Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 175/1953 02.06.1953


01 Ulm: fire day Pan Ulm Münster to shield: 22 German fire day. Procession of the firemen. The development of the fire extinguishers, shown in the parade. Old hand spraying are drawn. Steam injection. Heuss pulls hat as a spectator. Modern cars 1953 rescue demonstrations. Men jump in jump mat. Powerless shuts down in head lift. Large umbrella is situated about Heuss during rain showers. Delete exercises. Show deletion of Münster. Ramping up the ladders before the Cathedral. The highest leaders of the world (52 m) from the highest church tower in the world.
(36 m) 02 war of Indochina French soldiers in the jungle. Watercourse will wade through by rains in the jungle, Legion troops marching through villages. Gunfire in the defensive struggle. The Ho Chi Minh troops control about half of the Indonesian territory.
(17 m) 03. In Italy de Gasperi, leader of the Christian Democrats, the campaign responds to election meeting on the topic of "Trieste" actuality (missing). Fireworks.
(18 m) 04 Hamburg: German craft day homing pigeon is banded, great. Pigeons in cage. Bundestag President Hermann Ehlers and Finance Minister Schäffer. Pigeons fly up.
(14 m) 5th Emden: 400-year herring fishing exit the fish logger Fischer say goodbye to their families. Barrels are rolled aboard. Fishing boats. People waving to them.
(20 m) 6th Bensheim: 13 Afghans puppy from Kennel 13 Afghan Hound puppies crawl. Afghani Inca, large, in kennel. Mistress with 2 puppies on the arm. Puppy play and tug on feed.
(16 m) 07. Hamburg: Constanze children's Festival at Hagenbeck children converge and ticket To give away. Children riding on elephants. Boy sailor suit with balloon. Kids sweepstakes: Wool betting wrap. Laundry hanging, knitting, race through fishing net. Winner Gets a scooter. Children's faces as a spectator, large.
(29 m) 08 Nürburgring: 16th ADAC Eifelrennen motorcycle side-car: start. Cornering. Passenger sit far out. Riding on a wet road. Drive at the top of Noll / cron on BMW and world champion Oliver on Norton. After the retirement of Oliver in the last round, Noll/cron as the winner by the target drive. Wreath is placed to Noll. Formula 2 racing car: start. Race car on the track. Prince Bira of Siam, Kanaan on Veritas, Stirling Moss on HWM. Winner becomes Baron de Graffenried / Switzerland, on Maserati. Graffenried gets out of car to victory. Advertisement: Bosch at home. Shell, Trump chocolate gang.
(37 m) 9 London: Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II lit Buckingham Palace At night. People are sleeping in blankets wrapped on the road. Street Sweeper sweeps the Street In the morning. Fanfare brass. The State carriage moves from the Palace, with Elizabeth II. beckoning people. Drive in front of Westminster Abbey. Queen Mother Elizabeth, Princess Margaret and Prince Charles in Westminster. Collection of Elizabeth II. Elizabeth II shall take an oath on the Bible throne and overstays gold Coronation robes. The Archduke of Canterbury handed over the Imperial insignia and Elizabeth take the Crown. Philip kneel down first and kiss Elizabeth. Among the guests of Churchill: Excerpt from Westminster. Coronation procession to Buckingham Palace. Parade of the troops of the Commonwealth. The 4 field marshals on horseback. The coach of the couple of Churchill and the Queen Mother Elizabeth. Elizabeth II in horse-drawn carriage. People run space, balcony beckons the Royal family Elizabeth, Charles, Anne, Philip, the Queen Mother. Crowd filling picture.
(79 m)

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Bira aus Siam ; Prinz Charles ; Churchill, Winston ; Ehlers, Hermann ; Elizabeth von England ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Gaspery de, Alcide ; Heuss, Theodor ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Schäffer, Fritz ; Cron, Fritz ; Graffenried ; Klenk ; Moss, Stirling ; Noll ; Hassenkamp, Oliver ; Philipps, Mark


Ulm ; London ; Italy ; Emden ; Hamburg ; Indo-China ; Nürburgring ; Rome


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Craft ; Indochina, Indochina war ; Children ; Fire Brigade ; Fireworks ; fishing ; motor sports ; Night ; Reviews ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports advertisement ; Animals (except dogs) ; Coronations ; Elections ; Buildings in Europe ; Fire brigade ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 175/1953

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand fire day in Ulm camera: Cook Indochina origin: Gaumont de Gasperi to choose origin: iNcom craft day in Hamburg camera: Stoll, Luppa, p logger parade in Emden - 400-year herring fishing camera: P, Luppa 13 Afghans puppies camera: strong Constanze - children's Festival at Hagenbeck camera: Luppa, p sports Nürburgring - Eifel race camera: strong, basic, Essmann final brand special service: English Coronation origin: Pathe news

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