Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 223/1954 05.05.1954


01. Saarland Saarbrücken shield problem: Customs passport control on door. VW of Die Deutsche Wochenschau before customs barrier in clearance by customs officials. Customs barrier opens. Sign Town Centre - Centre Saarbrücken ville road. Policeman regulates traffic. Cool French car, great. French newspapers and magazines on newsstands. German inscription on the building of the Saarland Landtag.

Bonn Bundestag debate on the question "Saar". The Federal Eagle in the great Chamber. Members of Parliament. Adenauer speaking. Interview: "the Saar problem is simply impossible if the two parts To want to solve it alone in terms of their national interests. We Germans have no means to force France to a waiver of his position at the Saar against his will. (The opposition used to: well, if you know an agent, tell it yes) On the other hand ladies and gentlemen, also France can bring US against our will also similarly to, that we recognise the position which has made it into the Saar region." Cinematographer, stenographer writes, big. As a listener of the MEPs Ollenhauer and Luise Schröder. Chimneys, industrial landscape Saar.
(52 m) 02. May 1 - West Berlin labor day rally on the square of the Republic before the ruins of the Reichstag. It says Federal Minister Jakob Kaiser. Military post of the Allied forces at the Brandenburg Gate.

East Berlin took Piek, Grothe well-being, Ulbricht. Red flags are worn. Wide banner reading: the SED shows the way to deal with the vital issues of the German nation.

Bavarian Schuhplattler around the Maypole dance men. Bavarian band playing. Baumkraxler climb to the Maypole.
(35 m) 03. State visit of King Frederik and Queen Ingrid of Denmark in Holland Amsterdam. Queen Ingrid, King Frederik, Queen Juliana and Prince Bernhard on arrival to concert. Guests in Gala uniforms and old faces.
(14 m) 04. Lourdes: Lichtstaffette Europe worship before the Holy Grotto of Lourdes. Bishop reads mass for peace and lit light. Torch is carried.
(17 m) 05. Hamburg: luxury cars for Mexico to crane loaded luxury car for Mexico on ship. Big winds rolling rope. Negerkoch, large, observed the loading of wagons. Car is lowered.
(16 m) 06 Buenos Aires: flag handover in war soldiers at the war Academy present the rifle. Flag handover. Deserving officers of the Academy are awarded.
(17 m) 7th Bremerhaven: aircraft carrier Leslie in the port settings of the aircraft carrier. Helicopters on deck. Launch of helicopters for transport and training purposes.
(20 m) 08. Berlin: Circus Grock plays circus performance in the open air for sick children. Sick children lying as a spectator, partly in the bed. 2 - man Zebra arrives and makes tricks. Children laugh. As viewers Grock, is great. 2 clowns occur. Clown with thick belly is located on the Earth and is pumped empty. Grock distributed sweets to the children.
(27 m 09) Wiesbaden: international tennis tournament final ladies Maureen Conolly (little MO) plays against Inge Pohmann. As viewers Gottfried von CRAMM, is great. Maureen Connolly WINS with 6:0 and 6:3 players are To give to the network of the hand. Audience clapping. Little mo with flowers.

Mixed doubles Conolly/Cook play against Palmer/Gabriela and win 6-2, 9: To give 7 players are on the network the hand. Palmer with flowers.
(36 m) 10 Cologne: FC Kaiserslautern - Eintracht Frankfurt 1-0 (group match to the German Football Championship). Attack Kaiserslautern. Defense Frankfurt fends off attack. Otmar Walter plays to Schäffler, who plays Fritz Walter. Defender fakes off shot. Counterattack of Frankfurt has a shot blocked. Good moves of both teams. Half-time result 0:0. In the second half, storming Frankfurt and urges. Score shortly before the end of the game still 0:0 scoring 1-0 by Fritz Walter shortly before the end of the game.
(42 m)

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Adenauer, Konrad ; Bernhard von Holland ; Frederik von Dänemark ; Grock ; Grotewohl, Otto ; Ingrid von Dänemark ; Juliana von Holland ; Kaiser, Jakob ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Pieck, Wilhelm ; Schröder, Luise ; Ulbricht, Walter ; Conolly, Maureen ; Cramm von, Gottfried ; Göpfert, Rolf ; Koch, Engelbert ; Pohmann, Inge ; Walter, Fritz ; Walter, Otmar


Berlin ; Hamburg ; Bremerhaven ; West Berlin ; East Berlin ; Bavaria ; Saarland ; Bonn ; Saarbrücken ; Buenos Aires ; Oberkochen West Berlin Obstberlin Bavaria ; Lourdes ; Holland ; Amsterdam ; Wiesbaden ; Cologne


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Industry ; Domestic events ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Export ; Football ; News, communications ; Medals, awards, honors ; Photographers ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Police ; Press, press conferences ; Travel ; Religious events ; Shipping ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Germany ; Dance ; Tennis ; Military events ; Transport: General ; festivals ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Circus ; Customs ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Jobs ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Trade unions ; Industrial ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 223/1954

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand problem Saar region: Saarbrücken Bonn camera: strong may celebrate i. West Berlin + Bayern camera: Hafner, Obeng, cooking Danish Royal couple in Holland origin: Polygoon Lourees: Lichtstaffette d. Europe origin: Eclair of luxury cars for Mexico camera: Luppa flag passing i. war Academy i. Buenos Aires aircraft carrier "Tripoli" i. Bremerhaven camera: Hardenberg "Nit Mööglich!" Special presentation circus Grock f. sick children camera: Pahl, Pahl sports: tennis in Wiesbaden (little MO) camera: P, strong soccer: Kaiserslautern - EINTR. Frankfurt camera: Stoll, Luppa, Essmann end brand

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