Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 383/1957 31.05.1957


01 sports plane Adenauer in the United States ends up in Gettysburg. Adenauer gets out and is welcomed. Drive to the Gettysburg farm. Adenauer and Eisenhower visit the farm. Cows on the back. Adenauer and Eisenhower in the stables. Presentation of the most beautiful animals. Eisenhower shows award-winning bulls. Chief interpreter Weber at talks here. Visit to the State Department. Adenauer and Dulles in laughing relaxed mood. Consulted by Brentano.

02. Stockholm: runs a State visit by Queen Juliana of the Netherlands Dutch cruisers "The seven provinces". Teams on the deck. Salut shooting. King Gustav Adolf and Queen Luise waiting at the quay. Applying the Royal barge. Juliana and Bernhard are welcomed. Ride in a horse-drawn carriage accompanied by equestrian guards. Soldiers make trellis. People break through the barrier. Juliana and Bernhard waving from balconies. On Windows the 3 Swedish princess and Prince Carl Gustav. Royal family on the balcony.

03. Madrid: State visit Shah Reza Pahlevi and Soraya KLM aircraft rolls out. Frano and wife on airfield. Shah and Soraya come down stairs and be welcomed. Driving through the city in an open car accompanied by the Moorish guard. Soraya gets out of car and receives flowers. Festive reception at the Palace of El Pardo. Franco, sitting Soraya, Ms. Franco and Shah.

04. Vienna: Parade on the day of the swearing in of President Scherf parade of all military branches before President Scherf on the VIP, big. Infantry battle groups, off-road vehicles, tanks. Military equipment comes from East and West.

05. Indonesia: State visit of the Soviet Voroshilov President ride in an open truck in addition to Sukarno. People wave. Voroshilov gets out of car with Flower necklace and welcomes children. Transparent and great pictures of Voroshilov/Sukarno. Crowd in front of Palace.

06. Tokyo: Demonstrators against H-bombs attempts rally and protest running in front of the British Embassy with placards against British nuclear bomb tests. Message members behind bars of the locked message.

07. Damascus: Gazelle man out who raised front of Syrian desert man, of Gazelle hospital and is fed by sister. It runs on 4 legs and is silent. He eats grass and fruit.

08 France: Gypsy baptism go on pilgrimage Gypsy wagon on roads of pilgrimage site. Camp fire. Baptism in river with immersion.

09 Munich: Ceremony of the film generation in Geiselgasteig Horst Buchholz as male star no. 1 receives a suitcase. Nadja Tiller as the best actress with alarm clock. H. g. Feldt, editor in Chief of the new film congratulates Liselotte Pulver as 1st female star. Peter Alexander won the actor award. His head between car tires. Liselotte Pulver shows ring.

10. Berlin: Wardrobe dancers dance on the Pfaueninsel of Adrienne Mirau Ballet School. Ballet dances on the island. Peacock, big. Young dancers dance a Rococo minuet. Peacock suggests wheel.

11 Bayreuth: International football match of Germany - Czechoslovakia 1-1 junior CSSR storms. Spectators close to half. Gateless 1st half. 2nd half: In the 48th minute, the CSSR shoots the 1:0 audience cheers. German counterattack. Goalkeeper keeps. Excited spectators, great. Goalkeeper parades of the Czechs. Fat man with hit laughs approvingly, big. Czechs storm. Goalkeeper prevented it 2-0 for the Czechs with a fine save. In the 67th minute German compensation goal 1:1 by head-butt. At the end of the game, the Player To give the hand.

12 Abensberg: Sandbahnrennen motorcycle riders on the track. Race in the the final of the Speedway World Championship. Swirling clouds of dust. Spectators take cover. The Finn Pajari is stripped when overtaking and crashes. Helper jump up and help. Duel between Seidl, Hofmeister / Austria / Germany. Hofmeister WINS. Winner with winner wreaths on the podium and victory lap on the car.

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Alexander, Peter ; Bernhard von Holland ; Brentano von, Heinrich ; Buchholz, Horst ; Carl Gustav von Schweden ; Dulles, John Foster ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Feldt, H. G. ; Gustav Adolf VI. von Schweden ; Juliana von Holland ; Luise von Schweden ; Muhammed Riza Pahlewi von Persien ; Pulver, Lieselotte ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Soraya von Persien ; Sukarno ; Schärff ; Tiller, Nadja ; Woroschilow ; Hofmeister, Josef ; Pajari ; Seidl, Josef ; Franco, Carmen


Tokyo ; Munich ; Gettysburg ; Madrid ; Damascus ; Vienna ; Stockholm ; Berlin ; France ; United States ; Indonesia ; Ahrensberg ; Abensberg ; Bayreuth


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; filmmaking ; Football ; motor sports ; Medals, awards, honors ; Parades ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Dance ; Curiosities ; Foreign policy events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Atom ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 383/1957

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand: Adenauer in Gettysburg camera: Luppa Dutch. Queen in Stockholm origin: Polygoon Iranian Imperial couple in Madrid parade f. Bundespräs. Dr. Schärf origin: Austria Voroshilov in Indonesia origin: Sovkino Japan. Protests agai. Brit. H bombs verse.
Origin: Asahi news Gazelle man from the Syrian desert camera: M. Kadam IND. Gypsy baptism on pilgrimage Paris origin: Gaumont film talent award in Geiselgasteig camera: Hafner Ballettschule Mierau on Peacock Island camera: Pahl junior football Dtschld. / Czech Republic camera: strong, Pahl Speedway in Abensberg camera: Hafner, Gallardo final brand:

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