Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 267/1955 09.03.1955


01 Bremerhaven: Commissioning of the fisheries research vessel Anton Dohrn the fisheries research vessel Anton Dohrn. Heuss welcomes captain and crew. Heuss with Schiffer hat in addition to Lübke. Maiden trip to Helgoland. People on the quayside at the exit. Heuss beckons. Interior of the vessel. Laboratory. Scientist at microscope. Dental treatment. The plankton NET. Heuss smokes a cigar on board. Passing on lightship Elbe I. radar screen rotates. Lübke and Heuss aboard. Heuss composed Knit Beanie. Helgoland in sight.
(35 m 2) United States: nuclear bomb test in the Nevada desert explosion and small mushroom of a mini bomb. 10000 soldiers 13 km away as an observer.
(10 m) 03. Gaza: incident at the Egyptian-Israeli border destroyed houses and smoking wreckage after a firefight between Israeli and Egyptian soldiers. Destroyed cars. Collision claimed 60 victims.
(14 m) 4th Rome: Pope Pius XII's 79th birthday crowd at St. Peter's square. Pope Pius XII blessing at the window of his work room. People kneel and cross himself.
(14 m) 5th Ruhr area: visit of the Portuguese Dr. de Cortes Minister of Economics Dr. De Cortes visited the industrial plant of heavy industry.
(17 m) 6th Sindelfingen: visit of the Persian Imperial couple at Daimler Benz car Vorfahrt. Car blow opens. Leaving Shah Reza Pahlevi. You Persian flag and Mercedes flag. Soraya receives flowers. Gift of the work. A sports car is driven up 300 SL. Shah Reza Pahlevi and Soraya at the Mercedes Museum mount vintage and make a ride.
(14 m) 07. Yugoslavia: stone witnesses of the Roman summer residence of Emperor Constantin the great in Niš. Mosaics and sculptures from the Roman period. Bust of Emperor Constantin. Frescoes from the 4th century BC brick a skull.
(23 m) 08 fair a. Leipziger Messe Fairgrounds crowd. The Deputy Russian Foreign Minister Nikojan as exhibition visitors. Machinery and agricultural equipment.

b. Frankfurt International spring fair: pavilions: France, Spain, Italy and Ireland. New product: Lamp fan. Clad icebox as a Living room closet. New German product: Dralon. Non-iron garments from the new synthetic fiber. Among the exhibition visitors to Sepp Herberger and Jupp Posipahl. Electric - organ, harmonica, recording apparatus.

c.-Paris exhibition modern kitchen. Men make music on kitchen appliances.
(56 m) 09 Saarbrücken: World Championship in the wheel - cyclo start of 54 riders from nine countries. Mounting the wheels via stairs and obstacles and strong mountains. Snow on the roadside. Driving through snow forest. Winner Andre Dufraisse at the finish.
(31 m) 10 Krefeld: Ice Hockey World Championships: final Canada - USSR 5-0 game scene. Fouls. Falls. Battle at the gate. Canada shoots the 1:0 spectators clap. In the last third, Canada plays to consider. Shot on goal Canada. Players embrace after victory. Canada player with World Cup.
(41 m)

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Cortes de ; Heuss, Theodor ; Lübke, Heinrich ; Mikojan, Anastas ; Muhammed Riza Pahlewi von Persien ; Pius XII. ; Reza Pahlevi von Persien ; Soraya von Persien ; Dufraisse, André ; Herberger, Sepp ; Posipahl


Yugoslavia ; United States ; Frankfurt ; Rome ; Bremerhaven ; Gaza ; Ruhr area ; Hamburg ; Bonn ; Krefeld ; Saarbrücken ; Leipzig ; Vatican ; Sindelfingen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industrial events ; cycling, cycle ball ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; State visits (inside) ; Unrest ; hotspots ; Hockey ; Archaeology ; Atom ; Exhibitions ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 267/1955

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: research ship camera: Luppa atomic bomb origin: Metro Gaza incident origin: Pathe News Pope, 79th birthday origin: iNcom Portuguese. Minister Shah of Persia camera: strong excavations origin: Belgrade fairs, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Paris camera: basic origin: DEFA, Pathé Journal sports cross field unicycling in Saarbrücken camera: strong Ice Hockey Canada Russia camera: Essmann, reason, rabanus final

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