Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 458/1958 07.11.1958


01 Rome: Solemn enthronement of Pope Johannes XIII. breakdown of UFA 119/1 - this shorter: newspaper headlines from the event. Marching honor guard companies of the Italian armed forces. St. Peter's square full of people. Hundreds of thousands wait. People filling picture. Nun, big, pray Rosary. Old and young people, big faces. Pope Johannes XXIII. appears on the loggia and sits on throne. People wave and kneel down. Johannes XXIII. blesses the crowd.
(29 m) 02. Geneva: Conference of peace of 3 nuclear powers work to expose the nuclear weapons tests. Ormsby-Gore, for the USSR Zarapkin, for the United States of Wadsworth's in favour of United Kingdom.
(21 m) 03. A German problem: East West trade: Rostock or Hamburg cityscape Rostock. Port facilities. Expansion of the port. Port of Hamburg. Mayor Engelhard speaks o-ton: "Hamburg welcome all measures which facilitate the life of the population of the zone border. But that is not at all, they want the natural Elbe connection way of cut Hamburg the rulers of the Soviet zone in the expansion of the port of Rostock and thus deepen the German Division and complicate the reunification. The port of Hamburg is, however, ready to be the port for Central Germany and East Germany, as in the past in the future. For Czechoslovakia, Hungary and Poland could Hamburg as before the war be a gateway to the world and the port of Hamburg in every respect has grown these tasks." Ships in the port of Hamburg. Completion of the North German refinery.
(48 m) 04. Heuss visited Berlin breakdown from UFA 119/5 ceremony of the free University to its 10-year existence. The professors to invade.
(14 m 05) London: State opening of Parliament by Queen Elizabeth (filmed for the 1st time) in carriage driving Queen Elizabeth to the Parliament building. Ushers symbolic search the building for explosives and assassins. Door opens, Elizabeth enters the Hall next to Philip. MPs rise. Elizabeth sits on throne and reads the speech from the throne actuality.
(26 m) 06. Suriname: A visit to the Dutch colony of the Dutch Governor visited villages on the upper course of the Suriname River. Ride through jungle-covered streams. Women wash their leg rings in river. Drummer delivers the message of the visit. Dances are performed.
(28 m) 07. Poland: jump parachutists from aircraft to practice parachute jump in the Vistula River to the rise in water, and land in the Vistula River. Rescue boats recover the jumpers who parachute.
(17 m) 08 Prague: health and performance tests for athletes in Institute to test athletes under doctor's supervision. Cycling on the bike. Load curve is recorded. Run on tape. Heart rate is measured. Rowing coach. Women with relaxation exercises.
(23 m) 09. Holland: turn international match of women of Holland - Germany with German win gymnast on balance beam. Frits / Holland in the floor exercises. Audience clapping. Rosi Fottner / Germany turns on the uneven bars. Leibbrand / Holland turns on uneven bars.
(34 m) 10 Heidelberg: Rugby North Germany - South Germany 14:11 scenes. Battle for the ball. Falls. Battle is fought behind the line. Hold and falls the player. Grape of athletes to the ball.
(26 m) 11 Harlem: Japanese judo school in Holland breakdown from UFA 119/8 - this shorter: the Japanese Ambassador to Holland opened the 1st Academy of judo, kneel and bow down. Exhibition matches. Boy fights against man and throws him to the ground. Exhibition matches. Defense against man with stick.
(16 m)

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Elisabeth II. von England ; Engelhard ; Heuss, Theodor ; Johannes XXIII. ; Ormsby-Gore ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Wadsworth ; Zarapkin ; Fottner, Rosi ; Hagen ten, Frits ; Leibbrand


Geneva ; Poland ; Berlin ; London ; Prague ; Rome ; Rostock ; Hamburg ; Suriname ; Holland ; Haarlem ; Heidelberg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Trade, finance ; Higher education ; Judo ; skydiving, skydiving ; Political events ; Religious events ; Rugby ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sporting events ; State visits (inside) ; Townscapes: Germany ; Dance ; Gymnastics ; Medicine ; People ; veterinary medicine ; Foreign policy events ; Dentistry ; Atom ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 458/1958

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand enthronement of Pope Johannes XXIII camera: Rau, Seib Atomic Conference in Geneva origin: Cine journal seaport problem Rostock - Hamburg origin: DEFA seaport problem Rostock - Hamburg camera: Stoll, Seib, student of Prof. Heuß in d. free Univers., Berlin the anniversary camera: Pahl Parliament opening in England m. Queen origin: Pathé news Holl. Governor of Surinam origin: Polygoon parachute jumps over the Vistula River origin: Polkronika medical Sportlerteste in Prague origin: State women warm Holld.-Deutschld./Holld.
Origin: Polygoon Rugby North - South Germany camera: Luppa, strong Judo school in Haarlem origin: road end titles:

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