Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 475/1959 06.03.1959


1st Moscow: Visit of Harold McMillan Chruschtschow in addition to McMillan. Inspection of nuclear power plant in Dubna. Khrushchev holds election speech (production sound). Reached no agreement on Germany.
(16 m 2) Leipzig: spring fair visitors. Special attraction of Western car stalls Mercedes, Renault.
(16 m) 03 Switzerland: refugee camp humble shacks and tents. Refugees in a confined space. Odd Nansen in Bern called for help. Actuality: "this chapter belongs to our culture to the darkest of humankind, to the shame and humiliation."
(14 m) 04 sail training ship Gorch Fock the sail training ship of the German Navy with cadets. Review before big ride. The deck is placed under water. Radar device, motor for emergencies. Distress equipment. Inflatable island will become overboard. Ship in the evening light. Cadets in the shrouds to the sails. Exit. Water under the pier.
(79 m) 05. Hamburg: election of Miss Hamburg performance of applicants. Selection. In a bathing suit on the catwalk. Winner is Annegret Reimers.
(27 m) 06 return from Africa of Algiers-Cape Town Rally racing driver Karl Kling Karl Kling is welcomed with flowers.
(8 m) 7th Johannesburg: newspaper: the time Johannesburg's cityscape. Card game on the road. Plane brings newspaper Matern. Printer prints: the time.
(29 m) 08 Belgian Congo: traditional wrestling matches of the natives wrestle.
(19 m) 9-Munich: freestyle wrestling Germany - Bulgaria 0.5: 7.5 flyweight: Wassilev / Bulgaria, triumphs over Trouvain / Germany. Large audience. Heavyweight: Dietrich and Mohamed separate draw. Dietrich WINS only half a point for Germany.
(28 m) 10 Oldenburg: Germany - Ireland 14:6 Amateur Boxing light Middleweight: Ulrich Kienast triumphs over Sweeney points. Light heavyweight: Willy Kopischke wins out over pad Ferris is taken in the first round of the fight. Superior fight. Ferris needs to ground and can No more resist.
(27 m) 11. United States: Figure skating World Championships: men's Kürlauf of world champion Dave Jenkins (24 m)

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Admedov ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; McMillan, Harold ; Mikojan, Anastas ; Nansen, Odd ; Reimer, Annegret ; Dietrich, Wilfried ; Ferris, Pad ; Jenkins, Dave ; Kienast, Ulrich ; Kling, Karl ; Kopischke, Willy ; Sveeney ; Trouvain ; Wassilev


USSR ; Leipzig ; Of the Congo ; London ; Switzerland ; Stuttgart ; Johannesburg ; Australia ; Hamburg ; Berlin ; United States ; Munich


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Ice skating, art running ; Industrial events ; Erdsateliten ; Escape ; Refugees ; News, communications ; Rings ; Shipping ; Ships ; beauty pageants ; Schools, training ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Cities ; automotive engineering, automotive ; Technology, industry ; festivals ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Jobs ; nuclear science ; Exhibitions ; Entertainment, festivals ; Gastronomy ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 475/1959

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Macmillan in Russia origin: DEFA, DEFA spring fair in Leipzig origin: DEFA refugee camps typically Switzerland (odd Nansen) origin: Cine journal sail training ship "Gorch Fock" camera: GA election "Miss Hamburg" camera: student, Seib return k Kling (Rennf.) from Africa camera: strong newspaper "Die Zeit" Johbg./S.Af.
Camera: green builders, green builders Negro rings Prien Congo origin: Eclair wrestling Dtld. / Bulgaria i. Munich camera: Rau boxes Dtld. / Ireland i. Oldenburg camera: Stoll, basic Eiskunstlf.-Weltmstsch. Men's singles in United States origin: Metro final brand

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