Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 446/1958 15.08.1958


01 Jordan: British King Hussein surrounded King Hussein by soldiers of the British army in Amman. Fly fighter planes.
(15 m) 02 France: de Gaulle visited the nuclear research center in Marcoule De Gaulle goes by plutonium production plant. Computer room. Nuclear energy should be stepped up.
(10 m) 03. United States: nuclear submarine Nautilus untertaucht under the North Pole by submarine Nautilus on the sea trip from Hawaii to Iceland. The Nautilus drove 96 hours under the eternal ice of the North Pole. Crew aboard the submarine.
(15 m) 04. India: largest reservoir of the world on the Sutley of the 1st stage of the Bhakra dam, which impounds the Sutley, was completed. Opening ceremony with Indian good luck symbols.
(13 m) 05. Moscow: Airshow helicopter with 4 legs "The flying table" turns on the spot. Artist turns to the flying helicopter. Mass parachute jump.
(14 m) 06. Munich: Geiselgasteig: opera singer Erika Köth filming Erika Köth in the arm upon arrival at the airport with flowers. Erika Köth puts on the wig in her dressing room. Shooting. Erika Köth sings.
(34 m) 07. summer pleasures a) high season on the Costa Brava: Mediterranean coast - Beach b) Italy: demonstration of winter fashion on the beach. Blank Rome. Venice with gondolas. Mannequins show off fashions at the beach. (c) Cuxhaven: Watts race - Priltaufe. Gallop racer Duhnen to the Watts. Trotting races. Water comes back slowly. Horse racing in the mud.
(21 m) 08 Hamburg: International Tennis Championships visitors on the tennis court. O. W. hate talking. Display the games. Massage therapist massaged athlete. Clubs are clamped. Gottfried von CRAMM is signing autographs. Final men's doubles with 2 pairs of outsider: Contreras/llama / Mexico, defeat the Lait/Pai / Yugoslavia. Final men's single: Davidson / Sweden, triumphs over Brichant / Belgium in 5 sets. Spectators applaud and look back and forth.
(27 m) 09. Sports records a. Dublin herb Elliot / Australia, running the mile in 3 minutes 54.5 seconds. New record.

b. Schiedeam at the Dutch Championships Dawn Fraser / Australia swimming 100 m crawl in 1 minute 1.2 sec. and undercutting world record by 8 / 10 seconds. Swimming and turning.
(23 m) 10 Gelsenkirchen: German Schwimmeisterschaften 400 metres crawl: Zaid, Hamburg WINS with German record in 4 minutes, 39.4 seconds. Audience clapping. Starter starts. Start: 100 m butterfly women's: duel between Ursel Winkler and Herta Haase. Turn. The 17 year-old Ursel Winkler won in 1 minute, 18.2 seconds. 100 m crawl: start and turn. Paul Voell wins German record time of 57.2 seconds. Paul Voell large. Springboard diving ZL, diving ZL: It wins Herbert Barendt / Rheydt and Helga Schellenbach / Bonn. Coach embraces Helga Schellenbach and jumps with her in a suit in the water.
(54 m)

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Barendt, Herbert ; Brichant ; Gaulle de, Charles ; Hasse, Otto Ernst ; Hussein von Jordanien ; Köth, Erika ; Contreras ; Cramm von, Gottfried ; Davidsson, Sven ; Elliot, Herb ; Fraser, Dawn ; Haase, Hertha ; Legenstein, Laci ; Llama ; Petrovic ; Schellenbach, Helga ; Voell, Paul ; Winkler, Ursel ; Zierold, Hans


Moskau ; France ; United States ; Hamburg ; India ; Munich ; Cuxhaven ; Italy ; Jordan ; Gelsenkirchen ; Dublin ; Schiedeam ; Duhnen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Electricity ; skydiving, skydiving ; filmmaking ; Leisure, recreation ; art jumping ; Oil ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; Swimming ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Tennis ; harness racing ; diving ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Military ; Holiday ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Architecture ; Atom ; Autographs ; Military ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 446/1958

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title: King Hussein b. brit. Troops/Jorn.
Origin: Basman Studios de Gaulle at the nuclear research center origin: Pathé journal nuclear submarine "Nautilus" origin: archive material reservoir in India origin: film Division soot. Air show (flying Bettgest.)
Origin: DEFA, vis news Chamber singer Erika Köth filming camera: Hafner summer delights in Spain and Italy origin: No.-do, Incom, SEDI Derby in the tidal flats at Cuxhaven camera: student, Rahim int. Tennis Championships in Hambg.
Camera: Students Dawn Fraser / world record 100 m crawl/Holld.
Origin: Polygoon Hern Elliot runs mile record/Dublin origin: German swimming Meistersch vis news. in Gelsenk.
Camera: Basic, Luppa final brand:

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