Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 96/1951 27.11.1951


01 Goslar: Performance by Mads Kasper fairy stage children as spectators in the punch and Judy show. The clown speaking, witch and Santa Claus. Original sound: Kasper: "You want to come with us to the Santa Claus?" Children: "Yes!" Kasper: "well, then let's go now to the Santa Claus and bring him the wish list in this golden chest here." Children: 'Yes' witch: "I will smash the toys you!" Kasper a skin on the witch. Santa Claus: "that was good but the Kasper, that he has saved your wishlist!" Kasper: "Good day Dear Santa." These are the wishlist from our children. Can we even see your Christmas? Oh, he's beautiful!" Children go with the game. Children's faces, great. Children sing "O Christmas tree". The children sing "Oh Christmas tree" (35 m) 02 Adenauer in Paris writing at Orly airport. Adenauer go down stairs and is welcomed. Reporter. Mercedes departs. Meeting with the Foreign Ministers of the Western powers in the Quai d'Orsay. Upon arrival, go up the stairs: Dean Achson and John McCloy. Antony Eden and Sir Ivone Kirkpatrick. Side by side standing Dean Acheson, Adenauer, Robert Schuman, and Antony Eden.
(16 m) 03 Paris: German citizen of the world ask young German citizen of the World World Government you climb up on the place Trocadero to the monument of Marshal Foch and attach there posters demanding a change of the Carta of the United Nations. The young people led away by police.
(11 m) 04. Belgrade: press conference - Tito on the political situation of Tito, half close, speaks at press conference. Listeners applaud (pressure Moscow with military power on policy of Yugoslavia) (10 m) 05. Nobel Peace Prize for the French trade union leader Leon Jouhaux, Leon Jouhaux speaks, actuality (missing).
(10 m) 06. Italy: flooding in the Po plain water masses. People with their possessions on the banks of the river. Packages with drugs in aircraft are loaded in Düsseldorf. Propeller is started. Small plane of the Journal Star starts.

07. England: the aircraft carrier Eagle test drive inside of the aircraft carrier. Captain looks through binoculars.

8th Munich: marriage Office with sound film studio young woman knocks on door with inscription. Ethos tone Film Studio. She enters and puts her jacket at the cloakroom. The head of the Institute in the conversation with the Lady filming them at the same time. Before the applicant, movies are presented with gentlemen who come to the marriage Office. The young lady to choose a partner. Wedding picture of the two with a small child on the side of the man.
(25 m) 9 Berlin: Olympic training of Tower two jumpers of different jumps of Tower two jumpers. Swimming under the water. Suzanne Hartungen Heinze jumping and diving in.
(20 m) 10 Düsseldorf: RIA and Paul Falk show their World Champion Freestyle standing spectators, half-close. The world champion pair skating. Clapping spectators, total. RIA Falk receives after running bouquet, and goes from the ice.
(30 m) 11. Istanbul: Football Turkey - Germany 0:2 the two teams assigned to. At the top of the German crew of Fritz Walther as a game guide. The game leader, on the German side of Fritz Walther pennant Exchange. Bleachers are fully occupied, total. Taherzadeh, great legs flank. Goalkeeper keeps. German players before the Turkish goal. Taha's overhead kick. MORLOCK fouled in midfield, and falls. MORLOCK shoots out side difficult angle the 1:0 German goalkeeper holds. MORLOCK shoots the 2:0 (32 m) 12th Munich: Germany tour the King of Kols appearance the King of Kols with vocals (thing - see back cover text) "on a nice summer day I walked on the beach when suddenly there in the dune sand, I found a box. I went up and opens it, and you know, what I saw long ago... was there suddenly forgotten. I took the thing and went directly to the police where they watched puzzled and summoned the Chief. The chef, who screamed that verhaft' guy, seized his luggage since I grip quickly after this... and ran away again. In the evening when it was dark in the faint Moonlight since I arrived At last at home with this thing in me. The crowd of children, rannt' it and my wife cried out what don't you want with the... that's me in the House. The end of the story is, ladies and gentlemen, I now j year running around with this thing. And I come up, Peter's will be no different, the Tell me, with... because you're not coming in." King Cole takes steel helmet box under his arm and puts it on his head.
(40 m)

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Acheson, Dean ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Eden, Anthony ; Jouhaux, Leon ; Kirkpatrick, Ivonne ; Schuman, Robert ; Tito, Josip ; Falk, Ria ; Hartungen-Heinze von, Susanne ; Morlock, Max ; Termath ; Walter, Fritz


Geneva ; Paris ; Düsseldorf ; Munich ; Italy ; Goslar ; Belgrade ; England ; Istanbul ; Berlin ; Istanbul/Turkey


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Honors ; Ice skating ; Higher education ; Disasters ; Children ; Football ; Musical events ; Olympic Games 1952 ; Press, press conferences ; Reviews ; Shipping ; Swimming ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; diving ; Cultural events ; Water ; Foreign policy events ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 96/1951

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand fairy stage camera: Stoll Adenauer in Paris camera: strong world citizens in Paris origin: Pathé journal Tito - press conference origin: Jugosl.

Nobel Laureate Jouhaux origin: Switzerland Italy, flood & medicines camera: basic origin: SEDI marriage Studio camera: Cook diving camera: Obeng Baran-Falk camera: basic football: Turkey Germany camera: Schumann King Kols camera: cooking end brand special service: home country camera: Stoll

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