Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 196/1953 28.10.1953


01 Adenauer in Hamburg Adenauer waves at port tour by boat. Gulls over the water of the harbor. Errant freighter. Face of dock workers, large. Adenauer visited the Howaldtwerft. In addition to Adenauer's citizenship Minister Schönfelder. Adenauer speaking with port workers. O Adenauer: "what I've seen on the Howaldtwerft makes me a Very much big impression, and I am me not only about the large number of ships here, I am me also about, I be sure always to look like the people who work here, and I think in general but Very much Merry eyes here." O Reporter: "Mr Schulz, I think things are really looking up, don't you think?" O-ton shipyard workers: "Yes, I am also proud, that it comes up with the shipbuilding industry and I hope that we even longer time to build more ships, and can keep the work." O Adenauer: "Yes, I hope safely." O-ton shipyard workers: "I wish you all the best, Mr Adenauer, and that you remain healthy long." O Adenauer: "it was me really great pleasure to be here, and tell all your buddies." (Pointing to Erich Stoll) "He sent us all here!" Great at the Erich Stoll, camera. Adenauer in the hustle of the shipyard workers, are autograph. Adenauer waving hat made of dense crowds.
(48 m) 2nd reformation fixed the fixed Coburg. Luther Memorial with old Bible. Picture Martin Luther, great. American occupation soldiers and Germans together to worship in the chapel. Close up of worshippers and others colored American soldier side big. Child's face, girl, great. The pastor at the church service.
(30 m) 03 Berlin: election of the new mayor the Schöneberg Town Hall. Close-up of Ernst Reuter. Members of Parliament To give her voice down to the election of the Mayor. Dr. Walther Schreiber, CDU, received 62 votes, Dr. Suhr, SPD, received 57 votes. Berlin flag. Dr. Schreiber of lectern and thanks for the trust. Dr. Suhr congratulates Dr. Schreiber as one of the first.
(18 m) 04. Berlin: commemoration of prisoners of war torchlight procession in Berlin. Banners carried. Our demand to release prisoners of war - brothers don't forget us. Rally from Schöneberg Town Hall. Senator Conrad speaks and proposes to rename the square in front of the Schöneberg Town Hall "Freedom square". (no interview).
(19 m) 5th Seoul: memorial service for the fallen in Korea the American General Taylor, Commander of the eighth army at the memorial service for the fallen. Weeping women before the collapse. Men cry. Women are supported.
(18 m) 06. Mexico: inauguration of the longest dam in the world of Falcon dam aerial photograph of the building. Wagon train moves. 15s. Eisenhower gets out of car and is welcomed by the Mexican President Adolfo Ruiz. Eisenhower and Ruiz unveil monument of international friendship, 2 tablets on pillars.
(17 m) 07 London: election of Miss World candidates go for the title in a bathing suit on the catwalk. Audience opts for his glasses, large. Audience smiles with pleasure, big. Miss Egypt. The winner next to the Venus de Milo.
(17 m) 08. Hannover: German indoor cycling Championships bicycle Polo ladies: SV Hemelingen - RSV Straubing 0:2. The teams consist of 2 players, 1 Feldspielerin, 1 goalie. Small ball on wheel gate is driven with a small stick. Shot on goal for Straubing. Advertisement continental tire to the gang. Audience clapping. German champion is the second team of the SV Hemelingen. Award ceremony. Podium players with flowers and tires.
(22 m) 9 London: football England - FIFA 4:4 lug. Play in the fog. Half close audience heads. Vukas storms and is fouled in the penalty area. (Door camera). 2 boys as audience size. Penalty shot on goal 1:0 for FIFA, Kubala / Spain. Viewers filling picture. English counter-attack with scoring by Stan Mortensen. 1:1 laughing spectator claps. Boniperti steers flank to the 2:1 and shoots that gives edge to the Center 3:1 Stan Matthews (No. 7) on the ball. Ball bounces off the gate, 3-2 margin. After the break, the left winger Mullen shoots the balance to a 3:3. Posiphal defense at the gate. Goalkeeper Beara holds. Kubala shoots that 4:3 for FIFA. At the last minute, the referee determines penalty after a Carom in the penalty area of the FIFA by Tchaikovsky and Mortensen. Shot on goal 4:4 by Ramsay.
(45 m) 10 interview Jupp Posiphal post-match interview reporters interviewed Jupp Posiphal to the game, o-ton: Reporter: "first of all, our congratulations for your great performance in this game. Unfortunately, you have been brought in the last minute for the victory by the controversial penalty. Was this penalty entitled to your view, Mr Posiphal?" Jupp Posiphal in sport dress: "he was not entitled. Tchaikovsky is bounced along without his fault with Mortensen." Reporter: "without his fault... I think the English press has also admitted that this penalty was undeserved, and that the FIFA team has won the moral victory. How do you rate this team, Mr. Posiphal?" Jupp Posiphal: "it was the best team I've ever played. The collaboration was harmonious and top notch like in a club team." Reporter: "and you, Mr. Posiphal, are I think the English press as the best stopper of the world referred to have been." Posiphal: "I look forward to the reviews and am particularly that I represented the German soccer well." Reporter: "And what does your wife?" Mrs Posiphal: "you were great." Kissing her husband.
(26 m)

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Beara ; Boniperti ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Conrad, Kurt ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Luther, Martin ; Reuter, Ernst ; Ruiz, Adolfo ; Suhr, Otto ; Schönfelder ; Schreiber, Walter ; Stoll, Erich ; Taylor, Tommy ; Cajkowski ; Kubala ; Matthews, Stanley ; Mortenson, Stan ; Mullen ; Posipal, Jupp ; Ramsay ; Vukas


Hamburg ; Coburg ; Berlin ; Mexico ; Seoul ; London ; Hanover


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Electricity ; Domestic events ; Interviews ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Flags ; Football ; Photographers ; Posters, fonts, banners ; cycling ; Religious events ; Shipping ; beauty pageants ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; Animals (except dogs) ; Korea war ; automotive engineering, automotive ; War, prisoners of war ; People ; Elections ; Listener ; aerial photographs ; Autographs ; Buildings in South America ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 196/1953

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Adenauer in Hamburg (Howaldtswerft) camera: Stoll reformation Festival in Coburg camera: cooking Berlin Mayor Dr. Walther Schreiber selected camera: Obeng war prisoner Gedenktag camera: Obeng memorial service in Korea origin: Metro the longest dam Mexico Miss "World" origin: Pathe News Sports Bike Polo Hanover camera: Luppa football: FIFA - England Posipal - interview camera: Stoll final brand

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