Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 106/1952 05.02.1952


1 Dortmund: Adoption of the Olympic team in the Westfalenhalle gymnasts dance dance and wave the Olympic flag. Lectern, adorned with Olympic flag, Heuss actuality speaking: "Dear participants in this celebration! There are some over 20 years... The politicisation of sport has been always an absurdity." The Olympian: Rowers, wrestlers, rider.

02. India: Independence day parade took from soldiers, infantry, camel riders, female group, the bodyguard of the President on horseback.

03. Tunis: French police of the colonial police search uprising against France nationalists for weapons. Arrests. Weapons were found. Police kick door of House. Tunisians is encountered on the road and off.

04. Cologne: spring hats demonstration of spring hats. Breitrandiger Flower hat. Small flower Cap. Small Cap with veil draping. NET veil is pulled over eyes. Broad straw hat, wide veil hat, small cap and umbrella.

05. Barcelona: magician hypnotic screening. The witch trial. Woman hovering at vertical bar on the side. The floating Virgin. Audience claps.

06. Rottenburg: Mardi Gras Parade parade of fools with masks. Witches and Devil faces. The confectioner. Young girl, surrounded by two cat masks.

07. Berlin: Return of the Ullsteinverlages publishing house building with font German Publisher. Signing of the deed of transfer to the brothers Ullstein.

08th Bonn: 68th birthday of Theodor Heuss Heuss two Secretaries present in his work room flowers.

09 Düsseldorf: Day of the DGB Chairman fish fats receives a box presented to kippers as a gift.

10 California: snow plow for snow removal.

11 Saigon: Bombing destroyed vehicles and debris at the scene.

12 Florida: Training of the French Foreign Legion parachutists jump by parachutists from aircraft.

13 United States: plane crash At night on the site of the accident. Clouds of smoke. Rescue teams. Stretcher is worn (see the victims of former Minister of war Patterson).

14 England: bravery medal Victoria Cross for Korea fighters excellent soldier runs alongside Mayor through crowd. Flags are waved.

15 London: Departure of Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip after overseas King George and Queen Elizabeth before the aircraft. Princess Elizabeth and Prince Philip waving at the plane door.

16 Rome: world record in the backwards student goes backwards through the streets of Rome, accompanied by Walker, which draws attention to obstacles. Rückwärtskopierung (walk backwards and forth). Student at the target is celebrated after 20 km.

17 New York: Hall Athletics Sprint in long distance running. Winner wins with chest width. Bob Richards WINS 600 yards in the pole vault with 4.57 m finale. Charlie Moore and George Rhoden fight for the victory and topple both after running across the finish line in the audience. Winner George Rhoden.

18 Fürth: Football SPV. Fürth - 1 FC Nuremberg 3-3 ball in the snow will be entered. Large audience faces. Young man on the side, fat man, serious man. Game scenes in the snow. MORLOCK shoots for Nuremberg 1-0 in the 8th minute. Boy jumps with arms raised. Fürth shoots just over the goal. Laughing audience. Firing at spectators, man with motorcycle Cap. MORLOCK storms and falls. Viewers with glasses and mustache, large. Goalkeeper keeps ball. Viewers with a grim face. Too bad 1: shoot the compensation for Fürth 1 cheering spectators. Players fall on the smooth floor: man with a thick cigar. Game in front of the gate of Fürth. MORLOCK strikes up to the 2:1 shot of shame 2:2. screaming spectators, great. Management results for Fürth 3:2 laughing audience, great. At the last minute, Nuremberg the 3: shoots 3. hilarious audience, great.

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Elizabeth von England ; Elisabeth II. von England ; Fette, Christian ; Georg VI. von England ; Heuss, Theodor ; Philip Mountbatten von Edinboroug ; Ullstein, Karl ; Moore, Charlie ; Morlock, Max ; Rhoden, Georges ; Richards, Bob ; Schade, Herbert


Barcelona ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Saigon ; Berlin ; England ; Florida ; Düsseldorf ; United States ; London ; Bonn ; Rottenburg ; Cologne ; India ; Tunis ; California ; New York ; Fürth ; Dortmund ; Rome


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 106/1952

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Westfalenhalle camera: Basic, Stoll parade in India origin: Pathe news riots in Tunis origin: Pathé journal hats in Cologne camera: basic magician from Barcelona origin: No.-do fools meeting in Rothenburg camera: strong return of Ullsteinverlages camera: Obeng Bundespräs. Heuss, 68 years camera: Basic fats speaks to the fish advertising camera: basic snow masses in California origin: Metro crash origin: Metro paratroopers of the French Foreign Legion origin: KOR tele news. U boat Hunter origin: Metro homecoming Speakman origin: Pathe news departure of English royal couple origin: Pathe news of Rückwärtsläufer origin: SEDI Hall fighting United States origin: Metro football: Nuremberg - Fürth camera: Hafner, cooking end brand

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