Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 271/1955 08.04.1955


01 Zurich: Practice of the Swiss air-rescue: rescue from the air parachute jump over the Lake of Zurich. Rescuing a drowning in the water. Helicopter rises and carries victim lowered NET. Helicopter flying again to crash site. Rescuer from water rises on rope ladder. For the rescue in the mountains, sled, dog and men are settled from helicopters.
(36 m) 02. London: resignation of Prime Minister Winston Churchill Churchill on his place in the House of Commons. Deputies clapping. Churchill immediately next to Eden.
(11 m) 03 desert Nevada: American atom bomb attempt with soldiers helicopter in the test zone. Atomic bomb. Flash Flash, in the foreground of desert tree, then darkness, and mushroom. Helicopters bring soldiers into war zone.
(18 m) 04. Berlin: traffic stop at the zone boundary trucks at checkpoint. Headline: The evening: "Extortion has serious consequences" boost the road tolls do complicated calculation necessary. Truckers in payment. Turnpike opens. Trucks in transit.
(14 m) 05. Düsseldorf: Russian Minister visited the "Haus der Begegnung" of the Evangelical Church of the clergy of the Orthodox Church is warmly welcomed upon arrival at the meeting house.
(10 m) 06 Milan: meeting the Bersaglieri former Bersaglieri, some wounded and disabled, run through the streets of Milan. Boys waving handkerchiefs. In the Cathedral Square, Archbishop Montini gives his blessing.
(17 m) 07 France: test drive of the fastest locomotive in the world settings of the electric locomotive. Test drive at breakneck speed between Bordeaux and Biaritz. Material and capacity measurements. Driving scenes of Rails and landscape. Drive speed record with 301 km/h (34 m) 08 circus Krone circus wagon. Elephants are led through town. Construction of the giant tent. Gala performance. Riding the high school on four white horses. Eduardo Raspini juggler. The circus Ballet dances. Seal trainer. Play with ball. Spin Board number of 12 Muhammad. Trapeze artist Pierre Alizées and partner. Bullfighting clown. Final with the appearance of artists, camels and elephants.
(43 m) 09 Stuttgart: international football match Germany - Italy of 1:2 German cameramen in front of the Neckar Stadium with rotary prohibition, which was granted only the Italian cameramen due to failure of the DFB. Total viewers. Kick-off. Massive coverage of the Italians. Pandolfini storms. Turek is running out of gate. Pandolfini completely free-standing shoots 1-0 for Italy. Viewers filling picture. German attack and hand game in front of the Italian goal. Juskowiak scored penalties to 1:1. Italian attacks and corner. Shot on goal 2:1 for Italy (door camera). The German attacks remain in the Italian defense. Artistic goalkeeper parade of the Italian goalkeeper. Handshake of the players after the game.
(50 m) 10. Neumünster: heavyweight boxing: Heinz defeated Francesco Cavicchi / Italy, mental / Germany by K.O. Cavicchi violent attacks and superior boxing style. Mental box awkwardly and tries to cling. In the third round, must psychologically after a liver hook to the ground and is kneeling counted. Both Boxer after the fight, great.
(25 m) 11 Schwäbisch Gmünd: ball international match Germany - France of 6-2 artistic game on wheels with the ball. The German brothers Willi and Rudi Pensel superior game. Ball next to the wheel, big. Defense, playback, and shots on goal with the wheels.
(30 m) 12 Fort Wayne: American Bowling Championships cones on 28 cars next to each other. Litters and traps "All nine".
(16 m)

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Churchill, Winston ; Eden, Anthony ; Enke, Hans ; Montini, Giovanni ; Nicolai ; Cavicchi, Francesco ; Juskowiak ; Pandolfini ; Pensel, Rudi ; Seelisch, Heinz ; Turek, Toni


Desert Nevada ; Berlin ; France ; Zurich ; Stuttgart ; Düsseldorf ; Hamburg ; Milan ; London ; Nuremberg ; Neumünster ; Fort Wayne ; Schwäbisch Gmünd


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; DDR ; Railways ; Border DDR/BRD, borders ; Dogs ; cameramen, cameramen ; Bowling, bowling, boules, pétanque ; Football ; Photographers ; Political events ; Police ; cycling, cycle ball ; Religious events ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Military events ; Circus ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Atom ; Dogs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 271/1955

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: air-rescue origin: Cine journal Churchill resignation origin: Archive atomic explosion origin: Metro, paramount zone border camera: Pahl soot. Patriarch camera: Essmann Bersaglieri origin: iNcom electric train origin: Gaumont circus Krone camera: Rau football Germany Italy origin: iNcom boxes camera: Stoll, Seib Cycleball Germany France camera: Rau, strong Kegler origin: Metro final special service: Schönfelder camera: Stoll, Luppa, Stoll

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