Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 148/1952 24.11.1952


01 loyalty rallies for the Saarland industries Saar. Transport container drive cable network. Smoking chimneys. Headframe. Trier: CDU rally. Transparent road freedom for the Saar. Half close to the Franz Josef Strauß, lectern. (The location in the Saar is the fault of a small group of Germans who lost their conscience and their honour against Germany and the world) no original sound. Listeners applaud. Prime Minister Altmeier speaks no o-ton (call to the people of the Saar to dispose of invalid ballots). Kaiserslautern: SPD rally. There are Curt Conrad, Chairman of the forbidden SPD of the Saar. No actuality (Saar region to be delivered economically to France). As a listener Erich Ollenhauer, half-close. Erich Ollenhauer speaks, big - no actuality (freedom for the people of the Saar).

02. bad EMS: National Convention of FDP transparent across the street National Convention 1952 Vice-Chancellor Franz Blücher speaks, great. After his re-election to the 1. Chairman of the party. Deputy Dr. Hermann Schäfer, large, and Dr. Friedrich Middelhauve, great. Newly elected Board members Schwennicke / Berlin, big. Dr. Erich Mende / North Rhine-Westphalia, great. Standing side by side in conversation: Dr. Dehler, Schwennicke and Bezold. Dr. Neumeier, Franz Blücher and Dr. Reinhold Maier. The delegates lay wreath at the grave of Baron von Stein.

03. Eisenhower in Washington motorcycle escort accompanied Eisenhower's car for the drive to the White House. Eisenhower standing in car. Waving and cheering people. Eisenhower speaks after visit and conversation with Truman. Cameramen.

04. First Indochina war gunfire. French troops in retreat. Tanks drive through rough terrain. Soldiers go through jungle. Killed in action. Injured man is carried on stretcher. Aircraft and bomb impact.

05. Pacific: American atomic bomb test fire certificate and mushroom. Remote-controlled cameras filming the collapse of houses walls.

06. Equator: the Canadian Cruiser Equatorial baptism men are Ontario with soap scum soaped and pushed in the pool and submerged.

07. Berlin: German Boxing Championships at light heavyweight: Gerhard Hecht defeated Willy Hoepner poster image filling points. Man beats Gong. Gerhard Hecht attacks fiercely. Hoepner to the ground must be in the 5th round. Referee counts. Men audience faces, great. Heavy blows. In the 6th round, beats Hoepner 2 low blows and is cautioned by the referee. In the 8th round to Hoepner to the ground, stands up but right back. Hoepner's bleeding over the eye and boxes with this face. Gong beat. Wreath is placed to the new German master Gerhard Hecht.

08 Dortmund: Borussia Dortmund - 1 FC Cologne 4-2 player strikes on goal. Dortmund shoots wide shot goal 1:0 spectators clap. After submission of Schanko scoring 2:0 for Dortmund. Dortmund striker dubbed Cologne Defender 3:0 Cologne shoots to attack the 3:1. Viewer screen totally with flags. Stops Cologne attack, flank, goalkeeper. After the half-time edge of Dortmund. Cologne player scores own goal. 4:1 clapping man hands with gloves, large audience with cigar, hat and glasses. Excited spectators. Scoring Cologne 4:2. viewers Hat takes off, great.

09 Hamburg: Spooky crosses the Alsterhaus in the advent in the Alsterhaus Santa Claus with Lantern. Clock tower by Michel will be pointer to 12. Dolls and animals begin to move. Animal carousel rotates. Steifftiere move. Crocodile bites punch in punch and Judy show. Bear band playing. Käthe Kruse dolls turn. Railway travels. Ferris wheel revolves. Märklin carousel rotates. Bobbing gondolas with dolls. Nicholas, great.

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Altmeier ; Bezold ; Blücher, Franz ; Conrad, Kurt ; Dehler, Thomas ; Eisenhower, Dwight ; Maier, Reinhold ; Mende, Erich ; Middelhauve, Friedrich ; Neumeier, John ; Ollenhauer, Erich ; Schäfer, Hermann ; Schwennicke ; Strauß, Franz Josef ; Hecht, Gerhard ; Hoepner, Willy ; Schanko


Pacific ; Washington ; Bad EMS ; Indo-China ; Equator ; Trier ; Kaiserslautern ; Berlin ; Dortmund


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Indochina, Indochina war ; Domestic events ; cameramen, cameramen ; Football ; Photographers ; Political events ; Shipping ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Foreign policy events ; Atom ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 148/1952

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Initial brand Saar demonstration camera: P FDP Party Congress, strong, strong camera: Essmann, reason of Eisenhower origin: Metro Indo-China origin: Gaumont Nuke Pacific origin: Metro Equatorial baptism origin: Pathe news boxes camera: Obeng football: 1.FC. Cologne-Borussia camera: Essmann, reason advent haunted camera: Stoll final brand

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