Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 124/1952 10.06.1952


01 Schwetzingen: Opera days at the Rococo Theatre Schwetzingen Castle. Figures in the Park. Fountain. Swan floating on a pond, totally. Heuss upon arrival to the Opera at the Rococo Theatre. Guests sit in the Auditorium. Excerpt from the performance of Iphigenia auf Tauris by Willibald Gluck. Sing it: Hilde Scheppan, Marcel Wittrich, Wolfgang windgassen and Gustav Grefe: 02. Cologne: Wednesday meeting in the railway station Bookstore discussion about freedom of the press in the station bookshop. "It speak o-ton: bookseller:"I am opening the 81st Wednesday conversation the Cologne railway station Bookstore on the subject - the press is free."dpa Chairman Dr. Kurt Sänger: I mean, that is the essence of the press and even the condition of the institution press, which can work freely." MDS Dr Rudolf Vogel: "How is it possible to combine a high degree of freedom with a high degree of responsibility and voluntarily registered responsibility from the press." MdB Professor Carlo Schmid: "I believe that the freedom of the press of other dangers Very much A lot stronger and more effective is threatened, as by this way, opportunity To give prosecutors to show their zeal." Bookseller: "we wish that the press is free, but we are not sure that she can work In fact freely."

03. Barcelona: 35th World Congress Eucharistic procession through the city. People waving handkerchiefs from the side of the road and out of the houses. Rider. The illuminated Cathedral. The papal legate hits the cross and entering the Cathedral. Tendons of the lot. Cardinal Spellman says. Erect cross with Christ.

04. London: birthday parade for Elizabeth II Queen Elizabeth rides out of the gate of Buckingham Palace. Elizabeth takes off parade on horseback. Elizabeth greets with hand on the CAP. Flag handover. Parade of troops and cavalry. On the balcony of the Palace the Royal family, total. Elizabetn rides back into the Palace. Elizabeth waving from balconies. Urgent people behind the police line.

05. Berlin: Volkspolizei bombarding US Jeep sign on House headquarters 9631 military police battalion. Impacts on Jeep. Driver shows connected leg.

06 Oberhausen: Athletics international match of Germany - Holland women 100 m race: Starter is launching pad. Barrel. Maria Sander Danixh WINS in 12 seconds. Run by target range. Audience clapping. Maria Sander-Danixh, half-close. Discus throw: Throws Hager / Germany 43,42 m. Marianne Werner m. German one-two throws 44,14. Audience clapping. Marianne Werner at the award ceremony.

07. Nienburg: Leichtathlethik Olympic knockouts spectator drinking out of paper cups. Timekeeper sit in a row. 80 m hurdles women: Seonbuchner / Nuremberg WINS in 11, 7 seconds. Seonbuchner is congratulated after the victory. 5000 metres: Herbert Schade before the run, half-close. Starter with a starter's pistol. Start. Runners on the track. Herbert Schade runs at the top. Spectators, half-close. Herbert Schade runs 200 m ahead of the finish in 14 minutes and 6.6 seconds. New German record and world record 1952 clapping audience. Herbert Schade at the award ceremony. Herbert Schade close-up.

08 Stuttgart: VFB Stuttgart - VFL Osnabrück 3-1 playback of Stuttgart. Shot from a difficult angle leads to a 1-0 for Stuttgart. Cheering spectators filling picture. Stuttgart-based attack. Goalkeeper loses the ball. Shot on goal 2:0 laughing audience. Osnabrück storms. Goalkeeper BACS holds ball. Langhaardackel on the Auditorium. The Stuttgart-based left winger before the gate of Osnabrück. Denied by the post. Viewers chews gum. Stuttgart-based attack. Goalkeeper Thiele holds. With a wide shot, Osnabrück achieved the goal 2:1 Osnabrück before the Stuttgart goal. Players will save on the goal line. Walker shoots the 3:1 for Stuttgart. Spectators cheering with arms raised. Audience with cigar.

09 Cologne: German Championship Middleweight Peter Müller - Hans Stretz Müller and Santana in the ring. Müller's attacking fiercely. Melee. Santana boxes based on the ring rope. Referee Pippow separates. Santana ends up hit and is located in the 8th round front points. Referee Pippow separates the boxers. Excited audience faces, great. Müller bashing on Santana, referee Pippow lying on the ground unconscious. Men in the ring To try to overwhelm Müller. Müller is attacking the men and carers in the corner of the ring. Müller throws the maintainer of Santana by the ropes. Müller leaves the ring with arms raised in winning pose. People worry about referee Pippow which is up again. Hans Stretz as the winner by disqualification of Müller in the bathrobe in the ring.

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Bögelein ; Barlog, Borislav ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Grefe, Gustav ; Heuss, Theodor ; Müller, Friedrich ; Sänger, Fritz ; Scheppan, Hilde ; Schmid, Carlo ; Vogel, Rudolf ; Windgassen, Wolfgang ; Wittrisch, Marcel ; Hager ; Müller, Peter ; Pippow ; Sander-Domagalla, Maria ; Seonbuchner, Anneliese ; Schade, Herbert ; Stretz, Hans ; Thiele ; Wehrle ; Werner, Marianne


Schwetzingen ; Berlin ; London ; Cologne ; Barcelona ; Oberhausen ; Nienburg ; Stuttgart ; Vienna Castle ; Recklinghausen ; Windsor ; Schwettingen


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Buildings in Germany ; Boxes ; DDR ; Domestic events ; Football ; Musical events ; News, communications ; Parades ; Police ; Press, press conferences ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Animals (except dogs) ; Athletics, jogging, fun run ; Listener ; Crew ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 124/1952

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Castle concert in Schwetzingen camera: strong Wednesday - talking camera: reason, Stoll Eucharisten World Congress origin: No. do birthday parade for Elisabeth origin: Pathe news Beschossener Jeep camera: Obeng Athletics: Holland-Deutschld.
Camera: Stoll, basic football: Stuttgart-Osnabrück camera: strong, Koch Bolzano: Peter Müller Santana camera: Basic, Stoll final brand

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