Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 387/1957 28.06.1957


1st wave of influenza in Japan empty schools. Children sleep in bus during class trip with mouth protection. Gargle with disinfectant. Hotel than a hospital. Ill gurgle. Studies in the laboratory for the study of the virus. Children in school are influenza masks made of bandages. Vaccination for children.

02. Berlin: Head of the Polish Communist Party Wladislaw Gomulka and Prime Minister Cyrankiewicz visiting East Germany train. Ulbricht welcomed Gomułka station. Gomulka and Ulbricht drive in an open car through the city. People clap. Wilhelm Pieck receives Cyrankierwiecz, Gomulka, Ulbricht and Grotewohl. Politicians sitting on bench.

03. Cottbus: forest fire men in fight against forest fires. Knocking down the fire. Fire hose is laid out. Löschzug of railway runs.

04. Italy: Flooding in the Susa Valley flooded land. Broken bridge. Wild waters. Flooded wide areas of the country. The Po flows in the streets of Turin. Residents sweep water to the side.

05. Baltic Sea: 1. Fleet maneuvers of the Bundeswehr General Heusinger welcomes naval officers. 52 ships run out. Morse. Ship convoy. Dark smoke coming from ship chimney.

06. Baden Baden: Election of Miss Germany applicants on the catwalk in a bathing suit. Man photographed. On the catwalk in evening dress. Gerti Daub, Hamburg, is crowned by Marina Orschel, Miss Germany 1956. Margaritoff claps, Margit Nünke next to him.

07. Australian Koala bears men catch Koala bears from trees that are damaged by bushfires. Removal box and release. Ursa minor is inserted into the mother's fur pouch.

8 7 Berlin Film Festival flags on the Kurfürstendamm. Interior Minister Schröder gives German Federal film award at: Lilli Palmer as best actress, Heinz Rühmann as best actor. Hertha Feiler slaps big. Helmut Käutner receives award for screenplay and Director of the captain of Köpenick. Bavaria reception. Marianne Koch conducted Bavaria Chapel. Lieselotte Pulver at the pasta dinner. Grete Weiser, O. E. Hasse prostet to. René Deltgen beats on the drum of mine tenor Chesters with Grete Weiser: Peter von Eick including evening at the forest stage. Marianne Koch wraps up with Japanese in fur stole. "Margot Eskens singing: I come to you again once home ' original sound. Match Fireworks.

9th Hannover: German Cup: Borussia Dortmund - HSV 4:1 crowd in the stands, filling the screen. Teams invade and take list. The pennant Exchange Posipahl and Preisler. HSV attack fails to meet. Borussia plays from the outset superior. Spectators close to half. Foul Dortmund players. Viewers engage disappointed. Kelbassa shoots for Dortmund 1-0 in the 16th minute. Jubilation. Compensation HSV in the 24th minute by Krug. Kale of 1 minute later 2-1 and again 1 minute later 3:1 by Nipiklo for Dortmund. Audience clapping. 2nd half: Hamburg's attacking but Dortmund counters. In the 74 minute attack Dortmund Nipiklo shoots the 4:1 cheers storms. Viewers run at the end of the game on the square. Players hold up plates. Return to Dortmund. The crowd on the street. Umbrellas. Players ride on car. People waving from Windows and umdrängen the players.

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Cyrankiewicz ; Daub, Gerti ; Deltgen, René ; Eick van, Peter ; Eskens, Margot ; Feiler, Hertha ; Gomulka, Wladyslaw ; Grotewohl, Otto ; Hasse, Otto Ernst ; Heusinger ; Käutner, Helmut ; Koch, Marianne ; Margaritoff ; Nünke, Margit ; Orschel, Marina ; Palmer, Lilli ; Pieck, Wilhelm ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Rühmann, Heinz ; Schärff ; Schneider, Magda ; Schröder, Gerhard ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Vogel, Rudolf ; Weiser, Grete ; Kelbassa ; Krug ; Kwiatkowski ; Niepiklo ; Posipahl ; Preissler


Baltic Sea ; East Berlin ; Cottbus ; Berlin ; Italy ; Japan ; Baden-Baden ; Hanover ; Vienna


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; DDR ; Railways ; Disasters ; Fire ; Fire Brigade ; Fireworks ; filmmaking ; Football ; Medals, awards, honors ; Shipping ; beauty pageants ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Maneuver ; Medicine ; veterinary medicine ; Water ; Foreign policy events ; Dentistry ; Fire brigade ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 387/1957

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand: Flu - epidemic in Japan origin: Asahi news Gomulka in East Berlin origin: DEFA forest fire near Cottbus origin: DEFA flood in the Susa Valley origin: iNcom 1 fleet maneuvers of the Federal Navy camera: GA Miß Germany - election Baden-Baden camera: strong changes of residence, f. Philip. Koala bears origin: Cine sound VII. internally. Cannes-Film-Festival Berlin Fu. Borussia Dortmund/HSV camera: Stoll, Luppa, reason, students receive f. German champions Dortmund camera: Luppa, basic final mark:

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