Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 163/1953 08.03.1953


01. a retrospective on the life of Joseph Stalin's Kremlin. Stalin at the grave of the dead Lenin in 1924. The Soviet star on the top of the Basilica on the red square, great. Stalin takes off on grandstand parade, great. Russian troops, Marines took. Tehran Conference: American, British and Russian flag flying. Stalin in Tehran next to Roosevelt and Churchill. Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill at the Conference of Yalta (decision of the Division of Germany into four occupation zones). Russian, English, and American flag. Stalin on the Conference of Potsdam hand-in-hand with Truman and Churchill. Mass pre-accession March of frantic young people. Stalin waving on grandstand, great. Stalin on the 35th anniversary of the October revolution. Stalin's successors are Voroshilov, Malenkov, Molotov.
(36 m) 02. refugees from the East stream of refugees to West Berlin. Faces of refugees, large. Crowds on Registrar. Forms are stamped. Hot drink will be spent on refugees. Refugees sleep in shelters on straw bags on the Earth. The American film actor James Mason presented Mayor Reuter, cheque for 225,000 dollars, which had been donated in the United States for refugees. James Mason with a child on his shoulder.
(31 m) 03 Washington: swearing in of Claire Booth Duce as the U.S. Ambassador to Rome Claire Booth Luce is sworn in by the American Minister. John Foster Dulles stands next to her. Federal judge and John Foster Dulles To give the hand of Claire Booth Luce.
(18 m) 04 Belgium: King Baudouin visits flood area King Baudouin in Bornheim near Antwerp. He goes by road. People clap at the roadside. Baudouin greets. Clean-up work in the floodplain. Kahn on water with torn tree branches. Protective barriers are erected. King Baudouin on cruise ship.
(10 m) 05. Volcanic eruption on the island of Kodiak in Alaska aerial photography of volcano eruption by Navy aircraft filmed. Mushroom over the island.
(11 m) 6th student joke in Bristol students parade through the town. Cardboard camel goes on the way of learning. The Pegasus plucked from the science moves the wings tired. The students throw with lemon and smoke shells.
(20 m) 7th Brussels: Irish setter bitch with 15 young setter dog with 15 boys. The young dogs drink from bowls. Owner and daughter wear small dogs on arm. Dog babies sleep in the dog bed.
(16 m) 08 Wiesbaden: Danish children artist boy "Original John" Wahlhalla theatre makes one-armed Handstand on cane and balanced rod with ball in mouth juggling rings with the other hand. He rotates with one arm in a Handstand on the floor.
(23 m) 09. Munich: table tennis international match Germany - Brazil 5:3 plays Conny Freundorfer, 16 German table tennis champion against the South American Champion and WINS. Audience clapping.
(22 m) 10 Kiel: indoor handball Germany - Sweden 9:15 game in the Baltic Hall. Germany at the playback on the throwing circle. Sharp shot is blocked by the goalkeeper. Attack and goal throw Germany. Sweden will attack. Playback on the District of throw, goal throw. Throw on the Swedish goal. Goalkeeper blocks. Germany storms. Isberg is placed on the throwing circle. Referee decides on 7 m throw. Swedish goalkeeper spits in their hands. Goal throw Germany. Swedish gate litters. Half close, clapping spectators.
(36 m) 11 Munich: international match of the Germany - Austria 4:3 weightlifter pushes Heinz Schattner / Germany Olympic fourth, 265 pounds. Audience clapping. Rowing Hausen / Germany in the snatch. A spectator with glasses, large face. Viewers with conventional on jaws, large. Additional weights be mounted outside. Viewers leads before the face, big hand. Weightlifter dropping weight. Heinz Schattner joins 325 pounds, and is overall winner. Erich Stoll with cigar, great. Hat is torn with hands together, great.
(35 m)

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Booth Luce, Claire ; Churchill, Winston ; Dulles, John Foster ; Krupa, Gene ; Lenin, Wladimir ; Malenkow, Georgi ; Mason, James ; Molotow, Andrej Wjadscheslaw ; Reuter, Ernst ; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano ; Stalin, Josef ; Stoll, Erich ; Truman, Harry ; Freundorfer, Conny ; Isberg ; Rudershausen ; Schattner, Heinz


Wiesbaden ; Moskau ; Bonn ; Berlin ; Belgium ; United States ; Bristol ; Belgrade ; Washington ; Alaska ; Kiel ; Munich ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Handball ; Disasters ; Flags ; Refugees ; Parades ; Reviews ; Joke ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Animals (except dogs) ; table tennis ; Deaths, funerals ; Volcano, volcanoes ; Water ; Welfare, aid agencies, care ; Foreign policy events ; aerial photographs ; Architecture ; Buildings in Europe ; weight lifting ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 163/1953

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Start point Stalin origin: Metro refugees camera: Obeng Secretary Claire Booth Luce origin: Metro King Baudouin ESP. flood area origin: Alaska Belgavox Vulkan origin: Metro student joke in Bristol origin: Pathe News Irish setter + 15 boy origin: Belgavox original John camera: strong sports table tennis Germany-Brazil camera: Kang handball Sweden - Germany camera: Luppa, Stoll weightlifter camera: Hafner, Luppa, cooking

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