Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 64/1951 17.04.1951


01 Adenauer in Paris pilot cabin on plane (title underground). In aircraft Adenauer and Francois Poncet in the conversation. Francois Poncet Adenauer offered sweets. Box with suitcase tag Adenauer. Adenauer and Francois Poncet get off the plane in Orly. Hallstein accompanied by Adenauer. Photographers. Adenauer and Francois Poncet go arm in arm through Paris. Visit of the "place de l ' Opéra '. Walk on the Champs Elysee. Adenauer and Francois Poncet before the Arc de triumphs at the tomb of the unknown soldier. Panoramic view from the Arc de triumphs over Paris, away from the Eiffel Tower.
(50 m) 02. Ernest Bevin + last recordings of Ernest Bevin to the meeting of Foreign Ministers in New York. Bevin in conversation with his successor, Herbert Morrison in London.
(12 m) 03 United States: dismissal of General Mac Arthur MacArthur, grüßend, great. Newspaper headlines. Truman speaks. Actuality: "General MacArthur is one of the greatest military comanders, but the cause of world peace is much more important, than any individual." Successor General Richway, great.
(17 m) 04. Hamburg: arrival of Grzimek's animal expedition from Africa Dr. Grzimek welcomed his 16 year old son Michael Grzimek on the ship. Monkey Cage with chimps is unloaded. Michael Grzimek opens case with Python. Python creeps back in case.
(21 m) 5th Paris: spring fashion fashion show outdoors. Costume with a wide hat. Pleated dress. Wool day dress. Tight waist, pleated skirt, mid-calf, flat caps.
(24 m) 06. Munich: school for children children paint in space on pallets.

07. Munich: Exhibition 'Child and artists' painting exhibition. Painted children well known artists and children painting pictures of children.
(19 m) 8th Munich: motorcycle record rides by NSU Hermann Böhm at the start on a 500 cc NSU sidecar machine. Drive on the highway test. New world record with 201 km/h. Wilhelm Herz on a 500 cc solo machine at the start. Anemometer turns. Drive on the highway test. New world record 290 km/h. Seriously, hen congratulates Wilhelm Herz record ride.
(26 m) 9 Barcelona: motorcycling Grand Prix Barcelona launch of 29 participants. Race. Viewers on the edge of the road. Winner Umberto Masetti, Italy, receives a bouquet of flowers.
(23 m) 10 Marseille: international car race formula 2 start and races of the formula 2 cars. Winner Villoresi / Italy goes through the target and congratulations. Villoresi WINS on Ferrari.
(26 m) 11 Zurich: Switzerland Germany 2:3 Fußballänderspiel greeting of the two teams. Page selection of Captain Fritz Walther. Kick-off. First attack of Switzerland. Switzerland shoot the 1:0 spectators cheer and jump high. Turek holds ball. German attack. Shot on goal 2:1 for Germany. German attack. Othmar Walter gives to Fritz Walther, 3-1. Cheering spectators, total. Penalty for the Switzerland, 3:2 German shot at the misses. Othmar Walter hits the goal post.

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Böhm, Hermann ; Adenauer, Konrad ; Bevin, Ernest ; François-Ponçet, André ; Grzimek, Bernhard ; Hallstein, Walter ; MacArthur, Douglas ; Morrison, Herbert ; Ridgway ; Truman, Harry ; Henne, Ernst ; Herz, Wilhelm ; Masetti, Umberto ; Turek, Toni ; Villoresi ; Walter, Fritz ; Walter, Otmar


Munich ; Bonn ; Paris ; United States ; England ; Barcelona ; Zurich ; Marseille ; Hamburg ; London


Sachindex Wochenschauen ; cameramen, cameramen ; Children ; Football ; motor sports ; News, communications ; Photographers ; Press, press conferences ; Reviews ; Schools, training ; Sports details, fouls ; Spoprt-Ehrungen ; sports audience, sports spectator ; 99.412 Deutsche week show GmbH: State visits (outside) ; Townscapes: Europe ; Animals (except dogs) ; Deaths, funerals ; Art ; Works of art ; Military events ; Foreign policy events ; Circus ; Flugzeugwesen, Flugwesen ; Fashion ; Exhibitions ; Sports honors ; 14 find book new German newsreel slow motion


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Weekly Newsreel

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Neue Deutsche Wochenschau 64/1951

Die Zeit unter der Lupe (Other title)

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Federal Republic of Germany

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Title brand Adenauer in Paris camera: strong Bevin died origin: Archive Mc Arthur's dismissal origin: Metro expedition from Africa (Dr. Grzimek) camera: Stoll fashion from Paris origin: Pathé journal exhibition in Munich: child & art camera: Hafner, Koch NSU - world record camera: Kang motorcycle race in Barcelona race in Marseille origin: Pathé journal end brand

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