Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 447/1958 22.08.1958


01 Berlin: 78. German Catholic day motto: our concern of the human being - our salvation. The Mr. Procession. Before the St. Hedwig's Cathedral in Berlin prayer of the people for the peace of the world. Folded hands, great. 25,000 youngsters in the forest stage. Bishop speaks of Hildesheim. Umbrella is held about him. Flag group. Bell Tower. Final rally with 150,000 visitors at the Olympic Stadium. Large cross. Catholic sisters. Speech of the Apostolic Nuncio Archbishop Münch. Excerpt of the priest.
(38 m) 02 Cape Canaveral: Mißglückter preparations for the launch of moon rocket - launch an unmanned Thor able rocket the surface of the moon with Lunar craters. Satellite screen. Thor able rocket on the launch pad. Control room. Rocket launch. Countdown. Start with a tail of fire. After 77 seconds, exploded the rocket and crashes with trail of fire to the Earth.
(46 m) 03. New York: Eisenhower speaks before the United Nations General Assembly UN building. Newscaster. Eisenhower speaks interview before the United Nations. As a listener Gromyko, representative of the Philippines. Eisenhower supported the establishment of an international police force, the implementation of an economic aid plan and guarantees for the security of Jordan and the Lebanon in the Lebanon. Clapping.
(25 m) 04. Lebanon: beginning of the withdrawal of American forces, U.S. soldiers of the 2nd Battalion go aboard troop transports. There are still 12,000 US Marines in the Lebanon.
(9 m) 05. Baltic Sea: fleet exercises Wallenstein of the Federal Navy Marines soldiers while fishing. Ship deck is scrubbed. The admirals Zenker, Gerlach and Johannesson Admiral of the fleet go aboard. Ships sail out to maneuver. Torpedo is fired. Ships on the Baltic Sea. Bow wave and tail shaft.
(37 m) 06. Hanover: 50th birth day Minister Hamel brass band marches on. Detachments of the Schützenverein and the rider Guild congratulate Hellwege on his birthday. Presenting flowers. Serenade the shooters Chapel. Toast with beer.
(16 m) 07. curriculum vitae of the box Idol Jack Dempsey Jack Dempsey close-up. 1925 – Jack Dempsey and wife in front of his house. 1940: Crowds of fans. Training camp. Training fighter Jack Dempsey. Pit Jack Dempsey against Challenger Luttreel. Dempsey WINS. Jack Dempsey as a referee in wrestling. Dempsey suggests wrestler who opposes with Boxhieb to the ground. Jack Dempsey as trainer of recruits in self-defense during the war. Jack Dempsey-restaurant on Broadway. Murals of boxing matches. Picture of his MOM. Dempsey gives autographs and boys box advice.
(59 m) 08 Hamburg: HSV - Manchester United 2:0 viewers storming into the stadium. Game scenes. Miracle goalkeeper Harry Gregg at gate tee. Uwe Seeler shoots the 1:0 goalkeeper Harry Gregg smacks for good performance. 2nd half: assault Manchester United. Spectators close to half. Klaus Stürmer shoots 0 Uwe Seeler the 2: and Harry Gregg to say goodbye after the game. Player wring out Jersey.
(36 m) 09. Kassel: German Water Ski Championships water skiers when the figure reaches on the Fulda. Ladies and gentlemen. Fall. Willi Freiling and Frieda Freiling win. Artist deposits. Ride on Chair. Jumping with wide up to 19 m and fall.
(22 m)

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Eisenhower, Dwight ; Gerlach, Walther ; Gromyko, Andrej ; Hellwege, Heinrich ; Johannesson ; Muench, Aloysius ; Schüler, Richard ; Zenker, Rudolf ; Zorin, Valerian Alexandrowitsch ; Dempsey, Jack ; Freiling, Frieda ; Gregg, Harry ; Luttreel ; Seeler, Uwe ; Stürmer, Klaus


New York ; Hanover ; Frankfurt ; Baltic Sea ; Lebanon ; Cape Canaveral ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Kassel ; United States ; Kiel


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Hands ; Football ; Political events ; Portraits ; Rockets ; Religious events ; Satellite ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; UN ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Maneuver ; Military ; water skiing ; space ; Autographs ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 447/1958

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title: 78. German Katholikentag in Berlin camera: Pahl Mißgl.-moon rocket launch origin: Metro, Pathé news updated information: IKE v. the United Nations in New York origin: Metro U.S. - troops Lebanon origin: Metro fleet maneuvers of the Federal Navy camera: GA min. Pres.. Hellwege, birthday camera: Rieck Boxer Jack Dempsey - (review) origin: Metro football: HSV - ManchesterUnited 2-0 camera: Luppa, Rieck or water Ski Championships in Kassel camera: strong end title:

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