Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 245/1954 08.10.1954


01 Conference participants sign upon completion of the London Act completion of the London nine-power Conference and Government policy statement of the Chancellor. Paul Henry Spaak signed for Belgium. Lester Pearson signed for Canada, Mendès France for France, Adenauer for the Federal Republic of Germany, Sir. Martino for Italy, Joseph Bech of Luxembourg, Dr. Bakare for the Netherlands, John Foster Dulles for the United States. Cameramen. Handshake of Adenauer Foster Dulles. Bonn: Adenauer before the Bundestag. Quote: "when the Federal Government began its work five years ago, resulted in the following central issues: 1 making the independence and self-determination of the Federal Republic of 2." The reunification of Germany 3. The merger of the free Europe and Germany's integration into the European Community. In this community, we can continue our efforts for the restoration of German unity with greater chance of success. Our foreign policy work is done not only for Germany but for a peaceful and secure future of a reunified Germany." (Clapping of members) "We appreciate the results of the London Conference, because not least benefit our fatherland. "But our joy is not perfect by the certainty that in London the unity of the Western world was restored, without which there is no peace, no freedom and no reunion for us." Erich Ollenhauer as listeners. Deputies clapping. Government bank with the Ministers of the Cabinet (Erhard, Schäffer and others
(58 m) 02 England: attempt of the army SUV vehicles on heavy test line. Motorcyclist driving through difficult terrain. Centurionspanzer with 1000 HP gas turbine engine. U car driving through water.
(17 m) 03 Frankfurt: 4th Federal Congress of the Trade Union Confederation Heuss upon arrival. Carlo Schmid among those present. The Chairman of the Trade Union Confederation Walter Friday at the lectern. Among the listeners of Kolb, Ollenhauer, Carlo Schmid. Claim: Introduction of the 40-hour week. Heuss to the lectern.

04. Denver: Eisenhower visited agricultural exhibition Eisenhower visited the exhibition award-winning cattle. Eisenhower serves for journalists dinner.
(10 m) 5th Korea: demonstration in Seoul against withdrawing American troops students run through the streets of Seoul. Parade of banners. Fear of conflict with North Korea without US military protection.
(37 m) 6th Japan: Cyclone agitated sea. People flee. Flooded railway tracks. Man swims out of House. Fallen together houses. Flooded land. Capsized railway ferry Toya Maru. The disaster killed 1100 people. Relatives identify the victims of the disaster and light Memorial candles on the beach.
(37 m) 07. France: helicopter rescue during tunnel construction helicopter transported tunnel tube for tunnel construction in the mountains, near the town of Tignes.
(11 m) 08 Austria: SOS Children's village Imst Hermann Gmeiner, medical student, founded the children's village 1949 children play. Children at the Schuhputzern with the foster mother of the family. Circle, sand game. International children's, faces, great.
(22 m) 09 Koblenz: Sports Festival before the trip of German athletes after Japan 14 athletes say goodbye at airfield before flight to Japan. Aircraft rolls to start: 200 m run: Hein Fütterer WINS in 21.1 seconds. 3000 m run: WINS final battle between Lawzenz and Dohrow, the Lawrenz chest width. Long jump: Heinz oberbeck WINS. Javelin: Heiner Will far throws his spear at 74,06 m. 800 m run: Werner Lueg WINS in 1.52,2. Audience clapping.
(25 m) 10 Court: wrestling match Germany-Yugoslavia lightweight fight of the German master's Haller against Yugoslav champions Horvat. Exciting fight. Viewers jump. Brighter won with 2:1 audience clapping.

Max of light heavyweight fight against Ladislav Baksai. Easier WINS with 2:1 Germany WINS with 7:1 (32 m) 11 Berlin: handball Städtekampf Berlin-Vienna 17:8 goal throw. Viewers filling picture. Austria goal throws 2:2 Wiener leads to compensate 2:0 Berliner Tor throw storm. Parade of the Berlin goalkeeper Pnakonin. Half-time score 5:5. In the second half, storming Berlin. Gate litters. Thrilling scenes.
(31 m) 12 Dusseldorf Gerresheim: Motocross motocross riders on a heavy track. Curves and gradients. Drivers stuck in the mud. Motorcycle turns. Dutchman WINS.
(27 m)

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Baksai, Ladislav ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Bech, Joseph ; Beyen ; Dulles, John Foster ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Freitag, Walter ; Gmeiner, Hermann ; Heuss, Theodor ; Kolb ; Martino ; Mendes-France, Pierre ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Pearson, Lester ; Spaak, Paul Henry ; Schäffer, Fritz ; Dohrow, Günther ; Fütterer, Heinz ; Heller, Andreé ; Horvat ; Lawrenze, Olaf ; Leichter, Max ; Oberbeck, Heinz ; Pankonin ; Will, Heiner


Denver ; France ; Korea ; Frankfurt ; Japan ; Austria ; London ; Bonn ; England ; Koblenz ; Court ; Berlin ; Düsseldorf


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Wrestling ; Demonstrations ; Handball ; Disasters ; Children ; motor sports ; Political events ; Portraits ; Rings ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Livestock, livestock ; Weapons ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Agriculture ; Exhibitions ; construction ; Trade unions ; Agriculture ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 245/1954

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Title: Conference of London camera: Stoll, food basic origin: Pathe news short exposed: new vehicles origin: Pathe news IKE feeds journalists origin: Metro protest March Korea origin: Metro Typhoon on Japan origin: Asahi news helicopter help tunnelling origin: Pathé journal children's village camera: Karna Athletics camera: Basic, strong wrestling camera: Hafner handball Berlin-Vienna camera: Luppa, Jansen Motocross camera: basic final

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