Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 444/1958 01.08.1958


01 theme of Middle East - situation report from Jordan and the Lebanon transport aircraft are loaded supplies and fuel for the British troops in Jordan. British soldiers in Amman. American troops in Lebanon. Tanks in the street.
(43 m) 02 Bonn: visit of US Secretary of State Dulles Dulles upon arrival at the airport of Cologne-Bonn in the rain. After 2-hour meeting Adenauer and Dulles announce their consistency in the assessment of the situation in the Middle East before microphones.
(43 m) 03. London: ministerial meeting of the Baghdad Pact States McMillan holds opening speech of the meeting. As a participant, the American Secretary of State declares to join the military alliance. In the absence of Iraq met the Member States.
(43 m) 04 Brussels: Heuss visited the world exhibition Heuss attended at the world exhibition of the German Pavilion. Prince Albert of Belgium accompanied Heuss on his tour.
(15 m) 05. Moscow: Visit of Austrian Chancellor Raab with a Government delegation arrives Raab at the airfield and is welcomed by Khrushchev. Officer logs with raised sword. Raab is out front the stand with flowers in the arm next to Khrushchev. Negotiations with good conclusion. Khrushchev shakes the hands of Raab and companions across the table. (The Soviet Union waived half of remaining oil reparations by 3.5 million tons.)
(18 m) 06 Ural: flying fire fights forest fire biplane flies over forest fire area. Skydivers jump and fight the fire.
(15 m) 07. Australia: parachute trained for world record in free fall airplane starts. The New Zealand parachute athletes Danny Lane jumps off and flies in free fall 16 seconds for the Earth. Recording from aircraft. Parachute opens and Danny Lane ends up standing.
(19 m) 08 Vienna: 1. Hotel in the world with internal radio communications on arrival the Porter presented formidable small receiver. Guests and staff are selected with beep. Cooking stops beep and goes to phone. Food boils over.
(21 m) 09 Munich: Contactlinsen eyes man upside down in the water bowl and winks to correct eye errors. Eye doctor look at eyes of patients by examination device and uses Contactlinsen. Big eye.
(30 m) 10 Finkenwerder: training of cabin boy in sailor school bell rings. Ship's boys lined up in the courtyard of the sailor school and answer morning greeting of the instructor in the choir. Theoretical lessons in the classroom. Ship customer. Rope work, climbing masts, sails. Exercise in the lifeboat. Boys rowing on the river Elbe.
(46 m) 11 Munich: German gymnastics Festival 1958 75,000 Turner moving from Munich. In the Gallery, Heuss sitting mayor Wang. Image of gymnastics father Jahn is worn. Guest group from the United States. Cameraman moves upwards in construction basket and filming mass gymnastics of Turner on the Theresienwiese. Ball game of gymnasts. Fanfare group blows. Onslaught to the award ceremony. Laurel wreaths for 27,000 winner be worn. Representative for all the winner in nine combat Hannelore receives Laurel wreaths Assel and the winner s Dolon.
(76 m)

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Assel, Hannelore ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Albert von Belgien ; Chruschtschow, Nikita ; Dulles, John Foster ; Figl, Leopold ; Heuss, Theodor ; Lane, Danny ; McMillan, Harold ; Mikojan, Anastas ; Pittermann ; Raab, Julius ; Rau, Kurt ; Söhngen, Wilhelm Peter ; Wimmer, Thomas ; Gaumann, Horst


Munich ; Brussels ; Ural ; Australia ; Moskau ; Vienna ; Finkenwerder ; Middle East ; Bonn ; London


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; skydiving, skydiving ; Fire ; Fire Brigade ; Radio ; Photographers ; Political events ; Radio, television ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sporting events ; State visits (inside) ; Gymnastics ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Medicine ; Military ; veterinary medicine ; Foreign policy events ; Dentistry ; Eyes ; Exhibitions ; Fire brigade ; Military ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 444/1958

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Opening title: Nah-East: Dulles in Bonn camera: Luppa meeting of the Baghdad Pact States/LOND.
Origin: Pathe news report on the situation of Jord. and Lebanon camera: Shammas origin: Basman Studios Brussels: Heuß visited the Weltausstg.
Origin: Belgavox Austria's Federal Chancellor (r) / Mosk.
Origin: DEFA "Flying fire" against forest fires in the Ural origin: DEFA parachutist sensation/New Zealand origin: Cine sound Viennese hotel with radio traffic origin: Austria arrest shells for eyes camera: Rau Seemann School of Finkenwerder camera: students of German gymnastics Festival, Munich camera: Rau, Hafner, students end title:

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