Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 157/1953 25.01.1953


01 Washington: Eisenhower and Truman drive President Eisenhower's inauguration in open carriages to the Capitol. Eisenhower stands with arms raised at the lectern. Cameramen. Eisenhower speaks the oath: Interview: "... so help me God." Crowd filling picture. Truman congratulated Eisenhower. Confetti. Eisenhower decreases parade. Marching troops. Delegation honored Korea fighter. Cars decorated with delegations of all 48 States. Horseman from Texas. Lasso cantilever swing rope to Eisenhower. Elephant as a symbol of good luck of the Republicans. Men with umbrellas. Eisenhower and Mamie Eisenhower in the evening when moving into the White House. The White House, before Eisenhower's head copied a laughing, great.
(44 m) 02. Paris: Francois Poncet is a member of the Académie française photographers photograph Francois Poncet on arrival. Francois Poncet holds inaugural speech as a new Member of the Académie française, and pays tribute to his predecessor, Marshal Pétain.
(10 m) 03. Malaya: Floating village on large rafts homes are transported by river. Rowing Malays. Women sit on the rafts. Aircraft and soldiers ashore back fleeing the Communists. Ride through the rapids. New site is levelled by fire.
(19 m) 04. Indonesia: Aries fight RAM racing with the heads against each other.
(9 m) 5th Paris: Indians as catcher wrestler in Indian costume to the ring. Wrestling match. Men throw Each other to the ground. Referee with falls to the ground. Indians catcher emitted war cries and dances in the ring. Opponents will be thrown out of the ring. Indian Chief beats opponents from behind on the head.
(29 m) 06. Dortmund: European Championships in figure skating men's: Kürlauf of winner Carlo Fassi / Italy. Pirouette. Feet turn to ice. Audience clapping. Run the audience favorite and 2nd, Alain Giletti / France, at the age of 13. Audience clapping. Ladies: Kürlauf of the winner of Valda Osborne / England. Pirouette. Award ceremony. Pairs: Running the winner John and Jennifer nicks / England. The runner legs rotate Pirouette, great.
(31 m) 7th Garmisch Partenkirchen: IX. International winter sports week total Garmisch Partenkirchen. Cars in front of the train station. Snow-covered houses. Snow sculptures. International flags blowing on the ice rink.
(110 m)

Opening of invasion of the teams in the 14 participating Nations. The German team. Among the audience of General Ridgway, big. The participants behind the flags of their country at the opening ceremony. A young spectator wearing headscarves, large face.
(22 m)

Competing ski jumper at the start and during the jump. As viewers General Ridgway, is great. Sepp Hohenleitner / Germany jumps with 88 m new Hill record. Different ski jumper. Kirjonen Heino / Finland jumps and WINS in the standings. Hanson congratulates the olds Kirjonen.
(22 m)

Special slalom men's runners on the track. Imran Bierling, no. 20, will head Miller, no. 21, Beni 8 15 Bernhard Perren / Switzerland, no. 28, 2. run through the goal. On target banner advertising Dextro Energen. Run 7 part ZL of the winner Walter Schuster / Austria with the number. Run through the goal. Spectator with White Turtleneck, large. Walter Schuster drinking out of paper cups.
(24 m)

Ice hockey: Wembley Lions, English Canadian professional team selection feet - huge Lake of 14-0 dominant game of the Wembley Lions. Attack and shot at the misses. Game scenes in front of the German goal. German counterattack is caught. Shots on goal for the Wembley Lions.
(22 m)

World Championship in the two-man at the start of Anderl Ostler/Franz Kemser, great. Felix Edwards/Fritz Stöckli on Switzerland I, great at the start. Ride through the curves. Bob Germany II. Edwards / Sano / Switzerland win. Ostler/Kalki to the target with 27/100ths of seconds struck. Ostler congratulated Edwards with embrace.
(22 m)

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Bierling, Heini ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; François-Ponçet, André ; Ridgway ; Truman, Harry ; Endrich, Felix ; Fassi, Carlo ; Giletti, Alain ; Hohenleitner, Sepp ; Kemser, Franz ; Kirjonen, Eino ; Nicks, John ; Obermüller, Beni ; Osborne, Valda ; Ostler, Anderl ; Perren, Bernhard ; Schuster, Walther ; Stöckli, Fritz


Paris ; Malaya ; Washington ; Dortmund ; Garmisch-Partenkirchen ; Garmisch Partenkirchen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bobsleigh ; Honors ; Ice skating ; cameramen, cameramen ; Refugees ; Parades ; Photographers ; Rings ; Shipping ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Skibike ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports advertisement ; sporting events ; Animals (except dogs) ; Foreign policy events ; Hockey ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 157/1953

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Eisenhower's initial brand swearing origin: paramount Malaya, floating village origin: Pathe news Francois Poncet, Member of the Academy origin: Pathé journal Aries fight origin: Pathe news war cloud wrestling origin: Gaumont figure skating camera: reason, Essmann Garmisch opening camera: Hafner, cooking sports competing (SEPP, Hanson) camera: Lutz, Hafner men's slalom Walter Schuster camera: Lutz Ice Hockey/Canada - huge Lake camera: Hafner, Cook two Bob camera: strong, p, Hafner, Cook finally brand

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