS / Esslingen. Men's Champion: Toni Prijon / Rosenheim.
(28 m) 09 Holland: Motocross boot. Drive uphill, downhill. Motorcycle jumps. It wins Broer Dirks / Holland.
(22 m)

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Barendt, Herbert ; Baumann, Wolfgang ; Bleeker, Horst ; Busch, Ingeborg ; Held, Helga ; Hoyer, Dore ; Lange, Helene ; Niggs, Walter ; Nixon, Richard ; Udaeta, José ; Lotter, Herman ; Schmidt, Helga ; Urselmann, Wiltrud


Italy ; Austria ; Spain ; Alps ; Bremerhaven ; Krefeld ; Warsaw ; Holland ; France ; Neustadt


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; child care, education problems ; Special events ; Education, youth ; skydiving, skydiving ; festivals ; motor sports ; Paddle ; Shipping ; Ships ; Swimming ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Dance ; Animals (except dogs) ; diving ; Art ; Agriculture and forestry ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 497/1959

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title Nixon in Siberia and Poland origin: Polkronika communications. World Youth Festival, Vienna origin: DEFA "Gorch Fock" on gr. Ride/Baltic origin: iNcom, bought v. GA elephant on Hannibal's paths/Alpine origin: Eclair, Gaumont parachuting/Spain origin: No.-do dancers Congress, Krefeld camera: Luppa, fire, swimming - + Springmeistersch. Neustadt camera: strong, basic canoe Weltmeistersch., France origin: Eclair, Gaumont Motorcross in Holland origin: road end titles

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