Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 309/1955 30.12.1955


Year in review German President Heuss new year: o-ton: "of course we are all crucial, reviewing in thinking and feeling acting integrated into the major issues which the peoples and Nations To want - know answers, critical. But it comes too, that individuals will fill out his small room in the right way, by he the fate it neighbors, it sees the next. Anyone who wants to settle not in statistical figures and can carry the sense of growing prosperity, also fooled, immediate challenges remain enough: helplessness of the ancients, emotional homelessness of the opposite home. With law paragraphs, it is never done. The will, your will in the free and joyful decision needs To give strength and heat them." Swivel camera lenses. Flugzeugstaffel flies. Atomhaus flies apart, racing car on the racetrack. See the world of politics Once again the most important events of the year 1955 garden door of the Villa Hammerschmidt opens only individual scenes from the contributions.

01 join the Federal Republic of Germany to the NATO (NDW 276/3) Palais Chaillot. Meeting of the NATO Council of Ministers decides recording the Federal Republic as the 15th Member State of NATO. Dulles, McMillan, Spaak, Adenauer. Reporter running up the stairs. Handshake Adenauer, Dulles, McMillan. Before the NATO headquarters is hoisted in the presence of General Speidel the German flag. Blow NATO flags.

02. the first soldiers of the Bundeswehr (WIB 177/5) sign Federal Eagle. The Federal Minister for defence. Defense Minister Theodor blank goes to the Ermekeil barracks, there to present the certificates of appointment the first officers. Blank at the lectern under large iron cross. Get among the listeners of the generals Heusinger and Speidel, who awarded the certificates with other officers. Soldiers left the barracks.

03. Adenauer in Moscow (NDW 294/1) old woman kisses Adenauer's hand upon return. Passing by motorcade outside the Kremlin. Cars drive in front of the Spiridonovka Palace. In the Conference Hall, the peak of the Soviet leaders Bulganin, Cruschtschow, Molotov introduce their delegation members of Adenauer. At the Conference table of Adenauer, by Brentano, Hallstein, Kiesinger from the Russian delegation. Politicians leave the Spiridonowkapalast. The Bolshoi. Soldier rejects onlookers. Arrival of Kiesinger, Eckart, Karl Arnold and others In the honor box Bulganin, Adenauer, by Brentano including chandeliers. On stage, the dancer Ulanova and partner bow after Ballet Romeo and Juliet (not pictured). Clapping. In the Gallery, Bulganin and Adenauer hands are enough. Moscow: city sights. Car and pedestrian traffic at the crossing. Visitor snakes are at the Kremlin. Horst Grund with camera filming the Kremlin towers. Moscow residents on the street and behind Windows in the Church of Adenauer in the Catholic Church of Ludwig. Right of way prior to the Sovetskaya hotel. German and Russian flag at the hotel. Kiesinger, Adenauer, Carlo Schmid, Arnold entered the hotel. Boys admire the Mercedes star of German cars. In the former country villa of Maxim Gorki, Adenauer receives the Soviet politician. Walk and talk in the forest. Group Portrait of the politician. Result of meetings: 1, German prisoners of war return home 2. diplomatic relations between the USSR and are recorded 3. trade relations of the Federal Republic of Germany between the countries recorded 4. promotion of cooperation between the Soviet Union and the Federal Republic of Germany to secure peace 04. vote on the Saar (NDW 300/1 / WIB 174/1) smoking chimneys and Kohlenhalden. Customs barrier descends. The access roads to the Saar will be closed during the vote. Cityscape Saarbrücken. Election posters. European Commission is monitoring the election. Voters in voting. High turnout 96.7%. Prime Minister Hoffmann, who resigned with his Cabinet, at the election. Counting of the votes. 67.7% rejected the Saar Statute.

05. Churchill resigns - monument (NDW 283/4) in the London Guildhall is revealed in the presence of Winston Churchill Memorial Winston Churchill by Lord major. Churchill quote: "... it seems I would very good like it.

06. Malenkov resigns (263/5) Malenkov on lectern Announces resignation.

07. Warsaw: Formation of Eastern military alliance (NDW 277/2) flags of the Soviet bloc countries of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, Albania, East Germany and USSR. Right of way of the cars getting in and out of Heads of Government of the countries of the East. Under the chairmanship of Prime Minister Bulganin, friendship and mutual assistance pact is completed. (Eastern NATO). Among the Conference participants Molotov and Ulbricht.

08. Yugoslavia does not join the Eastern Alliance (NDW 279/4) Tito's salute to building. Bulganin and Cruschtschow entered the building. Delegations of the countries in the Conference Hall. Compared with Bulganin, Cruschtschow and Tito sit. Yugoslavia does not join the Eastern Alliance.

9 Nehru in Moscow (282/4) the top officials of the USSR on the airfield for the reception of Nehru. Bulganin, Cruschtschow and Malenkov go on airfield. Children's group with flowers. Nehru comes down stairs and is welcomed by Bulganin. Bulganin leads Nehru to Molotov and Cruschtschow. Mrs Bulganin welcomes Nehru daughter Indira. Officer of the 15s greets with sword. Bulganin and Nehru step out front of the stand. Russian and Indian flag. In an open carriage ride through cheering crowds to the Kremlin.

10 Bulganin and Cruschtschow in India (NDW 282/4) Bulganin and Nehru go side by side, total and short.

11 Treaty for Austria (WIB 162/1) crowd image filling. Units of 4 occupation forces marching through Vienna: French, British, Americans and Russians. People clap. Flags of the allies will be obtained. Austria has to regain its independence.

12 US soldiers leave Austria (NDW 298/2) which American General Arnold walks off the front of his troops. Warm farewell to the population of the soldiers at the station. Waving at the departure of the train.

13 Berlin: Heuss bordering zone (NDW 294/2) ornate gable of Schloß Bellevue. Heuss considered plans to rebuild of the Castle. Heuss visited the zone boundary in Spandau at Brunsbüttel dam. Zone boundary sign. Picket fence. Motorcycle escort reverses. Heuss of the Turnpike opened. Behind bushes, Russian soldiers watch the action. School Festival at the Olympic Stadium. Children entering the stadium. Heuss to the lectern (no State youth), no original sound. Children wave flags and present flowers. Construction of a memorial to German reunification on the Chancellor square. Boy ignites fire in shell. Suhr on the lectern. As listeners Jakob Kaiser, is great. Torch-bearers. Transparent: Is also in the East European country.

14 Geneva Conference (NDW 301/1 and WIB 177/1) League of Nations Palace. Flags of the great powers. Car driveway. Reporter. Arrival of Foreign Ministers: Antoine Pinay, France, John Foster Dulles, United States, waving hat. Harold McMillan, United Kingdom, Vladislav Molotov and USSR. Conference Hall. Delegations at the square table. Topics: German reunification, European security, relaxation between East and West. The German Observer Ambassador of Blankenhorn and Professor Greve. Molotov in the Park during Conference break. The Israeli Prime Minister Charett in Geneva for meetings with the Foreign Ministers of a new Middle East crisis between Israel and Egypt. The globe in front of the Palace of the League of Nations.

15. Bonn: Foreign policy debate in the Bundestag on the impact of the Geneva Conference (NDW 306/1) arrival in front of the Federal House. Adenauer accompanied by Defense Minister Theodor blank. Foreign Minister Heinrich of Brentano's arrival. At the lectern Erich Ollenhauer: Interview: "regard to us Social Democrats, so that we can with the Status Quo in Germany see off Division, nor with a solution of the reunification of Germany on volksdemokratischer basis." If in Soviet politics, the idea is that such a price would reach then the Soviet Union in all seriousness should note taking, and count with the fact, that we agree with those who strive for a reunited Germany on the basis of freedom and of the right Social Democrats on this issue." Clapping. Adenauer actuality: "Mr President, esteemed ladies and gentlemen, Mr colleagues Ollenhauer expressly thank, for the clear and unambiguous statement that only a reunification on the basis of freedom and justice is possible for all of us. I believe, ladies and gentlemen, that is a such clear determination for German foreign policy towards Soviet Russia Very much essential. I would like to ask but to talk ladies and gentlemen, No more from the dead point. Also in this issue there is no dead point for the German Government." Clapping 16 Bandung: Conference of Afro-Asian countries (NDW 274/1) policy-makers from countries of the third world go to the Conference, among them Nasser, Nehru, and Chu en Lai, China. Asian faces and Arabs wearing a turban. Conference Hall. Nehru set up headphones. Final communiqué: Disarmament, nuclear control, end of colonialism.

World of unrest 17 riots in Morocco (NDW 298/3) gunfire. Rise of the soldiers in the area. Aircraft in use against the rebellion of Berber tribes. Machine gun fire. Indigenous peoples arise. Dead and wounded carried on stretchers.

18 Morocco: Return of Sultan Ben Jussef (NDW 304/5) lot cheered Sultan Ben Jussef after returning to discount. Crowd umdrängt the car ride to the Palace. Ben Jussef sits on throne.

19. fighting on the Israeli Egyptian border (NDW 272/2) Israeli patrol on the border in firefight. Wounded soldier is connected.

20 Buenos Aires: fall of Juan Peron (NDW 296/3) protesters in the streets burning emblems and diagrams of the Peron dictatorship. Destroyed houses and street fighting. On a gunboat by para Quai Peron leaves the country. One of the leading revolutionaries Admiral Rojas will be cheered. The provisional new President General Lonardi holds speech and promises free elections. Huge crowd gathers in place.

The world of the spirit 21. Lübeck: Awarding of honorary citizenship on Thomas Mann (NDW 278/1) Holsten. Paddlers on the Trave. Thomas Mann next to Mrs Katja Mann town walking before his parent's home. Ceremony to honour Thomas Mann. Mayor Passarge actuality: "Lübeck citizenship gives right and dignity of a Freeman of the Hanseatic City of Lübeck the son of our city of Thomas Mann in gratitude and veneration." Close-up of Thomas Mann and Mrs Katja. Presentation of the certificate. Flowers for Katja. Thomas Mann actuality: "this is a great touching moment of my life to the tilt. My heart is full of thanks." Long-lasting applause.

22 death of Paul Claudel setting Claudel, talking, tall and short.

23 Paris: Composer Arthur Honegger + (NDW 307/4) with 63 years the composer Arthur Honegger died. Arthur Honegger with baton as conductor of the Orchestra. Film music for driving a locomotive. Log wheel drive the locomotive itself. Soft, Rails, driving scenes. Entrance to stadium and stop. Arthur Honegger with baton, great.

24 death of painter Urillo setting Urillo, head size, based on hand. Urillo while painting, stills of his works.

25 opening of the Opera Fidelio (NDW 302/6) with magnificent dome and ranks of the Opera after 11jährigem reconstruction. Arrival of the guests of honor of Paula Wessely and Attila Hörbiger, daughter of Toscanini, singer Lotte Lehmann, painter Oskar Kokoschka, Chancellor Raab, President grains, Clare Booth Luce, US ambassadors in Italy. Scene snippet Fidelio and finale. Curtain closes. Actor to enter before the curtain. Clapping.

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