Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 94/1951 13.11.1951


01 Paris: opened UN General Assembly members of the UN General Assembly get President Auriol of car and walk, accompanied by servants with umbrella over them continued to the Palais Chaillot. In the courtroom Antony Eden, Robert Schuman, and Dean Acheson, half close, standing, with folded hands. Eleanor Roosevelt sitting, half-close. The representatives of the USSR Malik and Wischinsky. Secretary-General Trygve lie. President Auriol holds the opening speech (announcement of meeting Truman, Pleven, Churchill, Stalin - no original sound).
(23 m) 2nd Aachen: border guards in fighting smugglers customs border. Barrier opens. Car drives through. On forest road, federal border police soldier plate holds up stop. Car stops and searches. Radio strip of border guards in the Woods. Alarm. Smugglers throw away after discovering bags and run through forest. Filled coffee bag, Federal Border Guard soldiers get out of car and put road block. VW will be searched. Bag is in case hood. Man is carried away.
(34 m) 3rd Ankara: military parade on the anniversary of the Turkish Republic is Flugzeugstaffel letters T C. troops parading half close before President Celal Bayar, salute standing on grandstand with cylinder. Marine soldiers took, equestrian troops at a gallop. The grandstand of the diplomatic corps. Off-road vehicles and tanks. Plane flies directly over vehicles. Flugzeugstaffel.
(25 m) 04. London: inauguration of the new Lord Mayor of the new Lord Mayor Office chain. Ride in Golden Horse-drawn carriage through the city. Commonwealth members congratulate the Lord Mayor. London reads congratulations for the new mayor. Lord Mayor greets from the coach to the people.
(18 m) 5th American senators at Heuss members of US Congress in front of the Villa Hammerschmidt. Heuss goes with the Senators on the terrace of the Villa Hammerschmidt. Heuss in conversation with Senator Francis Green.

06. Bonn: Heuss presented silver Laurel leaf on the German Davis Cup team immediately Heuss, German tennis players, among them of CRAMM and Buchholz. Heuss awarded Gottfried von CRAMM the silver Laurel leaf. By CRAMM, great. Rolf Göpfert during the handing-over. Heuss between CRAMM and Gabriela.
(19 m) 07. Cologne: meeting Gottfried von CRAMM and Barbara Hutton Gottfried von CRAMM and Barbara Hutton sitting in Hotel at table in the conversation. Barbara Hutton, laughing, great. Locked gate of good Wispenstein in Braunschweig. Reporters at the gate. Pan across the Manor House. Indoor shots with post mountains on table, picture of Barbara Hutton and telegram by Gottfried von CRAMM: visit Barbara Hutton in Wispenstein indefinitely postponed.
(19 m) 08 Bavaria: Blacky, the jumping dog German Shepherd Dog Blacky swims with wood in the mouth and rising from water. He high scaffolding rises 12 m to springboard and jumps into the water. Reverse copying. Blacky, large, with wood.
(20 m) 09. Frankfurt: art turn international match Germany - Switzerland Adalbert Dan Hutton in floor gymnastics routine. Mayor Kolb as a spectator, large. Jakob Kiefer turns on the pommel horse. Sepp Stalder, Switzerland, turns on the horizontal bar. Hands to grip on the high bar, great. Finish with Salto. Victory of the German team.
(43 m) 10 Hamburg: arrival sports spokesman Heribert Meisel Pan American Clipper with propeller will roll out on the airfield. Heribert Meisel gets out of aircraft, is congratulated and speaks. Actuality: "so, you have there up in Hamburg as a pronounced Salzburg dirty rain that I had never thought possible. All God bless you, and I think the fans have it in the rain Yes especially hard since around."
(12 m) 11 Hamburg: HSV - Holstein Kiel 4:0 football (spokesman: Heribert Meisel) skater presented the game guides (HSV bung bottle) ball and kiss both. Holstein Kiel attack but goalkeeper stops. Battle of 2 players to the ball. HSV-defense fends off attack. Older spectator with cigarette, half-close. Bottle bung at the Holstein gate shoots a goal to the 2:0 elderly woman calls and clap. Viewers with raincoat and hat has to head. The Holstein goal campaign. Attack is repelled. Woman with Hat and blanket over his shoulders. Man with round plate glasses. Game ends before the Holstein gate shot at goal 3:0 spectator with blanket over his shoulders calls in addition to serious man. Back crowds outside the gate of the Holstein. Ball rolls into the empty goal. 4:0 (50 m)

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Buchholz, Horst ; Acheson, Dean ; Auriol, Vincent ; Bayar, Celal ; Cramm von, Gottfried ; Eden, Anthony ; Green, Francis ; Heuss, Theodor ; Hutton, Barbara ; Kolb ; Lie, Trygve ; Malik, Jakob ; Meisel, Heribert ; Roosevelt, Franklin Delano ; Schuman, Robert ; Wischinski ; Dickhut, Adalbert ; Göpfert, Rolf ; Kiefer, Jakob ; Spundflasche ; Stalder, Josef


Aachen ; Ankara ; Paris ; Cologne ; London ; Bonn ; FEDERAL REPUBLIC OF GERMANY ; Frankfurt ; Hamburg


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Federal ; Bundeswehr ; Football ; Parades ; Rain ; Reviews ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; State visits (inside) ; Animals (except dogs) ; Gymnastics ; UN ; Social events ; Foreign policy events ; Customs ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 94/1951

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand UN General Assembly origin: Pathé journal border camera: basic Turkish parade camera: Schumann Mayor election origin: Pathe news senators in Bonn camera: strong CRAMM Heuss camera: reason Barbara Hutton and von CRAMM camera: reason, Hardenberg Blacky, the jumping dog camera: Cook gymnastics Germany-Switzerland camera: Starke, cooking arrival Heribert Meisel camera: Stoll football: HSV - Holstein Kiel camera: Stoll, basic final brand

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