Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 243/1954 24.09.1954


01 Bremerhaven: Emigrants to Australia Columbus berth. Luggage is loaded. 250.000. emigrants will be honored. Parents and children are on board. Waving of the exiting vessel.
(30 m) 02 Hallig residents Wiesbaden scientists the Hallig Habel lived alone with his wife. The 64-year-old African writer Julian Steinhardt writes in front of House on typewriter. His wife is pumping water. Dune grass. Flotsam and Jetsam is recovered. Wood saws. Distress signal mast for emergencies for the neighbouring island.
(32 m) 03 Europe trip of U.S. Secretary of State Dulles Dulles and Eisenhower, great interview. Bonn: Airforce aircraft rolls out. Reporters and cameramen. Dulles comes down stairs. Welcome by Adenauer and Conant. Warm handshake of Adenauer/Dulles. Talks on the restoration of German sovereignty. London: Dulles with Churchill and Eden before Downingstreet 10 France: Mendès France speaks before resistance fighters on the subject of the resolution of the question of Germany.
(31 m) 04. Triberg: Cup under newspaper disappear World Congress which allows magician magician. Magic tricks. Dog guillotine. Milk is poured in hat and disappears. Water in bag. Standing rope (rope trick).
(38 m) 05. Munich: Oktoberfest of balloons. Beer kegs are rolled. Beer is tapped. Measure pitchers, Brathähndel. Brathähndelesser, beer drinkers. The Oktoberfest with carousels. Roller coaster. Dress high labor. Devil's wheel. Distorting mirrors. Beer tent with Bavaria Chapel.
(35 m) 06. Vienna: handball Austria Germany 13:19 goal throw. A spectator is pleased. Vienna goalkeeper holds. Attack Germany and gate's throw. Half-time score 9:5 for Germany. Austria stormed. Goal throw. Goalkeeper parade. Large audience faces. Clapping.
(31 m 07) Dortmund: Athletics international competition Germany Finland pole vault: Langström / Finland, WINS with 4.35 m Javelin: Nikkinen / Finland, WINS with 77,67 m 3000 m hurdles: kick-off. Karvonen / Finland, WINS in world record time of 8 minutes 41 seconds. Finnish one-two. Spectators stand up and clap. The two Finnish champion. 800 m run: win Stracke and Làwrence / Germany,. Winning time Stracke 1.51.8 100 m race: start, run, and win Heinz Fütterer. Germany WINS with 108:106 points.
(37 m) 08 Berlin: Avus race "Grand Prix of Berlin" formula (I) Fangio at Mercedes race car sets glasses on. Start. Front no. 2, no. 4, and Juan Fangio, Karl Kling, and Hans Hermann. Auditorium. 3 Mercedes racing arrows at the top. Race Director Neubauer to box. Karl Kling driving as the winner from Juan Fangio finish. Karl Kling receives laurel wreath and is congratulated by Fangio.
(28 m) 09 Hamburg Farmsen: trotting race at the anniversary price 1954th Charlie Mills with the French Mare Gelinotte going forward. Head to head race with Dutchman. Large audience faces. Victory in great speed for Gelinotte. Audience clapping. Kiss and Cup for Charlie mills.
(31 m)

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Churchill, Winston ; Conant, James B. ; Dulles, John Foster ; Eden, Anthony ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Mendes-France, Pierre ; Steinhardt, Julian ; Fütterer, Heinz ; Fangio, Juan ; Hermann, Hans ; Karvonen ; Kling, Karl ; Langstroem ; Lawrenze, Olaf ; Mills, Charlie ; Neubauer ; Nikkinen ; Stracke, Friedel


Bremerhaven ; Bonn ; Hallig Habel ; London ; France ; Munich ; Triberg ; Berlin ; Hamburg ; Vienna ; Dortmund ; Washington ; Paris


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Emigrants ; motor sports ; Political events ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Shipping ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; harness racing ; Landscapes ; Magic, magicians ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; festivals ; Magician, magic ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Emigrants ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 243/1954

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title: Emigrant camera: Stoll "Robinson lives" camera: Luppa policy on travel camera: reason to eat man World Congress of magicians camera: it - goes rough on Oktoberfest camera: Hafner, Koch handball Deutschld.-Austria camera: Karna, athletics, Deutschld.-Finland camera: Essmann, reason Avus race camera: Obeng Traber anniversary camera: Stoll, Luppa final

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