Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 109/1952 26.02.1952


01 Monday Munich: Rosenmontag parade. Music Chapel. The Carnival Prince and Princess on cars. Car: film credit Nervenmühle Wiesbaden. Mainz: Rosenmontag parade. The Prince and Princess. Based on Schwellköpfe, on the hands. Seesaw with Uncle Sam (United States) and Russian (all times above). Giant tax worm. Is man "Mer dörfe Aries fly" in bed with "Totoritis" with great football before himself and numbers 1-0-2. Big kiss faces. Cologne: Carnival train in front of the Cologne Cathedral. Schwellkopf reads tax assessment. Europe army, soldiers will be dropped. Children in Carnival costume. Prince Johann Maria I. Carnival on the cart, pulled by horses.

02. Hamburg: ÖTV Union Congress trade union delegates from home and abroad. Adolf Venkata nut O-ring is sound: "today at this point in Hamburg demand raise"the German prisoners of war get free!"is again in public Who retains even today prisoners of war in his lands, has forfeited the claim in our opinion, to be addressed as a cultural nation." Delegates clap. Under the delegates of Herbert Wehner, big.

03. Stud Wickrath: Trakehner auction horses will be demonstrated. The Trakehner brand character. Horse heads. Demonstration of the 4 year-olds Wallachs of champagne, who scored the highest price of 5,800 DM.

04. Poitiers: Marie Besnard the widow Marie Besnard's poison murder trial enters the courtroom. Close-up of the accused.

05. Oslo: VI. Olympics 1500 m speed skating: Hjaklis Andersen / Norway, at speed skating. Running English crashes. Hjaklis Andersen wins gold medal. Downhill ladies: Trude Jochum-Beiser / Austria at the start and at downhill skiing. Ride through the target. You win a gold medal. MIRL Buchner runs. Run through the goal. She wins silver. Time clocks. Figure skating men: freestyle of Goldmedaillengewinners Dick button / United States. High jumps. You button at the podium with the gold medal. Special women's slalom: Andrea Mead / United States on the track. Ride through the target. She wins her second gold medal. She embraced after the victory. Laughing spectators. Run by MIRL Buchner-Fischer. You win the bronze medal. MIRL Buchner drinking from Cup to run. Run by OSSI Reichert, who won the silver medal. Close-up of Andrea Mead, MIRL Buchner and OSSI Reichert. Figure skating pairs: Kürlauf of the gold medalist RIA and Paul Falk. Award ceremony with RIA and Paul Falk. See the cameramen, Erich Stoll waves to the winning pair. Four-man: Start by Bob Switzerland I. Bobkonstrukteur after work with his team wins the bronze medal. Start and drive from Bob United States I with Stan Benham on the wheel (Silver). At the start of Bob Germany I. Ostler, Kuhn, Nieber, Kalki. You win a gold medal. Brakes on target by driving in haystack. Ski jumping: The Holmenkollen ski jump. Viewer, screen-filling, on the arrival of King Haakon of Norway. Arnfinn Bermann / Norway. He won the gold medal. Torbjörn FA Abdullah / Norway, wins the silver medal. Jump from Holström / Sweden, bronze medal. King Haakon as a spectator. Toni Brutscher / Germany jumps and is 4 jump Sepp Weiler. Fall of a ski-jumper. Different jumper.

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Andersen, Hjaklis ; Benham, Stan ; Bergmann, Arnfinn ; Brutscher, Toni ; Buchner Fischer, Annemarie ; Button, Dick ; Besnard, Marie ; Haakon von Norwegen ; Kummernuß, Adolf ; Stoll, Erich ; Wehner, Herbert ; Falk, Ria ; Falkanger, Torbjörn ; Feierabend, Fritz ; Holström ; Jochum-Beiser, Trude ; Kemser, Franz ; Kuhn, Richard ; Mead, Andrea ; Nieberl, Lorenz ; Ostler, Anderl ; Reichert, Ossi ; Weiler, Sepp


Hamburg ; Poitiers ; Munich ; Mainz ; Cologne ; Oslo


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Bobsleigh ; Ice skating ; Domestic events ; Justice ; Carnival ; Carnival ; Olympic Games 1952 ; Ski, skiing, ski jumping ; Skibike ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; sports facilities ; Animals (except dogs) ; War, prisoners of war ; Crime ; Auctions ; Trade unions ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 109/1952

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Monday camera: Basic, strong trade union camera: Luppa Trakehner auction camera: basic poison killer origin: Pathé journal speed skating origin: Oslo downhill skiing women's origin: Oslo Dick button origin: Oslo special run of the ladies origin: Oslo pair skating origin: Oslo four-man origin: Oslo jumping origin: Oslo final brand

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