Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 215/1954 10.03.1954


1 Berlin: refugee misery refugees on the way to the registry. Man pulling handcart with bags and cardboard boxes. People carry bags and boxes. Refugee with backpack. American journalists ask refugees. Refugees at the counters of the registration authority. Refugee camp. In a room irons wife on ironing board between beds. Child playing in a confined space with dolls. Cooking in primitive communal kitchen and dining on wooden table. Doctor examines man and child. Refugee kindergarten. Kindergarten teacher and children come from home. Teachers taught in camp school. God service. Face of an old woman, tall, and her folded hands.
(48 m) 02 Washington: assassination Puerto Rican nationalists House of representatives of wounded of a member of is carried on stretcher to ambulances. Puerto Ricans on deputies have shot from the stands. Shots in seating and tables. Photos of 5 badly injured members. The assassin 2 men and 1 woman during the interrogation. (20 m) 03. Morocco: assassination of the Sultan of Morocco Sidi Mohammed Ben Arafa the France friendly Sultan Sidi Mohammed Ben Arafa goes to pray in the mosque. Praying in the mosque, lying on the ground. After bomb explosion by Moroccan terrorists runs the Sultan with splinter injuries in face to car.
(18 m) 04 Hanover: Catholics protest new school crowd filling picture. Silent March with banners: Nordhorn's parents protest School. 1936-1954, you are Hitler's destruction - the inheritors (abolition of the parochial school). The Bishop making speaks of Hildesheim Dr. at rally. Demonstration of parental right and parochial school.
(13 m) 5th Liverpool: recovery the Empress of Canada lies the wreck of the burnt out 20,000 t passenger liner of Empress of Canada side in the port of Liverpool. After several months of preparations, the ship with modern equipment is erected and transported.
(18 m) 06. England: launched from submarine modern submarine powered by hydrogen peroxide after the construction of a German scientist runs from the stack. Naming. U boat slips into the water.
(11 m) 7th Finnish reindeer in Tyrol are fed reindeer. Reindeer pulling sled. Skier is pulled by reindeer.
(22 m) 08 Ede the machine scare young man gets out of car and enters game salon. Ede plays slot game. Wheels turn, stop button is pressed, coins fall from the machine. The young man's eyes watch the rotating discs of the machine, great.
(19 m) 9 Berlin: boxes of Hans Stretz - Delmine / Belgium, draw boxes at the Sports Palace. Delmine attack fiercely. Referee separates. As viewers Bubi Scholz and wife and Gerhard Hecht, is great. Delmine lands hit, Santana falls to the ground. Referee counts. At 9, rises Santana and turns back to the fight. Delmine attacks Right away again violently. As a spectator Wolfgang Lukschy. In the 6. Round must Santana to ground again wallows and stands up again at 9. Delmine storming up and looking for decision. Santana boxes better and can compensate for loss of points. After the 10th round of the fight ends in a draw. Santana and Delmine hug in the ring.
(36 m) 10 Stockholm: Ice Hockey World Championship Russia-Canada 7:2 the Russians before the opposing goal. Shot on goal 2:0 for Russia. Viewers filling picture. Go it alone of a Russian player and scoring 3:0 shooting 4-0 shortly before the end of the 1st trimester. The Canadian front of the Russian goal shoot 4: drive 1 players against each other. Shot on goal 5:1 for Russia. Shot on goal 7:2 for Canada. Players on the bench. In ceremony, Russia receives Cup as world champion.
(40 m) 11 Dortmund: ride to the opening of the international competition the lipizzaner horses of the Spanish riding school quadrille of the Spanish riding school. Pas de Troit. Artistic figures. Pesade, Capriole (still image).
(29 m)

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Ben Arafa, Mohammed ; Luckschy, Wolfgang ; Machens ; Delmine, Emile ; Lanig, Evi ; Stretz, Hans


Washington ; Morocco ; Hanover ; Berlin ; France ; Liverpool ; England ; Stockholm ; Dortmund ; Cortina d'Ampezzo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Demonstrations ; gambling ; Hands ; Domestic events ; Disasters ; Children ; Refugees ; Posters, fonts, banners ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Shipping ; Schools, training ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Animals (except dogs) ; Disease ; Medicine ; People ; Hockey ; Assassinations ; Eyes ; Gastronomy ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 215/1954

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand brothers in emergency refugees from the East zone camera: Hafner assassination in Washington (Congress) origin: paramount to assassinate the Sultan v. Morocco origin: Pathé journal silent March Catholics against the Act salvage "Empress of Canada" origin: Pathe news wonders - U - boot origin England: Pathe news reindeer camera: Karna machine Schreck camera: Obeng sports: boxes: Santana - Delmine camera: Hilscher worl. Ice hockey Russia - Canada origin: Nordisk riding d. Lipizaner in Dortmund camera: Basic, Essmann end brand

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