Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 82/1951 21.08.1951


1 Berlin: SPD rally on the front wall of meeting space is available in big letters SPD. Audience image filling. Kurt Schumacher speaks. Interview: "the youth has not shown the recommended disposition. The experience of young people, this is the contact with the West. The Federal Republic has their voice to raise, not only for their own area. She has to speak and act for the Soviet zone of occupation and for the Saar region, for Berlin and for the areas east of the Oder and Neiße." Clappy. boy in uniform. Schumacher from behind the lectern. Media image filling. Interview: "the youth has not shown the recommended disposition. The experience of young people, this is the contact with the West. The Federal Republic has their voice to raise, not only for their own area. She has to speak and act for the Soviet zone of occupation and for the Saar region, for Berlin and for the areas east of the Oder and Neiße."
(26 m) 02. Bonn: reverses cabinet meeting after the summer break car. Burgee of the Federal Chancellor, great. Adenauer enters Palais Schaumburg in the raincoat. Arrival in front of the House: Minister of the Interior Dr. teaching gets out of car and takes off the hat. Food Minister Dr. Niklas immediately. Refugee Minister Lukaschek greets with hat after disembarking from the car. Minister of Economic Affairs Erhardt goes with files under their arms in house. Two officials bowing salute. Labor Minister Stork enters the House with a pipe.
(11 m) 03 Paris: new Cabinet Prime Minister Pleven Pleven and his cabinet members are cameramen and photographers (15 post-war cabinet).
(7 m) 04 Lisbon: election of President Lopez Lopez, half close, after his election. Lopez put down at the grave of his predecessor wreath. Lopez shows total the clapping crowd on balcony of Parliament building.
(11 m) 05. Hiroshima: commemoration, 6 years after the atomic bomb attack Hiroshima's Cityscape, swing from the top. The peace Bell. Burnt Ridge and burned hands of victims of the atomic bombing, peace God service. Children sit on benches. Weeping women. Women in reconstruction, housing construction. Children in kindergarten for circle game and swing.
Calais-Dover (20 m) 6th Kanalschwimmen be Lubed swimmers and swimmers with thick layer of fat. Swimmers go in the water. Cameramen with cameras into the water. Swimmers at the crossing of the channel, accompanied by boats. Winner Hassan Hamad, Egypt is in Dover on land.
(19 m) 07 London: boxing champion Turpin before his departure for the United States Turpin speaks before his departure. Interview: "I will think that I am fit to fight Robinson, and I say, I am very sure title that I come back with the." Turpin is train door prior to departure and beckons. Waving from a moving train.
(12 m) 8th Ohio: Soapbox of the German participants from Berlin on his soapbox, half-close. Soapbox race many spectators on track, on both sides. The winner of the race from Virginia receives congratulations.
(16 m) 9 Beiramfest in Tripoli from Canon on the shore will be shot to end the fasting period. People at the fair. Carousel rotates. Children in simple Ferris wheel. Negro girl, great. Dancer and drummer. Old man with long pipe as a spectator.
(28 m) 10 Berlin: turn international competition Germany Switzerland invasion of the teams in the forest stage. The flag carrier with German and Swiss flag, go ahead. Among the spectators of the Mayor Kolb and Schreiber, half-close. Pommel horse: Josef Stalder / Switzerland turns. Viewers swivel the small Swiss flags. Jakob Kiefer / Germany turns on the pommel horse. Stretching: Freestyle by Josef Stalder.
(35 m) 11 Aachen: horse show jumping barrier: teams ride. 2 stop watches, wholesale. Kurt Laabs on shared on the course. He won with 1.90 m. Amazons - hunting jumping: Maria Günther on Tosca on the trail of gun jumping: jump-off between Lammer ICH on Carmen and Fritz Tiedemann on Meteor. Spectator with sunglasses, wholesale. Three men with gray cylinders as a spectator. It wins Fritz Tiedemann. On the trail of Prince zu Salm Erlkönig, ZL, de la Simone, France Tralatane, ZL, Pande on Angostura, ZL. Fritz Tiedemann on original Holsatia partial ZL. Record high jump: Horse jumps into obstacle ZL. Rider flies up out of the saddle. Kurt Laabs on Ingo won. Fritz Tiedemann jumps over obstacles. Tiedemann as the winner of the Grand Prix of Aachen, great.
(43 m) 12 Wuppertal: motorcycle championships on cement track start. Motorcycle riders slide their machines. Close to half track race on the cement track spectator grandstands, with head race of the driver. Winner Erwin Aldinger, half-close.
(26 m)

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Aldinger, Erwin ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Erhard, Ludwig ; Kolb ; Lehr ; Lopez, Rocio Maria ; Lukaschek, Hans ; Niklas ; Pleven, René ; Schreiber, Walter ; Storch, Karl ; Günther, Maria ; Hamad, Hassan ; Kiefer, Jakob ; Laabs, Kurt ; Lammerich, Hans Heinrich ; Przybilski, Arno ; Salm zu ; Simone de la ; Stalder, Josef ; Thiedemann, Fritz ; Turpin, Randolph


Hiroshima ; Tripoli ; Paris ; Berlin ; Bonn ; Lisbon ; Aachen ; Wuppertal ; London ; Ohio ; Calais ; Dover


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; Boxes ; Bells ; Domestic events ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Leisure, recreation ; motor sports ; Photographers ; Horse riding, horse racing (without harness) ; Religious events ; Reviews ; Swimming ; Soapbox ; Sports details, fouls ; sports audience, sports spectator ; Townscapes: Asia ; Dance ; diving ; Gymnastics ; automotive engineering, automotive ; wreath stoppages ; Holiday ; festivals ; Foreign policy events ; Listener ; Atom ; Construction ; Anniversaries, Jubilees, birthdays ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 82/1951

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title Mark Schumacher - rally camera: Obeng report from Bonn camera: reason Pleven - Cabinet origin: Pathé journal President in Portugal origin: Metro commemoration Hiroshima origin: Metro channel swimmer origin: Pathe news Turpin leads United States origin: Pathe news Soapbox - race origin: Metro Beiramfest in Tripoli camera: Wolf gymnastics Germany-Switzerland camera: Obeng REIT and Steeplechasing camera: basic cement train - Championship camera: strong final brand

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