Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 198/1953 11.11.1953


1st riots in Trieste fires on the road. Jeeps take place with American and British soldiers. Protesters taking refuge in a church. Police set up water cannons on the House of God and blow water in door. People are attacking the police. COP beats man himself holding hands over the head. Casualties are evacuated. Wreath for the dead (18 dead, over 100 injured).
(28 m) 02. Luxembourg: high authority of the coal and Steel Union flags of European countries in front of House. Font: Committee for European coal supply. Men of the Committee of Conference. Font: Committee for European workers housing. The President of the high authority, Jean Monnet, great. Children of employees in international European school. Teacher on board. Children shout "School, École, school".
(28 m) 03 Freiburg: Chemistry Nobel Prize winner Professor Hermann Staudinger in his study sits Professor Hermann Staudinger and reads congratulations post to the Nobel award ceremony. Mrs Staudinger occurs to him. Sanders takes book from shelf. Staudinger in his laboratory. With his research, he found the structure of cellulose and laid the Foundation for the modern plastics industry. STAUDINGER is surrounded by his staff and students.
(25 m) 04. England: tank Comet and Cromwell modern armor types are paraded before military experts. Comet passes high obstacles. Cromwell runs over high obstacle flying through the air and Lands on 10 m behind the obstacle.
(20 m) 5th United States: rocket fighter Scorpion of the jet fighters will be equipped with 104 rockets. Launch and retract the wheels. Flying jet fighter. Launch of the rockets in ZL, and meeting the target aircraft.
(13 m) 06. New York: demonstrations of mounted Canadian police show riding the Canadian police officers. Rider quadrille with many figures. Clapping audience.
(18 m) 07. Quebec: Marie Dionne, youngest of the Canadian quintuplets before enters the monastery the monastery goodbye Marie Dionne by their relatives. Monastery gate closes. Marie Dionne in the chapel of the monastery as a novice.
(12 m) 08 ski fashion of the fashion house of useless / Munich on the Zugspitze presented face of mannequin hooded sweater over your head big. Wollfluschjacke hooded. Mannequins building a snowman in the snow. Black Ski suit. Striped sweater with Turtleneck hood. Knee pants, sweater and hat. Stripe sweater. Après ski fashion. Long tights slotted cast. Record House suit. White lambskin skirt with gabardine blouse.
Canada (36 m) 9: hunting wild geese fly swarms of wild goose. Hunters get from boat and Wade on marshy banks. Wild geese in the sky. Hunter imitating the call of the wild goose. Wild geese settle and be shot. Fired birds used as decoys in reeds. Approaching wild geese are shot. Hunter's prey. (26 m) 10 football of red white dinner - Preußen Münster 3-0 food storms and shoots through Helmut Rahn the 1:0 clapping audience. Renewed assault by food. Goalkeeper keeps. Goalkeeper can bounce off the ball, shooting what Steffens 2:0 shot on goal by Preußen Münster is caught by goalkeeper. Face of audience, great. Helmut Rahn plays the opposing defense, is half right off ball, scoring 3:0 senior slaps big man. Scenes in front of the gate of Münster. Denied by the post. Excited spectators. Boyish.
(40 m) 11 Los Angeles: football Los Angeles - Detroit 9:10 single handedly by players. Player is recorded and stored. Giants Stadium with spectators total. Player catches ball and runs across the whole playing field. He brings the ball over the line.
(23 m)

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Dionne, Marie ; Monnet, Jean ; Staudinger, Hermann ; Rahn, Helmut ; Steffens


Trieste ; Freiburg ; Luxembourg ; United States ; Canada ; Zugspitze ; New York ; Quebec ; England ; Food ; Los Angeles


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Demonstrations ; Honors ; Hunting, Hunter ; Children ; Inventions ; Europe, EDC, EEC ; Flags ; Football ; Research ; Police ; Religious events ; Schools, training ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Unrest ; Weapons ; Science ; Listener ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Football ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 198/1953

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand unrest in Trieste origin: iNcom European ABC Montan-Union House camera: basic Nobel Prize for Prof. Staudinger (Chemistry) camera: cooking "flying tank" origin: Pathe news jet fighters with rockets "Scorpion" origin: Metro mounted Canadian police origin: Metro 1 "five of a kind" entered the monastery of origin: Metro winter fashions on the Zugspitze camera: Kang sports wild goose hunting in Canada origin: paramount of red white dinner - Preußen Münster camera: reason, Eßmann American football origin: Paramount Pictures

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