Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 455/1958 17.10.1958


01 papst Pius XII. + painting Pius. Bells are ringing. Review: Pius as Apostolic Nuncio in Germany of 1917-1939 Coronation as Pope. Highlights of his papacy. 1 proclamation of the dogma of the assumption Mary's original sound. 2. canonization by Pope Pius X. aerial view of St. Peter's square of full of people. Heuss at Pius. Pius and children. Held in litter and blesses crowd. People cheering. Apostolic blessing given actuality. Castel Gandolfo. Lying in State. Funeral procession move the coffin in Rome. Prayer quote in English: 'that help those father call you... Give peace oh Lord in our days. "Peace the souls of peace the families, peace the country..."
(109 m) 02. Frankfurt: graduate of the Federal filing cabinets full of files. President Dr. Hertel speaks. Interview: "how the current budget debate, ladies and gentlemen, prove, requires the financial position of the Federal thrift greeted. To do this it is not enough but, I believe, that the requested amounts are reduced and that practically the budget be kept low, rather the Organization of all federal administrations must be focused more sharply. The financial control is up-to-date and timely. She monitored No more only the legality of the financial management in the past, she helps rather substantially, especially in the present avoid escalations by authorities, bad planning and the like. And that is why the decisions that we have here now to cover for this issue is of utmost importance."
(33 m) 03 Geesthacht: commissioning of the new Pumpspeichwerkes the Pumpspeichwerk. Commissioning. Generators work. Water is stored.
(28 m) 04 United States: ride the nuclear submarine Seawolf-class submarine is emerging before the long Iceland after Sund scuba diving by 2 months ä a new diving record.
(14 m) 05. United States: Pioneer drive rocket on the launch pad of the moon rocket. Start At night. Rocket not reached their goal. Laid back but 1/3 of the way to the moon. Largest test flight of a rocket.
(16 m) 06 Turkmenistan: flower miracles on the water of Victoria Crusiana petals unfold. Children sit on the giant leaves of the plant, which float on the water.
(10 m) 07 Warsaw: cycling the smallest boys cycling race. Little boy goes behind and cries. The girls race. Little winner with Teddy bear.
(14 m) 08 Hamburg: visit to the champion in the power sports Bärbel Ludwig Bärbel Ludwig as a technical draftswoman on the drawing board in their company. Bärbel Ludwig at the training Hall of the Hamburg police sports association with children. The 2 Bonnies in exercises of power sports. Bärbel Ludwig turns.
(34 m) 9 Warsaw: Athletics international match Poland - Germany draw judges Tower. 100 m hurdles: Martin Lauer WINS in 13.9 seconds. prior to Bert stone. Viewers filling picture. Long jump: Schmidt / Poland WINS with 7.39 m discus: Piatkowsky / Poland WINS with 54.25 m 800 m run: start and run. In the Sprint WINS Paul Schmidt / Germany, 1.48,4 minutes before the favourite Makomaski. Audience clapping. Paul Schmidt, great. 100 m run: start and run: Manfred Germar WINS in 10.7 seconds. before cliff. People waving handkerchiefs.
(35 m)

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Hertel ; Heuss, Theodor ; Pius XII. ; Fütterer, Heinz ; Germar, Manfred ; Lauer, Martin ; Ludwig, Bärbel ; Makomaski ; Piatkowsky ; Schmidt, Loki ; Schmidt, Paul ; Steines, Bert


United States ; Geesthacht ; Warsaw ; Turkmenistan ; France ; Damascus ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg ; Vatican


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Flowers ; Electricity ; Children ; Oil ; Plants ; Political events ; cycling, cycle ball ; Rockets ; Reviews ; Satellite ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Deaths, funerals ; Buildings ; motor sports ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; space ; Atom ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 455/1958

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title: Pope Pius XII. origin: SEDI Pope Pius XII. origin: SEDI Pope Pius XII. origin: SEDI Pope Pius XII. origin: iNcom Pope Pius XII. origin: iNcom Pope Pius XII. origin: iNcom Pope Pius XII. origin: iNcom Pope Pius XII. origin: Austria Pope Pius XII. camera: Fidelius origin: Archive current information: General Accounting Office Frankfurt camera: Stoll, strong starting pumped storage power station Geesthacht camera: Seib submarine "Seewolf" back in the U.S.A. origin: Metro moon rocket "Pioneer" origin: Metro blooms flower "Viktoria Crusiana" origin: DEFA sport of the week: children's cycling race in Poland origin: Polkronika amateur sports (B. Ludwig) camera: student Athletics Deutschld.-Poland/hotels.
Origin: Polkronika end title:

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